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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 201: Fighting No.2! Mikoto unchained.

"Since you're not going to give up your blood, I'm just going to have to take it myself then!"

Kakine Teitoku nonchalantly said that in a manner as if Mikoto is not someone who ranks just below him but rather someone who is a lv0.

Kakine Teitoku is not even taking Mikoto seriously despite being so close in ranking. He believes that since he can fight with Accelerator simply by relying on how unique his [dark matter], Mikoto wouldn't pose much of a threat.

That might have been true if it were Mikoto back when she was still staying in Academy City. She might have been a lv68 but back then she probably couldn't fight against Kakine Teitoku who had [dark matter] which had limitless possibilities in usage.

However, the status quo has changed.

Mikoto is no longer lv68, she's lv70, a tier 8.

Accelerator couldn't defeat Mikoto in her present state. Compared to someone who got his ass handed to him when fighting against a brain-damaged Accelerator, Mikoto can whoop Kakine Teitoku's butt any day of the week.

He can't help but feel for Kakine Teitoku. With Mikoto's personality, his words had stirred her the wrong way and even if Mikoto won't kill him, he is still heading for a massive storm of ass spanking.

Facing the incoming battle, Mikoto is calm as a still lake, a stark contrast to her furious state just moments ago. She stared down Kakine Teitoku who seemed to be as calm as her.

Shokuhou Misaki quietly observed the proceedings without any intention of speaking. With her ability and astute senses, she had probably grasped most if not all of how this situation came to be.

Shokuhou Misaki turned around and smiled at Wu Yan. She curiously asked him.

"Are you not worried about your little girlfriend? You should know the guy she is facing is none other than no.2, the one who is the closest to the no.1 in Academy City. Your little girlfriend probably won't last a second!"

Wu Yan shrugged in response after glancing at her.

"Well, I think there's no need to worry about Mikoto. The one who is in hot water is that Birdman over there."


Shokuhou Misaki looked back at the two who are facing each other in mild curiosity before she turned back towards Wu Yan.

"You are that confident about your little girlfriend?"

"Keep quiet and watch, you will see…"

Wu Yan grinned and he looked at Mikoto with an admiring gaze.

"She's not the Mikoto you used to know."

His murmur shooked Shokuhou Misaki as she recalled what he said to her when they first met.

"You might think I am bluffing but let me tell you this, Mikoto is not destined to stay in this crampy little place you call Tokiwadai, she is destined for a much bigger stage!"

"A broader horizon…"

Shokuhou Misaki mumbled as she looked at Mikoto with those starry eyes of hers. One couldn't guess as to what is going through that head of hers at the moment…

Kakine Teitoku looked down at Mikoto with a condescending manner. He opened his mouth.

"No.3, do you know what my power is?"

Without waiting for her to reply, he touted.

"My power, [dark matter] can create matter! It's not matter yet to be found or known matter, oh no. It's matter that isn't found anywhere else in this world. I can set the chemical and physical properties of the matter I create!"

"Do you realize the implications of what I am saying?"

Kakine Teitoku's grin bigger as he continued, his disdain also grew bigger as well.

"This means that my ability to create matter complemented with the ability to adjust their physical and chemical properties can render your lightning null in more ways than one!"

"You who can only manipulate electricity will never be able to overcome my [dark matter]!"

Kakine Teitoku fervently told Mikoto.

"Tell me, how do you intend on beating me?"

Mikoto didn't say anything, she stayed silent. Her silence is like that before a storm, its pressure is too heavy.

Kakine Teitoku didn't know whether or not Mikoto is thinking about what he said. Without a doubt, her silence is making him uneasy.

Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki were exclaiming at just how versatile [dark matter] is.

Kakine Teitoku, he deserved his title of being the strongest excluding Accelerator.

The power to create matter as he pleased, even if it were only matter that didn't exist in this world. It is still a power of creation and that alone is a pretty incredible feat!

With [dark matter], he is like a tier 8 that had a Gold Armament, something only tier 9 had the qualifications to equip.

A tier 8 with a Gold Armament is not someone who can beat a tier 9 but within tier 8, he is king.

In a way, he is similar to Ikaros who is peerless within her own tier 8 range. With [dark matter], Kakine Teitoku can be said to be nigh peerless within tier 7.

It isn't a surprise that a brain-damaged Accelerator got fucked by him. Hell, even Mugino Shizuri who is 2 level lower than Kakine Teitoku could barely do anything than defending against Kakine Teitoku!

He had the rights to brag, that is, only in tier 7…

Biri biri

Bluish white lightning surged around Mikoto, the lightning crackled around her making her Tokiwadai uniform dance. The lighting illuminated Mikoto's body and face.

Lightning danced around her before she manipulated them into a lighting spear and threw it at Kakine Teitoku who is floating in the sky.

Kakine Teitoku didn't take her lightning spear seriously. He folded his wings like spider legs in front of him and he blocked her attack with a solid defense.

The lighting spear fell on his [dark matter] wings but the lightning got deflected easily and dissipated just as easily.

The wings returned to their default position and Kakine Teitoku revealed his face once more. He sniggered.

"You have no power here. It's not too late to regret your actions, I only wanted a little bit of a blood sample!"

Mikoto didn't say anything to Kakine Teitoku who remained unharmed after her attack. She chose to let her action speak for herself as she closed her eyes before opening them once more.

Lightning surged as she unleashed her computational abilities. The thunder like millions of glass shattering right in Kakine Teitoku's ears, his ears started hurting from how loud it was.

Rather saying Mikoto's body is clad in lightning, it would be more apt to say she is like the god of lightning given form. Her bangs also danced as they were levitated by a force other than wind.

The bluish-white lightning had become brighter and is now silver-white with nary a blue hue in view.

Kakine Teitoku's pupil shrunk the moment he saw the radiance that is Mikoto's lightning. He got blinded by the sheer brilliance of the lightning, he subconsciously closed them. Meanwhile, Shokuhou Misaki is too shocked for words.

They could sense that Mikoto had become even stronger than before. Only Wu Yan had a grin on his face. He is in awe in front of Mikoto's brilliant display of power.

Mikoto is finally going to unleash her full power.


Mikoto lowered her head before raising her head in defiance of Kakine Teitoku.

"If your power is something you abuse to do whatever the hell you want then…"

Mikoto retrieved a small change from her pocket and loaded it onto her finger. Electricity started concentrating with the coin as the focal point, the coin was immediately reduced to a white glowing spot.

She raised her hand against Kakine Teitoku.

"I am going to shatter them!"

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