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(Tl:the term used actually loosely translates into defloweration bandit so you guys can piece together the puzzle.)

While the Iron Dog Mercenaries are busy celebrating over a potential ally that can go against Wu Yan and the Midobia family, over here at Midobia, another sneaky figure is moving about.

The time is somewhere in the night, Midobia family has guards patrolling the area. But this figure, like a professional, evaded the patrols and sneaked into a shady area.

Pretty soon, this guy managed to approach one of the rooms within the Midobia family compound. Listening to the breathing sounds that resounded intermittently from inside the room, he grinned in satisfaction before walking out of a shady area.

If one of the patrol spotted this man he would probably be shocked. That’s because this man is a young cultivator whom the family head formally invited to the house.

That’s right, this person is Wu Yan!

Taking the spotlight by scaring the Iron dogs mercenary group leader into submission, Wu Yan came to the Midobia family compound after being invited by Gray.

After explaining why Lirin stuck to the group, Gray turned furious. He declared that the Iron dogs will pay for what they did, he also expressed his gratitude to Wu Yan & co for offering their assistance.

Gray is even more happy after finding out that her daughter managed to strike an acquaintance with Wu Yan who’s a tier 7 individual. It also feels good to be able to interact with a strong individual.

Of course, this time around only Wu Yan showed his power. Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros didn’t reveal their abilities so they are assumed to be normal individuals.

Otherwise, Gray might have pinched his legs so hard they would go green from the sheer excitement of knowing that by his side is a tier 7 and 2 tier 8 individuals.

Shortly after, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros stayed over at Midobia family after Lirin and Gray used the puppy eyes tactic on them.

Now, as to why Wu Yan has to sneak around at night, that deserves a good explanation.

He’s not here to steal anything, not to get his hands on information, he’s definitely not here to assassinate someone as well. Nobody in Midobia family pissed him off so naturally he wouldn’t do anything.

No no, he’s not sneaking around to play assassin or thief, he absolutely wouldn’t hurt the individual inside the room.

That’s because this room belongs to Mikoto.

Deep in the night, approaching Mikoto’s room in such a clandestine way. Surely Sima Zhao’s intention is clear to everyone, it’s no close secret what he is up to.

Besides nightcrawling (Tl: not in the clubbing sense but the yobai sense), what else could he be here for?

After tasting tender meat, he got banned from subsequent consumption, he’s been put in a tight place. After losing his virgin status, he refuses to stay cooped up inside his own room.

It’s been a few days now, surely Kaichou-sama and Railgun won’t be made this time around. Plus, this is other people’s residence, their actions would be restricted as they are afraid they would involve other people with the fuss they make. In this way, his chance of success in scoring some is very high.

Why Railgun and not Kaichou-sama? The answer is very simple, Lirin is closest to Kaichou-sama so she went to sleep together with her…

Since Kaichou-sama is together with Lirin, ergo, Railgun should sleep together with him!

He deftly held onto the door handle and used his ability, with a flash of sparks the door opened. He looked very suspicious when he surveyed the surrounding area before making a hasty entrance. Seriously, he looked like he has been doing this for years.

“Who… who’s there…”

A soft voice rang when he entered. This voice sounded weak compared to what a cry of alarm wound sound like if they saw a thief. It’s consisted mostly of embarrassment.

Wu Yan is surprised as well, he thought he had silenced his footsteps to as low as he could. Even if Mikoto is tier 8, discovering him at this distance should be impossible unless he’s really close to her. And that voice, no matter how one look at it, it’s a shy voice.

Could it be Railgun knew I was coming?

Wu Yan didn’t know that because he had the same ability as Mikoto, his EM wave that is being radiated without his conscious control is the same as Mikoto.

Thus the moment he entered the room, Mikoto instantly detected another individual with the same EM wave as her. Besides her sisters who she has never seen before other than being told by Wu Yan, who else could have the same signature other than Wu Yan.

It’s now pretty late at night, the clever Railgun knew what Wu Yan wanted to achieve by coming inside her room. Bashful from the implications and too scared people wound find out if she cried out loudly, her voice turned into a defensive mewl.

Wu Yan couldn’t figure it out so he decided to not think about it too much as he approached Mikoto.

“It’s me, Mikoto!”

“You, what are you going to do… you better leave now or…”

She knew what is on the perv’s mind but precisely because of this her face is flushed red to the max. She cowered to one side of the bed, covering herself in blanket as she growled at him.

Wu Yan saw this bashful Mikoto and got turned on instantly.

As expected, we are perverts… (Tl: the author uses a literary version of us/we here, 吾辈)

Exclaiming that line inside him, Wu Yan grinned as he made his way over to the side of the bed looking at a blushing Mikoto.

“What do you think I’m here for? Hmm, Mikoto.”

“You, is your brain filled with that kind of stuff? This is another person’s house!”

3 days ago, she lost her first time. In other words, this would be the second time. Tsundere Railgun can’t adapt herself to Wu Yan’s teasing. And she has a point, this is another person’s house, how can Railgun get use to this kind of situation…

Wu Yan has already made up his mind, what she said goes in one ear and out another. Seeing her flustered appearance, Wu Yan can’t hold it in anymore. Under Mikoto’s surprised yelp, he pressed down on her.

Overwhelmed suddenly before she could brace for impact, she felt the weight coming from on top of her as her body lost its strength.

“S… stop… don’t…”

Wu Yan snickered as he ignored her pleading and plugged her mouth up with one action.


It’s not the first time being tongued by Wu Yan but Mikoto still feel light headed. She could feel her tongue being enslaved with swift motions. She’s only able to cry out “Uu” sounds, forgetting all about her abilities, she subconsciously acquiesced to his demands.

Wu Yan continued doing what he does best, crying deep down as he did. Finally, meat after so long…

Pretty soon, under Mikoto’s weak and ineffective resistance, Wu Yan rmeoved all her clothing and rendered her into a state of a helpless lamb. Against her weak pushing, he grabbed her tits and massaged them.


Her precious places being fondled, Mikoto can’t help but let out a series of moans. She’s so embarrassed she could die from hearing her own moaning. She mustered up the strength to cover her face with her hand but the moaning continued.

Wu Yan unleashed Tai Ji Quan all over her body as he stripped down as well before he smirked and said to Mikoto.

“Mikoto, do you know that this place here has grown a little bit bigger?”

“Is… is that true?…”

Mikoto lowered the hand covering her face and asked him in a soft voice still flushed red. It seems she feels happy being told that by Wu Yan….

It would seem that girls care about their sizes, even more so when it’s someone like Railgun that belongs to the flat chest faction. Wu Yan don’t care whether or not it’s big or smol tho, he likes it either way…

“Of course, this is all due to my efforts…”

Wu Yan boasted.

“That’s why we should do more stuff like this, only then would it grow big…”

“Who… who would want to grow bigger… nn… I don’t want… nn to do this kind of things with you… n…”

“How dishonest…”

Wu Yan slid his hand down, and schlicking sounds came

“Your body seems to be more honest than you. Hmm? Mikoto.”


Mikoto pleaded weakly. After that she felt Wu Yan penetrating into her with much force and let out a long moan. She then fell into the bliss which Wu Yan brought her into…

The night… is still long…

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