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the cry of the dead: epilogue

‘And then you broke that promise, Gotou-san, and kept bringing cases to Yakumo-kun,’ said Haruka, after Gotou had finished.

'Shut up. You do the same thing, right?’

Gotou snorted.

When Haruka saw his expression, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Though Gotou was clumsy about it, by connecting with Yakumo through cases, he was watching over him in his own way, probably.

– Yakumo definitely understands that kindness too.

Haruka felt that way.

That was why Yakumo helped out with cases even while complaining, and through that, he faced other people, and then himself.

'I wonder why?’ said Haruka without thinking.

Gotou looked at Haruka with a blank expression.


'He’s so contrary, curt and hateful – I was just wondering why people gathered around him.’

It was an honest question.

'Probably because he knows other people’s pain better than anyone,’ replied Gotou, expression turning grim.


'Yeah. Not just the way he grew up and how his mother tried to kill him. By seeing the ghosts of unhappy people, he knows people’s pain better than anyone.’

'I see…’

Haruka understood where Gotou was coming from.

Yakumo’s red left eye had seen many people’s lives and deaths. Going against fate frantically only to result in sadness – Yakumo knew the feeling.

It was probably because Yakumo was like that that people who had the same pain were drawn to him.

Of course, that includes myself –

'We’re here.’

Gotou’s voice brought Haruka back to reality.

'Sorry for the trouble. Thank you very much.’

Haruka bowed her head towards Gotou as she got off the car.

'I’ll see you later then.’

Gotou waved and drove off.

– I’ll see you later then.

Those words were like a symbol for Gotou.

They hadn’t made a promise to meet up again, but he didn’t say goodbye. It was because they were definitely going to meet again.

'See you,’ said Haruka, watching the car’s taillights as it drove off.

– I’ll go meet up with Yakumo again too.

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