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Chapter 161

“Hah! Hah!”

After Seiichi was sent to the Valsha Empire, and after handing Destra over to King Ranze with Saria and the others who remained, Helen left Terviel while rushing out .

At present, no horse-drawn carriages are moving around the countries, and there was nothing available except only those horse-drawn carriages that travel within the country .

The reason is still the Kaizer Empire, because the Kaizer Empire was invading the whole world .

Of course, before the Kaizer Empire launched a war, there was a transportation to the Varsha Empire .

However, it’s currently unusable, and above all, the movement speed of Helen herself who became a 『Transcendent 』was much more overwhelmingly faster than a carriage, so there’s no reason for her to use a carriage .


Still, it’s not a distance that can be reached originally in about a day or two, but at the time of handing Destra over, there’s a person that was able to use the transition magic, so at Ranze’s measure, she was brought to the vicinity of the Valsha Empire .

As expected, it was not possible to directly transfer to the Valsha Empire inside the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, but there’s no doubt that it still saved a lot of time . Even if she continued to run from Terviel as it is, it’ll lightly take two weeks .

From the place where she was brought by the transition, normally, the distance is about five days to walk, and as Helen keeps running without a break, she was about to get there in a day .

And now, she finally arrived at the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, where the Valsha Empire is located .


Helen, who stopped once in front of the forest, steadies her breath .

“……Onee-chan . ”

When she whispered lightly, Helen ran furiously again .

However, monsters attack one after another in front of Helen .




Boar-type monster, wolf-type monster, snake-type monster .

If it’s a long time ago, these opponents were the ones she had struggled a little, but now Helen never stopped .

“Don’t pester meeeeeeeeeeee!”

In the dungeon with Seiichi and others…… Or rather, the two short swords which they robbed from Destra’s belongings, she swung the 『Wind Blade』 and the 『Lightning Blade』 and chopped them up in an instant .

“Haa, haa!”

She wants to return to her hometown as soon as possible .

Now that I’m stronger, I’m going to help my sister――――!

Helen, who runs through with all her heart, didn’t notice that normal trees were growing instead of 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 on the way .

And then ――――

“I’ve arrived……”

When she passes through the forest, she can see the main gate and the castle walls that she used to see, and she saw the Cagna Castle .

“Wait……Right now, I’m……”

The moment she tried to say that far and run again, she noticed that there were a lot of people near the main gate .

“No way!?”

Are you saying that the Kaizer Empire soldiers have already come all the way to the main gate!?

Such despair passes her head for a moment, and she starts running immediately .

…… And, somehow, a different scene from the one Helen had imagined came in front of her .

“A…… a’re……?”

As she gradually approached, the people near the main gate came into view, but no matter where she looks, she can’t see the Kaizer Empire .

On the contrary, for some reason, her sister that she adores, and her aides can be seen .

“What, the heck, is going on?”

As she looks closely, everyone looks a little tired, but with a smile on their faces, they don’t seem to have any injured individuals .

When she got confused more and more since she doesn’t understand why, finally, one of the people who had gathered there, noticed Helen .

“Ah, oi! That!”




Then, Helen’s older sister, who’s one of the people in the group―――― Amelia opened her eyes .

And, the only ones who opened their eyes wide were, not only Amelia, but Helen herself .

“Se, Seiichi-sensei!?”

“Oh, Helen . How’s your first time in a dungeon?”

Seiichi didn’t look as surprised as Helen, and when he saw Helen, he greeted her normally .

“Fi, first time in dungeon, wait…… why are you here!?”

When Helen came into contact with the group gathered near the main gate, with that momentum, she went close to Seiichi .

However, she was blocked by another being .

“Helen! Why are you here!?”

“O, onee-chan!” (TN: Who expected this?)


At the words of Helen, Amelia clung to Helen vigorously, and Seiichi raised a surprised voice .

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However, such Seiichi is not in their eyes, and they were just hugging each other .

“Onee-chan…… hurt? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, but…… you, why are you here? You hadn’t returned since you jumped outside……”

“Tha, that’s……”

Helen is at a loss for words on Amelia’s question .

Then Riel, who was watching them, suggested .

“Both of you . I know you’re happy to see each other again, but let’s go inside for the time being . Although there’s no threat of the Kaizer Empire nor the 【Demon God’s Cult】 any more, there are still monsters . ”

“Yes, that’s right . ”

“I, I understand…… I don’t know why Seiichi-sensei is here!?”

“No, I was surprised, too . Hahaha . ”

As Seiichi laughs while scratching his head, Helen can’t say anything .

Just as Riel said, there’s no need for them to be outside, so once they entered inside except the gatekeeper, each of them went back to their own houses .

And then, Amelia, Riel and the others, as well as Seiichi and Helen were invited to the Cagna Castle, and along the way, Seiichi explained how he came to the Valsha Empire .

“In other words, the place where you were sent to by that crystal that got broken is in this Valsha Empire?”

