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TN: quick note, invincibility potion will be changed to damage immunity potion from now on based on because there’s an event in the future that brings doubt into whether or not invincibility is the correct word for this potion. Without further ado, enjoy. PS: ya might wanna come back when i hit chapter 110 ;D

After asking the System and being told that because Hinagiku has low stats and inadequate survival skills, the System decided to give her sword, Shirosakura an upgrade.

Different from Hinagiku and Mikoto who are currently jumping in joy, Wu Yan is shocked to hear of this!

Through various past experience with System he has come to a conclusion. The System is a troll, I will be damned if it has any sign of being kind!

And so, a discussion that seems retarded to 3rd party observer begun….

“System, ya sure it’s because Hinagiku has low stats and that’s why you gave her equipment an upgrade?”


“No expense on my account or anything of that sort? Like pts or whatnot…”

“This is an independent action taken by the System, points need not be paid!”

“What about other kinds of cost?”

“There is none.”

“You sure?”


“No insidious plot or anything like that?”

“User, please don’t slander the System lest the System sues you!”

“What the fuck is this shit, a System that sues! I would like to see who you’re going to turn to sue me!”

“User, please don’t slander the System or your account will be banned!”

“Oh, with no one to help in taking legal action, now you want to drop the ban hammer on me? I call bullshit, exactly which account on me you’re gonna ban biatch?!”

“Unit: Wu Yan!”

“Yeah? Ban my ass? And what if I got banned so what?”

“The user will be unable to access the System!”

“Er, nevermind what I said, it’s my fault…”


Shirosakura can’t be upgraded ad infinitum. System said this weapon can only be upgraded to a cap of Rank B, i.e., Gold Armament. If this weapon is to be further upgraded pass that tier then points must be given to fit the requirement for an upgrade.

They are still satisfied with this revelation though. Who wouldn’t want a free upgrade. Plus, Hinagiku seems to have taken a liking to Shirosakura, even if the weapon can’t be upgraded she wouldn’t trade equipment so in a way, this is for the best…

Before they have even laid eyes on the treasure they have already made so much profit from this treasure hunting expedition. He can’t help wanting to grind a few more times.

Alas, reality isn’t like that of a game world, the mobs won’t respawn and the loot won’t drop again. The revolution is at hand yet, comrades still need to push on…(TN: author used a famous quote from founding father of the republic of china, in this case it would mean the journey is far from over whereas the line was originally used in the context that since the founding father has yet to achieve his objectives but is on his deathbed, he wrote wills and urged that his successors carry on and see that revolution takes place, I’m not that good at history and even more so when it comes to foreign history like China but basically Sun Yat Sen put an end to Qing dynasty with his revolution which is pretty badass.)

” Ne, ne, onii-chan (TN:Lirin switches over to using the proper mandarin name for brother here but i kept Onii-chan because I can.), let’s go find that treasure…”

Knowing that the enemies have been vanquished, little ol’ Lirin can’t wait to get to treasure hunting. It seems to words treasure hunting is an allure no kid can resist….

“You’re right, the real treasure hasn’t even been obtained by us…”

Lifting his head, he glanced ahead and then exchanged sight with Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros and Lirin. Grinning, he dramatically waved his hand.


Walking along the path. Wu Yan & company walked at a prudent pace. Nobody know for sure whether or not there is still any danger to this place.

Prudence turns out to be necessary. En route, there aren’t any stone spiders or signs of any other guardians but there sure are a ton of traps, enough to send shiver up anyone’s spine.

A wrong step and one would trigger magical formations. The effects of those magical formations are so numerous and diverse it’s to the point that it’s limited only by the victim’s imagination.

It’s fortunate that the ones leading them are Wu Yan and Mikoto who have drank Resplendent Breath. Otherwise, any normal person would have died multiple times in multiple ways that even their momma won’t recognize their bodies.

The result of their actions, of course it led them to become the minesweepers for the group and they walked ahead of the group. The two of them has triggered no less than 100 traps in this manner.

