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Chapter 811: Too Horrifying!

For some reason, Xiao Rou felt extraordinarily happy when he saw Black Shadow get poisoned. It wasn’t just them who were unlucky, whoever met her had the same result! Xiao Rou’s trauma decreased a little.

“Help, help…” Black Shadow was now foaming at the mouth, gasping for help.

“Here are some herbs, eat them and find a place to force the poison out. Don’t come out unless I say so,” Xiao Rou scoffed in disdain as he handed Black Shadow some spiritual herbs.

“Yes, yes, thank you, boss. Thank you very much.” Black Shadow quickly took the spiritual herbs and fled. Xiao Rou had planted the mark of the snake tribe on his body, so he could summon him at any time.

“Alright, let’s go to the Golden Pill Sect.” Xiao Rou straightened his clothes, and walked towards the door of the sect with Big Dark Face.

“Sect Master, there are two strange people outside the valley who requested a meeting. They said that you definitely know them.”

Ling Chuxi was eating fresh fruit in the courtyard when someone came up to her. She looked up with a puzzled frown. “Strange people? They definitely know me? Alright then, let them in,” Ling Chuxi said, then peeled a fruit and stuffed it into Little Red’s mouth.

‘Ling Chuxi, you witch, don’t try to bribe me with food—Oh, this actually tastes pretty good. Forget it, I will forgive you for now.’ The arrogant young master initially wanted to rebel, but the instant something delicious entered his mouth, he shamelessly gave in.

To be honest, the Young Master couldn’t be blamed either, because the fruit really was delicious. Hundred Flower Valley had the climate of spring all year round, so the fruits grown there were naturally sweeter and juicier. How could Ling Chuxi leave them be? Not long after she arrived here, she had divided the plants into edible and inedible plants, and the edible plants were then further classified into delicious and non-delicious plants. Little Red’s food came only from the delicious plants.

Ling Chuxi was a little surprised when she realized that the two men who had come to see her were none other than the delicate Xiao Rou and the burly Big Dark Face whom she had met in the barriers of Little Silver Ancient Mountain.

Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face had been strutting forward, looking like calm and steady experts, but they soon stopped dead at the scene before them. They had guessed that the young master would go to Ling Chuxi as soon as he got out of trouble, but they hadn’t expected this!

This was just too horrifying!

They weren’t imagining it, right? Wasn’t the one drooling over a fruit on the table and eating it with relish their wise and powerful young master?! They rubbed their eyes vigorously, but it wasn’t a mistake—this drooling squirrel was really their young master!

“Shouldn’t you both be in Little Silver Ancient Mountain? Did you sneak out? What are you here for?” Ling Chuxi wiped Little Red’s saliva away, then looked up at the two strange men before her.

At this, Little Red finally turned to look at the two people who had come in. It gasped, and the big piece of fruit in its mouth shot down its throat and it started choking. Eyes wide, it started to chirp and squeak, waving its little paws around desperately. Ling Chuxi hurriedly picked it up and gave it a firm pat on its back, dislodging the piece of fruit.

“You two! If anything is the matter, just speak and leave. Your ferocious appearances scared my Little Red!” Ling Chuxi barked at Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face crossly.

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