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Chapter 192

“…… One thing, I want to confirm degozaru, but……”

“…… Yes”

“In foreign countries, is it normal to raise problems in your free time, degozaru?”

“I’m so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

I decided to do the best dogeza ever in my life .

The reason why I was doing this, was because of the matter of mysterious men who attacked me while enjoying the hot spring .

After that, it was nice that Saria and the others rushed to come to me, but…… they seemed to be in quite of a hurry, so all of us were naked towards each other .

Especially Al and I who were looking at each other’s bodies, I couldn’t stand the stimulus and spewed nosebleeds .

And Al was……

“Uh…… I, I saw it…… I,is that size normal……? It, was big to that extent―――― I, I don’t understand …… I don’t understand it, you know ……”

She was still turning her face red, while muttering something .  Again, I’m really sorry .

If I bent my policy, changed my clothes obediently and then fought, such a sorrowful incident would not have happened .

…… No, those guys who attacked at the hot spring were the ones at fault! If they didn’t attack me, I won’t have to worry about this! What have they done!?

However, Saria didn’t seem to care about it, as if nothing has happened . Well, when we were spending time together in the forest, she was in gorilla form, so she was always sort of naked!

That’s why we, who repelled the assailants despite those various things, immediately changed our clothes, and handed over the tied-up assailant to Mamorigami-san .

Mamorigami-san, who sighed when he saw me going through a dogeza, had a serious expression on his face .

“Well, it’s fine degozaru . For the time being, Seiichi and his companions were safe, and I’m honestly pleased degozaru . ”

“I,I’m sorry……”

“More than that, the problem is these guys who have attacked . ”

Mamorigami-san sharpened his gaze, and turned his eyes to a certain place .

In there, the mysterious men I fainted are left tied up .

However, since all of their mysterious masks have been recovered, I now know their true faces . Well, I don’t know any of these people, so I can’t really say anything when I see their real faces, but .

However, apparently Mamorigami-san to these mysterious assailants…… Particularly, when he saw the face of the leader man who lost in a stupid game with me at the end, he makes his face grim .

“No way, you fall to the enemy ……”

“…… Fun . Say anything you want . ”

The leader man, is about in his 40s, and there was a big scar diagonally from his upper left forehead .

However, his hair is not topknot like the samurais, but he has a loose and disheveled hair, what do I say…… the words thief and bandit is perfect for him .

“Does Mamorigami-san, know this person?”

“…… I know him degozaru . Originally, he was from a venerable house, that protects Muu-sama degozaru . While I protect Muu-sama directly by her side, this person has military power…… He was from the house with the role of checking other Lords with military power degozaru . The head of that house, is this man, degozaru . ”

“I see……”

A person who was originally in the position to protect Yamato-sama, had attacked us in this manner .

Especially for Mamorigami-san, although they have some minor discrepancies, I think they felt something like sympathy in terms of protecting Yamato-sama .

“Why…… why degozaru . You were, responsible to the other Lords, for suppressing them . That’s, why!”

“Mamorigami-dono . The world, is filled with things that are beyond human knowledge . I have realized that though it was unpleasant . ”


“That man is …… not a human being . It’s much more terrifying, he’s a monster . ”


In the word of the leader guy, Mamorigami-san’s expression becomes more and more severe .

“You are, scared of something that you don’t understand, so you betrayed Muu-sama degozaru!”

“Since Mamorigami-dono doesn’t know that man’s true horror, you can say something like that! That man, far from Yamato-sama, he’s the most unstoppable opponent in this world!”

“What are you saying?”

To the overwhelming dismay of the leader man, we were confused .

The most unstoppable in this world you said…… what level is the other party? No way, you won’t say that it’s the Demon God, right?

“…… It’s already good degozaru . Rather, it’s more of a problem now that these people have found out this place . The entrance to the 『Shadow Village』 shouldn’t be so easy to find, degozaru, but……”

“…… It’s too late . ”


The leader man, who raised his face gently, opened his mouth quietly .

“Late…… you said, what do you mean degozaru?”

“I already, had no time left . It was because you prevented our first attack, and we missed Muu-sama . ”

“Hence, what’s wrong with that degozaru?”

“Don’t you know? Having had a second opportunity, I could never fail . However, it’s not just by you, I was also prevented by the foreign people there . And now, since I failed the first attack, that man has been observing me . ”

“No way!?”

“―――― That man’s hand, is already in this place . ”

The moment the leader man said so, Tsukikage-san rushed into our room .

On her back, there is Yamato-sama who is still expressionless .


“Mamorigami-dono, hurry up and leave here! Right now, a mysterious creature is attacking this village!”

“Mysterious creature!?”

In the increasingly incomprehensible situation, we were just confused, and the leader man held his head, and began trembling .

“Co,come  on…… it’s no good anymore . This country …… no, this world…… will be conquered by that man……”

“You are ――――”

The moment Mamorigami-san tried to say something, suddenly from the window of our room, something suddenly jumped in .

That thing is ―――― .


“Wha,what the?”

“……It’s undulating . ”

As Olgchan said, the creature that suddenly broke into our room, was a mysterious creature that looked like a fish with a human body attached to it .

However, it’s face is a little heinous to be called a fish, not only do its goggling eyes pop out, but both its hands are tentacles and is undulating .

What the, is that the latest fashion, tentacles? When I asked the sea and land, it was like tentacles .

“Wha,what degozaru, this creature!”

“That creature, is his subordinate ……”

“His subordinate!? This unpleasant creature!?”


The mysterious creature, which Mamorigami-san clearly said was unpleasant, dexterously distorted its fishy face and seemed shocked .  Ah, it cared about him saying that……

However, at the same time, it seemed to have become angry at Mamorigami-san’s words, so the mysterious creature has attacked without any questions!

