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Chapter 544 - The Great Gap

However, the girl noticed him and secretly winked at him, causing him to lose color.

Although he brought a little girl with him, her beauty was not as good as his little brother's. In the end, she was still a young person, so she was more young and beautiful.

"Boss, but will tonight's match be dangerous?"

The lackey asked his boss.

"Danger?" The boss laughed and said, "Little League, in the eyes of our walkers, when is there any danger?"

He pointed to the river bridge in front of him.

This Guo Gongshan stood next to the river. At the top of Guo Gongshan, a bridge covered with iron rails stood like a long dragon in the darkness.

This bridge was a train path that had to be passed to and fro of the Nakagawa.

And these walkers were all here for this bridge to carry out an intense death race.

It was at the bridgehead that the once legendary boss of the walkers was hit on the head by the train.

Today, these young people were going to rewrite their legend. They were going to start the car and race a death race against the train on this bridge the moment the train arrived.

Although there were many walkers who came to watch the event, there were only a few dozen people who actually dared to participate in it.

The ten-odd people, each with a motorbike, stopped on top of the tracks. The mounts beneath them constantly let out roars.

"Did anyone see that?"

A walkers who seemed like the leader wore a black leather jacket. He was clearly a man, but his long hair was draped over his shoulders and his body was adorned with several chains.

He straddled his fiery red motorcycle and sat at the back of the line, in the most dangerous position.

But he was not afraid.

"This is the legendary Way of Death! Now, let me ask you, is there anyone among you who is afraid? "


The group of walkers shouted.

"Alright, answer me, what is the wealth of our walkers?"


"What is the goal of our walkers?"


"What is the life of our walkers?"


Each sound was louder than the last. The leader seemed to be satisfied as he nodded and continued.

"That's right!" If we lose our speed, then we will be walking corpses! Today, let us walkers bloom with the light of our lives again! Anyone who could win this time's competition would receive a prize of 10,000 yuan! Get ready, the train is coming! "

Feng Limeng, who was called Little League just now, was extremely nervous. His hands were sweating as he touched his car.

Running with a train is impossible if you are not afraid.

"Look at your little ability."

The girl behind him rolled her eyes at the Little League.

The Little League felt ashamed of themselves. They thought to themselves, how could I be inferior to a girl?

Just as everyone was anxiously waiting for the train to arrive, a walkers suddenly shouted.

"Someone else is coming up from below!"

This voice alarmed many people.

Everyone looked down at the mountain road. Sure enough, a black Yamaha was roaring as it climbed up the mountain road.

"This … the sound of this car …"

The Alliance's eyes lit up. "Awesome!"

And this man, was none other than Qin Chao.

He followed the location on the GPS and drove over here.

It showed the nearest route, through the railway bridge at Guo Gongshan, and then from the river to the western suburbs.

But Qin Chao was surprised. It was so late and they were in such a remote place, why would they gather so many people?

Only after looking carefully did he understand.

So it was a group of walkers s.

From the looks of it, they seemed to be waiting for a train.

Tsk tsk, Qin Chao couldn't help but twitch his mouth. He was really young, and he didn't know how to cherish his own life.

A human's life could only be found once. If it was used up, it would never be found again.

And young people do not know to cherish, but crazily squandered, with their lives to pursue something else.

Beautiful is their name, this is their pursuit, and they are fanatical about it.

However, they had thought that when something really happened, he would close his eyes quickly.

But what about their parents, the people who cared about them?

What they left behind for themselves was an illusion that was instantly destroyed, while what they left for their families was an irreparable pain.

Qin Chao was thinking for the other party while the walkers mocked him.

"Who is this person?"


"Heh, look at how he drives. He's completely a novice. He must be a rich second-generation, and thought that his car was pretty good, so he came to participate in the competition. "

"Hmph, let's watch him die during the real competition later."

While the walkers were talking, someone suddenly sent a signal to the person who had made the arrangements.

"The train is coming! "Countdown to start, 3, 2, 1!"

As he landed, the dozens of motorcycles carrying beautiful women roared as they started up the engines and jumped out.

