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Chapter 1024: Leave Some for Us Too

Before the others could react, Gongxi Kuangdao attacked another person. A few of his men also drew their blades and pounced on the bandits from different directions.

Faced with the Gongxi Kuangdao’s brutal blade skills, the bandits couldn’t resist at all as they were knocked to the ground as soon as they exchanged blows. Gongxi Kuangdao and the others obeyed Ling Chuxi’s orders and did not kill them. However, they still did not give them any chance to counterattack as they struck the back of their blades on parts of the body that were most sensitive to pain.

Very soon, the silent mountain ridge was filled with screams that could change the colour of the Heavens and Earth.

Lan Xinyu finally knew what it meant to be a sheep among wolves when she saw how badly the bandits were getting beaten up. She could not help but feel sorry for these bandits. They had probably never been robbed to such an extent before or since.

“The wind is calling! Retreat!” Someone finally made the call, unable to bear any further beatings.

“Fall back! Quickly!” Mr Cockeye also shouted as he waved his hands to the others while enduring the pain.

Immediately, the group of people scattered like birds and beasts, crying and howling as they fled into the depths of the forest.

Lan Xinyu, Su Yanhua, and the others also made their move. If they do not chase after them immediately, their opportunity would be gone!

Unfortunately, their movements were a little too slow. Although these people were not very strong, they were all professionals when it came to fleeing for their lives. In just a short while, other than those who could not get up from the ground like Mr Cockeye, everyone had escaped successfully. Even for Lan Xinyu and the others, it wasn’t easy for them to catch up to a fish that had slipped through the net. Lan Xinyu and the others had been one step too late: before they could even get their hands on the bandits, Gongxi Kuangdao and his men had beat them to it, crushing the bandits to the ground.

“Argh! I was supposed to be gaining experience, and you just had to ruin it!” Lan Xinyu was about to go crazy. It wasn’t easy for her to find an opportunity to spar with someone, but before she could even touch the corner of the others’ clothes, her supposed sparring partners had been finished off by Gongxi Kuangdao and the others. Did these guys have any sense of morality? If they were truly that strong, they should have expended that strength on Ling Chuxi and leave the small fry to her.

Lan Xinyu was tempted to still go get a few kicks out of the bandits that were left behind. But seeing how some were twitching in pain while others were foaming at their mouths, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Oh, she really couldn’t do it. Gongxi Kuangdao and his men were too outrageous. ‘Even if you want to eat meat, you should at least leave the soup for me. How could they have been so selfish?’

“With such little strength, and yet you actually dare to come out and rob us. If you encountered us before today, you guys wouldn’t even have stood a chance.” Gongxi Kuangdao laughed wildly.

Lan Xinyu, Su Yanhua, and the others rolled their eyes at the same time. ‘If you knew that they wouldn’t even have stood a chance against you, then you should have left them for us to spar with!’

“You piece of trash, remember my name: Gongxi Kuangdao. It’s an honour for you to be defeated by the Gongxi clan and not die!” Gongxi Kuangdao was so proud that he was losing himself as he raised the Eight Wasteland Blade in one hand and continued to roar arrogantly.

“Are you done laughing? Search them if you are. See if they have anything valuable on them,” said Ling Chuxi coldly. This guy was only bullying a few rookies, yet he was so proud of himself. His tail was almost up in the air. Could it be that he was too depressed from being bullied a while ago?

“Oh, yes, yes, my Lady.” Gongxi Kuangdao immediately noticed Ling Chuxi’s dissatisfaction and quickly smiled as he tucked his tail between his legs before going up to search the remaining bandits.

Su Yanhua and the others initially thought that Ling Chuxi was joking, but now they realized that she was serious. They were slightly surprised, but quickly made their way over to the bandits too.

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