“Kishaa ―――― Aaaaaaaaaahh!?”

However, the mysterious creature got blown away to the maximum without reaching us .

As I turned my gaze at the cause, the figure of Rurune who was raising her leg is there .

“Don’t let a fish go ashore . ”

What kind of point is that?

In the first place, if Rurune said that, then is it done? I was told that donkey don’t talk, you know?

Well, that mysterious creature looks a little strange, but it doesn’t look like a fish .

However, Rurune did not run wild, even in front of such a mysterious creature .

“Rurune …… has really grown ……”

“……Nn . But on the contrary, I’m worried . Is she really glutton?”

“What’s with that phrase!?”

I’m sorry, Rurune . Even I don’t understand Olgchan’s feelings .

“No…… It was surprising that Rurune who saw a fish, hasn’t had her appetite come first……”

“Milord…… In,indeed, that’s what I used to be, but now that I’ve eaten Bahamut, it’s just a little fish……”

Ah, rather than growing up, she just became a gourmet!?

However, it’s also true that I’m more grateful now that her appetite has calmed down because she became a gourmet .  Next time, let’s go and eat delicious food with Rurune .

After kicking the fish, as Rurune shakes her leg lightly, she muttered while being astonished .

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“Even so, can the people of this country be defeated to that extent? Do fish just grew limbs normally here?”

Rurune-san! Normally, fish have no limbs!

I was involuntarily surprised by Rurune’s words, but I realized that there was one here .

“Wait…… Come to think of it, I failed to find out what that guy was in the end . ”

“Nn…… isn’t that really fine? We have defeated it!”

“I guess . Whoever the opponent is, if they attack, we’ll just kick them off . ”

“I, I don’t know how much I can help, but I will do my best!”

Saria and the others reliably, said such things .

Then, when I suddenly noticed that Mamorigami-san and his fellows were quiet, I turned my eyes to them and then……


Mamorigami-san, Tsukikage-san, and even the leader guy were stunned as they watch us .


Especially the leader man, his eyes are wide open .

“Thi,this is stupid…… even our katanas, don’t work on that creature!?”

“Isn’t that like you bastards kitchen knife dull? Sharpen it well . ”

“That’s why, I said it’s not a fish!?”

Rurune-san .

The weapon that the leader man has, moreover, the katanas possessed by Mamorigami-san and the others, were not kitchen knife, you know?

It certainly looks like a fish, but it feels more like an alien .

…… But compared to that Evil god that Rurune have picked up from the sea, this is still cute .

When I thought about such a thing, a similar mysterious creature invaded through the window again .

“Jeez…… Even though I said that it’ll be the same no matter how many times you come ……”

“Wait, Rurune! At once, I’ll confirm what this guy is, so!”

Before Rurune could kick it again, I immediately activated 『Advanced Appraisal』 on the creature in front of me .



Let alone its name, I didn’t even know its level .

That is, it’s not marked with question marks, it’s completely blank .

“Hmm? It’s strange…… my skills were properly activated towards the Bahamut and the Evil God, and I don’t think that the guy in front of me is stronger than the Evil god, but ……”

I was tilting my head to why its transcription that I saw was unknown, but the mysterious creature has mercilessly attacked me just like that .

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However, the mysterious creature begins to move as if it had lost control of its own body, and continued to harm its own self .

“Ki, Kisha!? Sha!? Shaa!?”

When the mysterious creature which has an expression that doesn’t comprehend what’s going on, was being hit by itself as it is, it went out of the window without permission .


“I don’t know what that is, but it looks it’s fine!”

“““No no no!”””

Mamorigami-san, Tsukikage-san, and the leader man who heard my words have denied my words with great momentum .

“Isn’t that strange!? What is that, phenomenon just now!? What and how did you do for the enemy to suddenly self-destruct!?”

“Tha,that’s right degozaru! Besides, according to the story, I thought that our weapons won’t work on it . What was that …… “

“…… O,our attack definitely didn’t go through to it . That’s why, that man told us to invade …… why……”

“No, no matter what you say why ……”

That’s all I want to ask too . Isn’t it terrible that it run away without permission even if I haven’t done anything?

Then, Al sighed at the appearance of such Mamorigami-san and the others .

“If you take action with Seiichi, and are surprised at this level, it’s not going to end, you know? We’ve seen the same phenomenon several times, so we’re good one way or another . ”

“Several times the same phenomenon as that!?”

“Anyway, it’s useless to simply use your head for this guy . Anyhow, our thoughts are overwhelmed that we don’t mind it anymore . ”

“You don’t!”

Why do you think that I’m going out of my way to do something I don’t understand .  All of these are things I don’t recognize, and are unavoidable!

Al didn’t care about my protest at all, and asked Mamorigami-san and the others .

“Rather than that, what are you going to do now? With that level of guys, we can even kick them off, and…… better yet, why don’t we go into their stronghold?”


Mamorigami-san was somewhat being indecisive, but Tsukikage-san thought for a little, and then just nodded .

“…… That might be good . ”


“Mamorigami-dono . Did you see Seiichi-dono and his companions just now? Apparently, they possess unimaginable power . Besides, the entrance to this village is now known to the enemy anyway . The place for us to escape was just at the base of the enemy . ”

“I, I think that it’s dangerous degozaru, but……”

Mamorigami-san sighed before long after thinking carefully about Tsukikage-san’s words .

“…… This is, the only way degozaru . I’m aware of that degozaru . Then, from here, let’s go to the enemy’s stronghold degozaru!”

With a single word from Mamorigami-san, we decided on our next destination, and started to take action immediately .

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