“Well, that kinda happened . ”

“What kind of relationship does Helen have with Seiichi-dono? You said something like sensei, but……”

“Ah, I was……that’s…… a teacher from the school she attended . ”

“But it’s only for a little while, though . ”

When Seiichi said that and laughed, Riel and the others looked impressed and whispered .

“I see…… if Seiichi-dono was a teacher, then it must be a great lecture . ”

“That’s right . I wonder what kind of class he was doing . ”

“…… What the hell, did you do?”

“What is that assumption that I did something!?”

When Seiichi was being stared at by Helen scornfully, he involuntarily tsukkomi’d .

While doing so, as they notice it, they have reached the castle of Cagna, and were invited to Amelia’s private room, and decided to have a detailed discussion .

Helen and Amelia sat side by side, with Seiichi sitting with the desk in between .

And Riel and Suin were behind Amelia and the others .

“So? You’re going to explain it to me, right?”

“Etto…… even if you said to explain, what should I explain?”

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“All of it, all!”

“Ah, yes . ”

When Seiichi nodded obediently to the threatening attitude too much, he started talking about what happened after he was flown away for the time being .

“At first, I didn’t even know where I was transferred, and what’s more, as I think that it’s a troublesome place because I can’t use magic, I was attacked by a large army of gross caterpillars, and I fell down on a cliff while I was running away . ”

“It’s not normal anymore, is it?”

Helen held her head to Seiichi, who suddenly encountered events that wouldn’t be normal .

“I heard the sound of a river from where I fell, so I went to that, but…… that’s where I met, Amelia who’s taking a bath . ”

“Hey, I told you to forget that!”

“I’m explaining it, so it can’t be helped!”

Next to Amelia and Seiichi who were talking a lot, Helen held her head again .

“Eh, why do you get into trouble so consecutively? Isn’t that weird?”

“Helen-sama…… Helen-sama also had a hard time……”

“Wh, why are you looking at me like that?”

Helen frowned because she doesn’t understand the strangely warm eyes of Riel and Suin .

From there, they further listened to Seiichi’s actions, his conversation with the tree and the trouble in the main gate . And, he also told the story where his recovery magic of lost part regeneration level was distributed to the whole country and the large amount of the highest-grade recovery drugs .

After listening to that point, Helen nods at one thing .

“Yup . Seiichi-sensei is weird after all . ”

“Why!? I just helped the people, you know!?”

“It was a great help, but it was beyond the scope of our common sense……”

Helen’s eyes become increasingly reproachful to Suin, who involuntarily looks far away .

“…… Did you still do strange things?”

“Still…… I didn’t do anything so strange in the first place, right?”

“Eh, are you seriously saying that?”

“It’s hard to look straight!”

Seiichi suddenly turned away from Helen, who silently asked that .

Finally, he explained why there were no Kaizer Empire soldiers and the 『Apostle』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 .

“That… . . there’s a war because the Kaizer Empire’s soldiers and the 『Apostle』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 are here, so…… I was wondering if I could solve it in my own way, and then, incidentally, the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 is also in the way, so I gouge out the Kaizer Empire’s soldiers and the 『Apostle』 at their spot only, and I throw it away in the sea……”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about . ”

Helen couldn’t understand it at all .

Or rather, no one can probably understand Seiichi’s idea . Rather, why did such an idea come up . No one knows about it except Seiichi .

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Helen was so confused because Seiichi said things that soar too much, but she realized it soon .

“Eh? Well then…… perhaps, there’s no enemy now?”

“Well…… you can say that?”


When Amelia answered Helen’s question, Helen stayed silent .

“He, Helen?”

“……I mean I’ve become stronger……”

Unconsciously, when Amelia called out to her, Helen lies on the desk as she says so .

“How worried I am, and what kind of feeling I have to become stronger……”

“I,I’m sorry……”

“Helen……you had the same feelings as me……”

“Eh? You felt the same …… too, onee-chan?”

“That’s right . You understand? All the soldiers were tattered, and seemed like they were about to die, but he was able cure them in an instant, but…… I still thought that we would lose, so I tried to protect everyone in exchange for my life . But Riel and the others told me that they would fight together to the end……”

“Is that so……”

“……Well, that determination is also in vain, and as I noticed it, he says that all the enemies have been thrown into the sea? What kind of face should I have……”


“No, I’m really sorry . ”

Seiichi bowed his head even though he couldn’t stand while being there .

Then Helen and Amelia sighed .

“Haa……well, it’s wrong to get angry with Seiichi-dono, and I have nothing but gratitude for him . ”

“Right…… as far as I hear from the story, even if I could get here, I don’t think I would be able to defend this place…… Seiichi-sensei, thank you very much . ”

“O, oh? Do, don’t mention it?”

All of a sudden, Helen became grateful, and while feeling sorry, Seiichi, was glad that she didn’t cause any damage to him again .

And then ――――

“Helen . Speaking of which, you didn’t say that . ”


Ignoring the surprised Helen, Amelia gently hugs her .

“Welcome back, Helen . ”

“…… I’m home, onee-chan . ”

Helen, too, gently embraced Amelia back .

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