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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 166: Discovery! A scandalous threat…

The beam’s radiance reflected off everyone’s surprised face. Before anyone could react, the beam hit Ikaros.


Mikoto and the girls yelped. Mugino Shizuri grinned before that nasty smile of hers froze.

When the beam dispersed, Ikaros didn’t seem harmed at all. That’s because there’s a translucent blue crystalline barrier in front of her.

Mugino Shizuri narrowed her eyes.

“I almost forgot about this traitor’s ability. Potent enough to block my beams…”

Mikoto and the gang released a sigh of relief but Mikoto is secretly furious with herself for getting so worked up despite being one of the summons. She of all people should know best how much stronger Ikaros is when compared to her.

She was too preoccupied with her worries that she forgot Ikaros is stronger than her…

This didn’t stop the wrath that is coming up from within her though.


She clenched her fist and electricity started crackling nonstop…

“How dare you attack my friend in front of me!”

Astrea’s deep red eyes are focused on Mugino Shizuri. Data lines seemed to be flashing past her eyes at blinding speed. Mugino Shizuri who was preoccupied with Mikoto and Ikaros felt shivers going down her spine.

Astrea is way stronger than Mikoto as well.

Kuroko took out her Judgement armband and told Mugino Shizuri in a cold tone.

“To harm others in front of a disciplinary committee member, even if you’re lv5, I will see to it that you are arrested.”

“That will have to be super over your dead bodies!”

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda stepped forward. The two girls stood in opposition to Kuroko and the other girls. With the two side staring down each other, the atmosphere took a turn for a more serious tone.

“Wait wait, how did we come to this?”

Ruiko frantically said while holding Uiharu’s hand. There are a bunch of strong espers here, there is even two lv5 present. This situation already turned into one where she could not intervene.

Uiharu looked very anxious. She couldn’t decide whether or not to call for support from the branch office.

Takitsubou Rikou stood behind Mugino Shizuri like she’s not part of this feud.

The first reason is that her ability isn’t one suited for battle, the second reason is due to the fact that the devil reincarnated himself is standing right there…

No matter how one looked at it, their encounter is out of his estimation. Even if it’s a coincidence,  this shouldn’t be something that outsiders should know. Otherwise, news about them would spread throughout Academy City by tomorrow.

Since Mugino Shizuri and her cohorts showed up, he silently stood up and borrowed the name of Judgement to disperse the crowd inside the diner.

The extras didn’t suspect him at all. Whether or not he is who he is, a fight between lv5 will spell the end of their lives, that’s why they all ran faster than a hare when dispersing…

Although Wu Yan had something to say about their behavior, he could not help exclaiming about how if this were to happen in his world. Nobody would run, hell, they might even surround them and egg them on…

When he returned, the tense atmosphere died down a bit. Mikoto canceled the lightning around her while Mugino Shizuri glared at him.

It’s only natural that the only male here would stand out especially when everyone here other than him is all girls.

Mugino Shizuri can see that this guy is of the same faction as No.3, a male that just happens to know the traitor that was in their group. This made Mugino Shizuri very suspicious of this guy.

If one were to ask Mugino Shizuri who she hated the most, she would probably have answered Mikoto in the past. However, the person she hates the most is no doubt that damnable rat from that night!

For some reason, when she saw Wu Yan, she became even more irritable. Just looking at him is rubbing her in the wrong spot.

Of course, he saw the enmity in her eyes. He can only roll his eyes at his own inexplicable predisposition that can attract hate…


With Wu Yan back, Ikaros and Astrea returned to his side. When Ikaros and Astrea said master, he knew shit is going to go down.

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda widened their eyes. They lifted their hands, pointing at him while closing and opening their mouth. They stuttered for words.

This is not the first time they heard someone being called master. Ikaros called the molester who took advantage of them that night.

“It’s you!”

Mugino Shizuri screeched. When Ikaros appeared, she had already fainted but Kinuhata Saiai and the others told her everything that transpired.

He sighed, there’s just no escape from this kind of shit happening…

However, Wu Yan laughed like nothing happened. He had taken a lot of precautions against people finding out that he’s the one behind the pillaging of sisters. But, even if he is exposed, he’s not too afraid.

“Yo, what’s up!”

Wu Yan greeted Mugino Shizuri in front of Mikoto and Kuroko who looked pretty damn surprised. He looked like he’s not a party to this whole drama, very calm in his mannerism.

“You guys know each other?”

Mikoto frowned. She knows that Wu Yan is the one going around looting sisters here and there but she didn’t know he had crossed path with Mugino Shizuri.

“Even if you know her, I will not show any mercy!”

Kuroko frowned as well.

Before Wu Yan can say anything, Mugino Shizuri lost control of her laughter, she sounded so shrill.

“I do know him! How can I not, these days, I can only think of nobody but him!”

These sweet words coming out of her didn’t mislead anyone into thinking about another thing. That’s because when she said this, she didn’t sound lovey-dovey at all, in fact, she sounded very scorned.

“You guys…”

Everyone couldn’t quite piece together what is going on anymore. Even Astrea looked at the two in confusion.

She stopped and light orbs appeared around her, accentuating her curvy figure. They emitted bzzt bzzt sound effects, no one could question their destructive power. They were definitely enough to level this whole diner.

“I will not allow you to bring harm to others anymore!”

Kuroko pulled out a few steel needles and gripped them between her fingers when she saw how Mugino Shizuri is about to use her powers to attack again.

She didn’t look at Kuroko, her hate-filled eyes only had Wu Yan in them. Any second now she’s going to fire her beams at him.

He glanced at her and shrugged. He then took out a few photos. ITEM froze up when they saw the pictures.

He fiddled with the photos while chuckling.

“Oh dear me, somebody is out to end me. Oh whatever shall I do~ If I die it’s a giant shame that these exquisite pictures will never be savored by anyone anymore…”

He grinned at Mugino Shizuri.

“Young miss, wouldn’t you say so? Why not, give me a bit of time, once I upload them onto the web, then come and kill me pretty please?”


Her face distorted into a terrible one. Her fury reached the heavens when she saw how the guy is practically beaming. Meanwhile, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou recovered from their surprise and started getting worried.

The moment Wu Yan took out the pictures, how can they not know what the content of those photos are? If those got out, they would never be able to go out in public spaces anymore…

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