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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 157: 4 persons group or 5?

Wu Yan stood in the middle of an area that was drilled with hole as he stared at Mugino Shizuri who couldn’t believe what she is seeing. His tense heart calmed down somewhat and one could observe a slight hint of fatigue in his eyes.

He may have fabulously dodged the map bombardment, only he would know how hard it was in doing so. If he let his guard down even a little and get hit by one of those beams, the affected area of his body would disappear. Only now did Wu Yan understand why Mikoto looked so haggard when up against the map bombardment style beams. It’s pretty lucky that she didn’t get hit in the original work…

From Mugino Shizuri’s perspective, this is not the case. He stood in such an obvious position yet he came out of it unscathed. Add to the fact that he’s standing there posing like a cool ass mother fucker, the fire in her burned even deeper.

Her sure kill move dodged and down played like it’s some cheap parlor tricks, needless to say she is now royally pissed.


Frenda stared slack-jawed at Wu Yan who stood at the middle of the place, she is completely stupefied by his unharmed figure.

“Essentially, he didn’t get hit even once…”

“That dude sure is super weird. He’s just a super lv4, why is he so super strong?”

Kinuhata Saiai removed her hoodie and stared at him with wide eyes as if trying to see if he used some sort of illusory skill.

“Just a mere lv4….”

Mugino Shizuri bit her lip and took out more Diffusion Aid Semiconductor before throwing them up into the air and hitting it with her Meltdowner.

“Stop looking down on meeee!”

“You’re shitting me, again?!”

The beams came toward him like a storm of locusts. His head started hurting just thinking about this scene before him. He waved his hand and willed forth an Iron sand wave from the ground, making it erupt like a geyser from the ground and covering his air space in an iron sand wall.

When the white light beams met the black iron wall, the black iron wall didn’t even last a second before being drilled with holes making it look like the patterns one would find on a hornet nest. Not even decreasing in force, the beams resumed their path towards him.

However, for Wu Yan, not even a second is just the right amount of time he needed!

His figure blurred and he appeared behind Mugino Shizuri with one finger touching her back. Feeling something poking her in the back, her body froze and her face slowly turned pale. She knew what is going to happen next.

With a slight grin, he puckered his lips and whispered in a tone only she could hear. Time seems to have been dilated as she heard his voice…

“It’s over…”

And with a sound of biribiri, electricity flowed from his body through his finger and unto Mugino Shizuri, electrocuting her in the process.


His electricity ravaged her curvy figure that couldn’t be said to be fit. The pain of the process made her scream out in pain. Before long, part of her skin got charred black.

When he removed his finger that is still clad in lightning, Mugino Shizuri had already fainted with the whites of her eyes showing. She fell down under the disbelieving eyes of the other 3 members.

The 4th strongest lv5 in Academy City, Mugino Shizuri the Meltdowner has fallen!

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou were stunned. There stood by and witnessed the defeat of the invincible Mugino Shizuri. They couldn’t react to the situation and only the sound of Mugino Shizuri hitting the floor rang clearly in the area.

“Mugino is defeated…”

Frenda mumbled. She even forgot to use her essentially verbal tic. One can just imagine the shock going through her.

Kinuhata Saiai subconsciously gulped and continued in an unsteady manner.

“Th-that dude can’t super be a lv5 right…”

Takitsubou Rikou shook her head unexpectedly.

“The intruder’s AIM diffusion field isn’t as strong as a lv5, he’s indeed just a lv4!”

“A lv4 can be so super tough?”

The other girls fell silent.

“I say, you girls surely haven’t forgotten that the battle is still ongoing yes?”

The voice that came from a close vicinity woke the 3 girls who would originally not let their guard down in battle. When they looked up, they saw the figure that is now very close to them.

Looking at the 3 young girls before him, he used the only visible part of his face that is his lips to give them a big radiant smile. Then, he used a very generous tone against them.

“So are you girls giving up? Or do I have to tie you girls up?”

Without waiting for their answers, he used a grim expression against them.

“Of course, at that point, I won’t just settle for vanilla bondage. I will let you girls experience heart throbbing turtle bondage!”

It didn’t even take a second for the three girls to get down on their knees with their hands lifted in the air. They surrendered promptly without further resistance.

“Beep! Mission completed! Electromaster lv4 upgraded to lv5!”

His mind jolted after the message as countless formula flashed in his mind making the inside of his head very chaotic! Lightning danced around him and it started crackling around his body. The lightning danced faster and faster just as the crackling got louder and louder. The power grew more and more…

hnhtsa, Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda were surprised by the sudden lightning show. When they saw how Wu Yan is shrouded by lightning like an electric generator, the 3 girls thought he’s going to deliver the final blow and they all started trembling.

The formulas were carved into the deepest reaches of his mind and became his ability. At the same time, he can feel his computational ability increase by 100%. And, it is still increasing. After a slight ping, his computational ability stopped growing and he felt a cool sensation in his mind as his thoughts became clearer.

“Ding! Obtained Electromaster lv5!”

Slowly opening his eyes, he shook his body and recalled the lightning dancing about him before returning to his usual calm….

Feeling the advance computation abilities, powerful electricity, and complex formulas, he grinned. He never thought upgrading his ability would entail formulas as well. When Mikoto reached lv5, excluding the railgun which she herself developed, the rest of her formulas were developed by research firms tasked to develop her abilities.

Ma, perhaps it’s a bonus given by System or maybe it’s because he used the ability card on Mikoto to copy her powers or it can also be due to the fact that his life force had been merged with Mikoto’s. Either way, he isn’t sure why but it’s a good thing anyway.

Emerging from his joy after having ascended, he saw knthsa, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou who are still shivering for some unknown reason. He’s wondering how to deal with these girls.

Kill them? He couldn’t bring himself to kill these moe blobs. They are not bad girls, they are actually pretty nice girls to hang out with.

Let them go? But he doesn’t want to let them go just like this….

Eat them? Wait what, why did he even start thinking about eating them!

Aaaa…. I have grown evil…

Thinking about it, he decided to let them go otherwise he’s going to have a headache thinking about how to deal with them.

Noticing that he was looking at them, the 3 girls jumped. The mysterious lightning phenomenon they saw made the girls think that he’s going to kill them. Frenda who had the weakest gut amongst them shouted out loud.

“Wait! You can’t hurt us! Our support are on the way, if you kill us you will never get away with it!”

Wu Yan flinched when he heard her.

Support? They had reinforcements!

Thinking about the finer points, he frowned and asked her.

“Reinforcements? From which black ops?”

“What black ops? She’s from ITEM!”

“From ITEM you say!”

Wu Yan yelped.

Could it be that this differed from the original work? That ITEM is not consisted of four field operatives but 5?

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