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Moans, heavy breathing, meat colliding against each other. Fluid splashed, the sounds didn’t stop resounding in the room.

In a while, drops of sweat started appearing on Hinagiku’s beautiful body. Some of them flowed down her body and fell on the bed and some stayed on her body, adding more charm to the already charming body of hers.

Her pink hair scattered over about 33% of the bed sheet, they moved as Wu Yan kept working her body. Hinagiku tried to hide her chest using her hands while closing her eyes in embarassment. Everytime he pounded her, she would release a moan.

Right now, those moans formed a beautiful rhythm with the sole audience being Wu Yan. From now to the ends of time…

At this moment, the exquisite scent coming off of her formed a delicious feast with the connoisseur being him alone. Fron now on till the ends of time…

The Hinagiku right now is without a doubt, the most alluring one!

To the extent that he almost gave his first ejacuation. Wait no, he already gave that one to the left twin of the palms twins….

Generally the first time experience will end very quickly and he thinks he’s the same that’s why he stayed conscious and tried not to give in to the pleasure and adjusted his movements accordingly to make sure he can last aas long as possible.

If he ejaculated right now, what will he do with railgun whos spacing out at the side.

Looking at the moaning Hinagiku in a stupefied manner, at this moment Mikoto’s mind is in a blank state. Has she ever been through this kind of battle? Going back into her past, she hasn’t even seen a gentleman’s research material before.

Her whole life could be summed up as being white. If there’s a speck, then it would be a certain deviant roommate of hers that happens to be her underclassmen.

Just because her mind didn’t respond, that didn’t her body didn’t respond you see. Hearing those enchanting moans coming from Hinagiku, Mikoto felt her body becoming strange, she sensed her body craving for something from inside her and her body started flushing red.

Hinagiku has already forgotten all about Mikoto being there. Under the relentless assault from Wu Yan, she just couldn’t return to her senses, like a candle at the mercy of the wind, she fluttered around like she could be extinguished any moment. And sure enough, the moment of extinguishing, came…

Suddenly, her eyes shot open and her body tightened up before she frantically pushed Wu Yan while wailing.

“Wait wait… wait wait… please stop… stop….”

Seeing her reaction and that pinkish skin of hers how can he not understand what’s going on? That’s why, he didn’t stop and sped up!

“Don’t… no… slower.. slower… something… is com…”

Her already heavy breathing became even more distraught with his increased speed and her body started trembling before…


Her body tensed up to the highest peak and she perked her head up while releasing a drawn out moan, the sound was dragged out and at the same time he could feel a flood of liquid spraying out from her beneath her…

He kept his rein on his johnny down there and held on. He still has another ‘duty’ to fulfill…

Finally, past a certain point, Hinagiku feebly fell down. Her face was blushed red and faint breath kept escaping from her…

Then, he shifted his gaze. Over to the similarly blushing Mikoto, letting go of the heaving Kaichou-sama his demonic claws reached out for Mikoto….


When he laid his hand on her, she felt a loud throb coming from her heart. She knew what’s coming and she started panicking and it was written all over her face as well.

“I’m warning you, don’t do anything stupid…”

She growled at him. Or at least that’s what she think she’s doing, from his POV, that blushing small face of hers and that soft voice cannot be interpreted as being stern in any manner.

While going hehehe, he disregarded her threat and pounced on her. Yelping, she wants to push him away but she soon discovered that she still has no strength to exert.

Looking at her expression and peach red face of hers, he impatiently joined his lips with hers!


Something blew up in her mind, blowing her consciousness to smithereens. Her first kiss, stolen away shamelessly by him just like this. Mikoto with little to none experience with other males other than her father didn’t know how to respond.

That is why, Wu Yan had the chance and he took it. Spread her mouth open, he captured her little tongue and started coiling it with his.

While enjoying the sweet scent coming from between her lips, he didn’t forget to appreciate her taste and thoroughly conquered the first base on her. Next, operation divided and conquer led by his hands started moving out.

Same movements, same places, he fondled and teased. The size was about the same with Kaichou-sama but it enamored him.


Slipping through mroe and more bases, as if declaring henceforth all these belongs to him, her hot pants made his hunger grew.

Maybe it’s because she has seen the live deal before her and got turned on as a result but when he stroked the place between her legs, it was already flooded and it didn’t stop leaking. Just waiting for someone to come along to ‘plug the flood’.

This is good in its own ways, he didn’t need to spend much time doing the foreplay and can begin the real deal right away. Kaichou-sama didn’t satisfy him so…

With the armies at the city walls and the door before them, the spear rammed the city door and burst through the obstacle standing in their path with much force and reached the center area!

“Ah… AHH!!!”

Her painful whimper leaked out from her mouth as expected and tears started streaming down her cheeks as well.

In a manner similar to how he dealt with Hinagiku, he kissed her tears away while comforting her and alleviating her suffering. This is what every maiden must go through before becoming a woman. After experiencing it with Hinagiku, he wasn’t panicky like before and instead made himself known to Mikoto.

After the pain went away, here comes the feel good part. Like Hinagiku, Mikoto couldn’t stop fidgeting her body signaling its waiting for Wu Yan to settle its discomfort.

Grinning he started diligently ploughing. And what accompanied that is another song pleasent to the ears of its audience as it reverberated in the room…


Outside the room, in the living room. Ikaros is currently sitting there while hugging onto little ol’ Lirin. She sat there looking unmoved by the clamor from inside the room. Only she knows that her heart isn’t as calm as her outward appearance would suggest…

She herself doesn’t quite understand why the sounds coming from the room made her body felt warm and itchy as if looking forward to something. Hankering for something…

Maybe only little ol Lirin is in a ‘perfect’ state. (Tl: goddamnit Wu Yan, that is very careless of you)

Sucking her fingers, Lirin looked at the room curiously, the sound has got her wondering and thus she tugged Ikaros’ cloth.

“Sister Ikaros, what is sister Hinagiku and sister Mikoto doing with big brother? Why does Hinagiku and railgun sis sound so funny?”

She scarcely realized, Ikaros didn’t know as well. Why do they sound strange, it’s making her all hot just listening.

“Don’t know but master said just leave everything to him. My mission is to make sure to take care of you and see to it that you don’t run around…”

No wonder he would enlist her help. It turns out he didn’t want Little Ol’ Lirin to run around and spoil his fun, what an evil bastard…


Half understood and half confused she nodded. Then she sheepishly said in a diabetes inducing manner.

“Understood, Sister Ikaros, Lirin will be obedient and won’t run around!”


And thus, the living room fell into silence and the sound from within the rooms kept echoing in the whole place…

Tl:Oh and btw, Hinagiku and Mikoto are both 15 and 14 respectively so if you fapped. Mwahahaha, Y’all goin to hell. Welp, i have reached this part so i can reduce future chapters of this series if you all want more of Holistic Fantasy or Unlimited Anime Works.

Again, I’m working and I’m proud to say real life has never failed to give me shit to sort through so the chapters won’t go back to 1 release per day and will stay at 3-4 chaps per week alternating between days. Hence, state what you prefer down there in terms of series and chapters per week e.g. 3.5 SGS 0.25 HF 0.25UAW and maybe I will consider them because I pretty much do everything at my own pace. i.e. if i am close to fate kaleid arc in shoujo grand summoning expect me to reduce other series to a min and maximize releasing SGS.

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