Watching the two fall yet again into another magic trap from behind, Hinagiku stayed a pretty safe distance away while being a little traumatized. It’s the first time in her life that she’s glad of being weaker in relative terms. She didn’t have to fight and as such don’t have to drink Resplendent Breath and subjected to such torture…

It’s not limited to Hinagiku, just ask the victims at hand. Wu Yan and Mikoto are both on the edge of snapping. Even if they weren’t any physical harm done upon their body, the psychological damage done is very real….

It’s at this moment that Mikoto felt a tinge of regret. If she knew beforehand, she would have spared some of the people from before and let the mooks have a taste of the delicious traps lying in wait for them…

Dejected, the two continued walking at the front. Make no mistake, they are both on the verge of crying but finally the end of the stone path appeared in front of Wu Yan & company!

It’s a stone room, its architecture is no different from the stone path they traversed, a room made completely of stone. What’s different is that this room is wider than the stone path and its walls are polished to a great extent.

Inside the stone room, there’s a round table. A stone round table to be more specific and on it are 3 boxes along with a crystal ball.

Besides the table and its content, there’s nothing else.

That’s right, nothing else!

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto stared blankly. As for Lirin, one could almost see disappointment written across her face.

They have seen bodies, encountered monsters, met with conspiracy and fell into traps. That didn’t stop them from reaching this place at no small trouble to them.

What do they find at the end of it all? Screw treasures, it’s just a empty ass room with 3 inconspicuous boxes plus a crystal ball. That’s it, nothing else.

At the risk of their lives, for this? If it were any person they would surely freak out right now right?

The damage is less for them though since they aren’t particularly obsessed with the treasure albeit interested. If it were Kalas & company they would most likely slay their party in madness…

The reason they came here is because Wu Yan heard the tier 9 super came back with mortal wounds and the 200’000 Summoning points crystal from this place. That’s why he decided to come here and see what luck brings them. He welcomes any and all treasure but even if he didn’t get any he wouldn’t be too depressed over it.

Disappointment however, is definitely there. The path here has been a gigantic pain in the ass afterall…

“No matter how you ook at it, this place doesn’t look like the treasure room does it?”

Hinagiku got over this matter after quickly glancing over the room. Considering the fact that she raised her strength from tier 4 to tier 7 and that she isn’t really in this for the treasure in the first place, this much is nothing.

Mikoto on the other hand looked crestfallen. She’s been thinking about what a treasure trove would look like and suffered through the various traps on the path here only to find this here, how would she be satisfied with just this much?

In a certain way, railgun is still a kid…

As for Wu Yan, well, he’s unperturbed…

Much as he would like to object to how accustomed he is to being screwed over, he admits that being at the receiving end of nasty surprises has instilled in him resilience to this kind of outcome.

After glancing over at the boxes and crystal ball on the stone table, he thought for a bit before continuing.

“well, it’s not nothing. Aren’t there three boxes over there? Let’s go take a look, maybe there are still somethings to be gained?”

He has a feeling that he’s right towards the end of his statement. A tier 9 spider queen as guardian. It’s impossible for there to be nothing, it didn’t look like anyone made this far either. The 3 boxes must have some jig in them!

This thought resonated within Mikoto and Hinagiku and they honestly felt that the boxes might just surprise them and thus the three went over to the table to have a look at the three boxes.

There are characters on the 3 inconspicuous boxes. The words made any disappointment they have had before to disappear.

First box, written here ‘Open it, and you shall obtain fortune that can match what this world can offer’.

Second box, ‘Open it, and you shall obtain authority that can match what this world can offer’.

Third box, ‘Open it, and you shall obtain power that can match what this world can offer’.

These 3 boxes can’t be distinguised from each other except by the words after them. Wu Yan & company’s attitude towards the boxes changed, they aren’t treating them as just some boxes now!

This would apply to anyone in the same situation.

If what it says is true then the three boxes gave anyone anything they could possibly ask for.

Fortune! Authority! Power!

Besides these, what else could anyone wish for?

Perhaps some enlightened individuals would be able to ignore this but too bad Wu Yan can’t.

He likes money! His situation is better than when he was still an otaku who needs to worry about the next meal. Money really isn’t that big a deal for him as long as he have enough of them at his disposal.

Authority, he feels indifferent on this one. He’s not a man of high ambitions. What he has, is a passion for 2D characters. Do you need authority when you have shoujos?

Oh but power, this thing here is the most alluring one of them all!

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