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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 149: Date! Clothing shop! Clothes!!!

Black T shirt, black pants, black hoodie, Wu Yan looked at his appearance in the mirror. Dusting his clothes, he then grinned and nodded.

With his mug, he’s not exactly handsome. At the very least, he had the style not to embarrass someone. One should know that it’s been one of his dream to go on a date with Railgun…


Astrea called out, she’s sitting at a table filled with all kinds of food. However, Astrea didn’t look at the food but Wu Yan. Her eyes moist and she looked like a sad puppy.

He smiled and rubbed her head. Astrea’s crestfallen expression turned into a soothed face. She rubbed her head against his hand, if she were to put cat ears and tails on, she would look super moe as a catgirl.

“Stay at home obediently, don’t run around. The food prepared here are enough to last you for a whole day. I will be returning home soon, got that?”

He told her in a serious and formal manner. Honestly speaking, he’s afraid of Astrea going outside the house, with her personality, she’s bound to get into troubles.

Astrea put on her puppy eyes again making her look like she’s an abandoned pet in a box. Wu Yan helplessly patted her head and persuaded her.

“If you listen properly, I will bring souvenirs..”

Only then did Astrea smile. She happily looked at him and nodded her head, he can’t hold back his grin after seeing this sight.

♦ ♦ ♦

Tokiwadai dormitory…

Confirming that the black and white lifeform had left the place, Mikoto breathed a sigh of relief. With Kurokos personality, she’s all too familiar what would happen if she told her that she’s going out with Wu Yan today.

However, compared to Mikoto, Wu Yan’s better off. The two of them are similar in that they have to deal with individuals, Wu Yan only needs to slide his way out of an argument with a few praise or distraction but Mikoto needs to keep her guard up at all times.

She touched her hair thinking about the date with Wu Yan later on. She felt bashful the moment that thought surfaced. Her personality might be a bit awkward but which girl wouldn’t look forward to a date? She’s the same as well, she might not say it but she’s shy deep down inside and yet at the same time she’s feeling excited about the date. Although some people might question the reversed order in which they did things….

Given of course, with her attitude, she wouldn’t be waiting for a boy at somewhere conspicuous like the dormitory entrance. Otherwise, the news about this would spread to the whole of Academy City the next day.

That’s why Mikoto deliberately walked a distance away from the entrance to a place where people don’t frequent much to wait for him. Wu Yan’s even wondering why she’s standing at a place like this.

“Mikoto, why are you in this kind of place?”

He pat her shoulder and asked.

Sudden touched by someone on the shoulder, Mikoto who’s already jumpy from doing such shady things jumped in shock. Only when she heard him did she calm down. She turned around, patting her chest while glaring at him.

“Why the sudden surprise!”

“Why the sudden big reaction!”

Wu Yan gave her a weird look, he then saw some awkwardness in her eyes. Thinking for a bit, he got the picture and can’t help laughing.

“Ma, if it’s Mikoto, I guess I can understand…”

“Don’t say something weird!”

She looked in a suspicious manner while forcing herself to utter that line. Blushing, she lowered her head and stay silent for the lack of words.

Amused, he shook his head and smiled.

“Alright, time is precious, let’s depart shall we!”

He took her hands much to her shock. She struggled for a bit but decided to give up and Wu Yan led her away…

Alas, even when Mikoto had done all these things to avoid detection, one girl in Tokiwadai still saw them. She’s quite surprised to see the two holding hands. When she recovered, she immediately ran off.

Too invested in their world with the population of 2, they aren’t aware just how big a trouble this girl who ran off is going to cause for them….

♦ ♦ ♦

Relying on the memory given to him by System, he walked on the familiar streets of Academy City. He then realized in hindsight the extra benefit of Character insertion card, that is the benefit of quickly being able to familiarize oneself with the surrounding.

But, it’s a buzzkill to think about work matters during a time like this, what he should be focusing on is continuing their date…

And so, holding hands with Mikoto, they walked on a rather big street. As they walked, people would turn to look at them. In their eyes, a lot of emotions could be observed, there’s admiration, disdain and jealousy. Those burning hot eyes all made Mikoto lower her head subconsciously, so low in fact that she could almost touch her breast if she had any.

Her bashful appearance opened Wu Yan’s eyes. He’s really seeing just how innocent she is, contrasted with his world, screw holding hands, some would even make out in public, and they wouldn’t feel bashful over it.

Some of the pedestrians already identified Mikoto. As Railgun, there’s few in Academy City that doesn’t know her. He doesn’t know how they will react but he does know one thing, her wish to stay anonymous is probably going to be impossible now.

Judging by her personality, the best place to raise her affection points would be to bring her to an arcade, a manga store or a dealership that specializes in gekota goods. It doesn’t matter that his affection point with Mikoto is already almost at maximum…

This time, Wu Yan decided not to bring her to one of those places. Instead, he wishes to try and bring her somewhere girls would normally go to like a clothing store.


Being welcomed by the attendants, the two walked into a large scale clothing store, maybe because there’s less traffic here than on the main street, Mikoto finally lifted her head.

“And here I thought you would keep your head lowered for the entire journey.”

Wu Yan teased her. It’s a date alright but Wu Yan is still cheeky as always when it comes to hanging out with her.

“You’re being obnoxious…”

She hmph-ed and then scanned the store.

He pulled her over to the ladies’ area and begun picking out clothes for her. She would always wear Tokiwadai uniform on screen, very rarely would he see her in anything resembling casual wear.

But, during their time at Silvaria, Mikoto always wore casual. However, for some odd reason, Wu Yan has this massive urge to pick out clothes for her. Probably because it feels different to see someone he loves wearing the clothes he picked out.

Mikoto likes beautiful clothes since she’s a girl but her taste tends to lean more towards the childish kind of attire. It feels moe for Wu Yan but cute clothing is more pleasing for the eyes.

Soon, the two immersed themselves in the joy of picking out clothes. Most of the time, Wu Yan would do the picking and Mikoto would go into the fitting room and come out to present herself while blushing bright red. Getting to enjoy the fashion show featuring Mikoto as the model, Wu Yan is without a doubt very, very happy. This is a fashion by Mikoto, man.

He’s starting to think about taking Hinagiku out on a date as well, and then there’s Ikaros and Astrea….

Wu Yan’s taste for clothes suit Mikoto’s taste as well. The two managed to pick out one or two articles that they could agree on, at this point in time, they finally resembled a dating couple.

When he’s at the counter about to pay for the clothes, one particular item piqued him and made him waver deep inside….

Maid uniform!

His eyes shined brightly and the moment he looked down his heart wavered again.


And at that point, something deep inside him was unleashed…

He mustered up his courage and ignored Mikoto’s who is blushing so hard, steam started wafting off the top of her head and said to the very surprised attendant.

“Attendant, give me those two items and wrap it up!”

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