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: A character from sora no otoshimono/ Heaven’s lost property. Angeloid Delta excelling in close ranged combat bearing the number. She has close combat abilities far greater than any of the first generation angeloids but she has no ranged fighting power. Summoning points: 95,000

Looking at the holographic projection of the System introducing the summon candidate, Ikaros’ eyes brightened for a brief while but she didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks.

“Looks strong…”

Hinagiku reached out to try and touch the display but her hands fell through it so she curled her lip.

Curious, Mikoto rubbed her chin before asking Ikaros.

“Astrea? What a peculiar name, is she an angeloid just like Ikaros?”

Ikaros nodded lightly.

“She’s a first generation angeloid like me. If we’re talking about close ranged combat, I wouldn’t be able to handle her…”

“Not even Ikaros could fight her!”

Hinagiku is surprised as she looked at Ikaros. After confirming she didn’t mishear it, she looked at the hologram intensely.

“Well that is pretty amazing, I want to try my luck with her!”

Mikoto cracked her knuckles in elation. Wu Yan could only find his brows jerking from her statement. Ikaros looked like she wanted to say something but she gave up.

“Alright, let’s make preparations to welcome our new comrade!”

Shaking his head, Wu Yan clicked the ‘summon’ button..

Radiant white light instantly filled the room.

A curvaceous figure much like Ikaros’ appeared and slowly materialized like it’s being drawn. In just a bit, the figure’s full appearance became apparent to them.

Fluttering blonde hair even when there’s no wind, her long wispy blonde hair reached her legs and were tied in pony tails, one to each side of her. They danced behind her as if dancing to their master’s arrival.

Wearing a risque light armor much like Ikaros when she first appeared with a dangerously short skirt, the motif is different when compared to Ikaros’ holy white. Blue colour dominated her attire more, with bits of white mixed in. Like Ikaros, she had accessories in the shape of tiny wings by her hears, giving her extra points in moe.

Her pure white wings spread out lightly behind her seemingly to accentuate the charm of her exquisite countenance. Her perky twin weapons of mass destruction stood proud as if in defiance of gravity. So grand are those twin peaks that the two disciples of the flat chest coalition almost had burning hot fire come out of their eyes…

“As…trea…” Ikaros mumbled to herself. The way she looked at Astrea, it contained a surprising amount of reminisce which Wu Yan is very happy to see.

This meant that Ikaros is becoming more and more emotional.

Maybe because they saw Ikaros’ summoning before, they aren’t too dazzled by the summoning this time despite Astrea’s descent being ever so beautiful.

When the light disappeared, a string of light came out of Astrea’s body and shot towards Wu Yan’s heart before embedding itself deep inside. Under a mysterious force, Wu Yan and Astrea’s heartbeat synchronized and the string of light turned into specks of light which entered his body….

Very quickly, a pair of deep red eyes on that gorgeous face opened, the color reminded them of Ikaros’ when she entered sky queen mode. The difference between the two pair of eyes is that Astrea’s lacked the coldness of Ikaros’ and had more vibrance to them adding more life to that face of hers.

A transparent plaque appeared in front of Wu Yan. On it was written the stats of Astrea…




Close combat master










Super Oscillating Photon blade Chrysaor (Rank C), Aegies L (Rank C)



♦ ♦ ♦

Wu Yan is very  surprised by the information he is seeing. He didn’t expect the strongest weapon and the strongest shield to actually be just at Rank C, Rare Armament tier!

When he asked the System about this, he was rendered speechless by what he heard. The two items are rank C but they are like Ikaros’ Apollon in the sense that they are infinitesimally close to Rank B!

Wu Yan sighed inside. Angeloids really are powerhouses…

By this time, Astrea had already attained consciousness and her cute deep red eyes were full of question marks. When she scanned the room, she tilted her head and even more question marks appeared.

Astrea then inquisitively asked.

“Where is this?”


Wu Yan, Mikoto and Hinagiku looked at each other. They felt odd looking at Astrea.

Making her brain go into overtime, Astrea tried her best to recall where she is but soon, she noticed Ikaros to the side and yelled in surprise.

“Eh? Senpai! Why are you in a place like this?”


The others could be wrong but they felt that Ikaros seemed to have stopped for a bit before she turned around and looked at Wu Yan with pleading eyes.


But before he could say anything, Astrea yelped again. She practically flew over in excitement as she asked him.

“Master! Are you my master?”

With her beautiful face just a breath away from his, the corner of Wu Yan’s lip jerked.

“Well, maybe probably in a way that is the case….”

Astrea immediately got down on one knee and used her tender voice to say.

“Master! I am the close combat angeloid type Δ, Astrea! Do you have any orders?”


Wu Yan turned his head away in an awkward way. He’s afraid that if he looked down he would inevitable morph into a lewd wolf. That exposing armor of hers, if one were to look down, fantastic sights could be seen….

“Co-could you get up first…”

A beautiful girl like her kneeling in front of him is something he’s still not used to…

“Yes! Master!”

Astrea stood up and then as though she remembered something she yelled out loud.

“Oh right, Master, we haven’t done the engraving yet!”

She didn’t give him the chance to recover as she grabbed his hand.

“Engraving! Commence!”


Time seemed to have stopped. In that place, a few gorgeous girls and an otaku stared wide eyes with no one speaking…

“Engraving! Begin!”

Astrea’s tone became even louder. It’s as if she believes that by shouting louder the engraving process could hear her and make its appearance…

Of course, that would be impossible, the room is still quiet….

“Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh!!!”

Ikaros panicked and she let go of his hands. Touching her neck, the cold sensation of metal that should have been there isn’t there, instead she could feel her smooth and soft skin.

“How can this be? The collar disappeared, wah!!!”

Astrea squeaked and tears began forming at her eyes. She jumped and flipped out inside the room, making a total mess inside it.


Wu Yan massaged his forehead. He got the picture now, he finally understood how low her processing power is and what the C rating in psyco meant…

“Wh-what an energetic girl…”

Hinagiku forced a smile. She didn’t understand how despite both being angeloids, there could be so big a difference between Ikaros and Astrea.

“Maa, at times like this just smile and wave…”

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