No matter how good a car was, it wouldn't be able to instantly speed up to 200 something.

As a result, these walkers s still gave themselves some leeway. Ten seconds before the train arrived, the train began to pick up speed.

These ten seconds were simply as fast as the blink of an eye.

Feng Limeng was fully focused on driving the car, and had the motorcycle drive it to a distance of 230 steps.

He was wearing a pair of goggles, otherwise his tears would not be able to escape his eyes.

The girl called Xiao Yin hugged her and screamed excitedly behind her.

Feng Limeng really wanted to turn around and give this girl a slap on the face, and thought to himself, What are you shouting, do you want to scare me to death!

However, he didn't have the time to do so. He could only pay full attention to the situation on the road in front of him.

Behind him came the rattling sound of the train pressing down on the rails. The voice that used to be so inconspicuous was now like a song from hell, urging on its adrenaline.

"Little League!" Hurry up! The train is catching up! "

When Xiao Yin's eyes were completely dazzled by the lights of the train, she went from excitement to panic and shouted loudly.

At this time, the walkers behind Feng Limeng all gave up on the competition.

But when the train came up behind them, they knew what true terror was.

That so-called pursuit, in the face of death, was not even worth mentioning!

When death fell on their shoulders, they flinched in fear, turned their heads one by one, and slid off the tracks.

Even Feng Limeng's boss had no choice but to give up on this death competition.

In the end, only Feng Limeng and the leader of the walkers remained.

The leader was also covered in cold sweat as he stood right behind Feng Limeng.

Both of them had driven 250 miles, but it was still a little too slow compared to the train.

The scenery flashed by and the end of the bridge didn't seem to be in sight.

"F * ck!"

Suddenly, the leader behind them cursed and pulled the car to the side.

The wheels of the train were pressing down from the place where he had just stopped.

Feng Limeng opened his eyes wide, there was still a little more than half a distance between them!

But this distance was just like the distance before death!

His car's speed had already reached its limit.

The pressure from the train had already forced its way onto him.

Xiao Yin who was behind him was no longer screaming in excitement, but was crying as she hugged him.

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die …."

The train whistled, almost blinding Feng Limeng's ears.

He knew that he would not reach the end.

He couldn't accept it. He really couldn't accept it. If it wasn't for the woman behind him, he would have dared to persist for a bit longer.

He sighed. With bloodshot eyes, he glanced at the surrounding road conditions and then turned away from the tracks.

But as he turned, he stumbled over a small stone on his front wheel, and his balance slipped.

Feng Limeng was surprised, and quickly turned the body of the car around.

As the train whizzed past him, a strong wind enveloped his body.

If he was not on the motorcycle, Feng Limeng felt that his body would be pulled down to the ground by the wind.

But he had the strength to do so, and Xiao Yin was different.

She had almost fallen off the motorcycle before. Now that the train had swept past her, she screamed and fell off the motorcycle as she could no longer hold on.


This scream cut through the night.

In the darkness, Xiao Yin's petite body was inconspicuous. At this moment, however, everyone's heart was moved and they fell into the lake under the bridge with her.

"Xiao Yin!"

Feng Limeng's eyes were completely red.

No matter what, this girl was a horse that he had known for several days.

It was impossible to say that he didn't have any feelings.

Was she going to die for him today?

Just as everyone was about to give up on Xiao Yin's life, a black shadow suddenly jumped down from the bridge.

Everyone looked with rapt attention and was shocked.

Wasn't this the black motorcycle from before?

That rookie, what is he doing? Is he crazy?

However, the scene that followed left everyone flabbergasted.

He saw the newbie drive his motorcycle and rush to the bottom of the bridge. Following that, he grabbed Xiao Yin's waist with one hand as he fell, and with his other hand, he flung out a black iron chain that wrapped around the iron railing of the bridge.

Relying on the strength of his legs, he held his heavy Yamaha and pulled on the chain. Carrying Xiao Yin and the motorcycle, he drew a beautiful arc in the air and once again jumped back onto the bridge.

During this process, Xiao Yin screamed repeatedly, provoking Qin Chao to throw the little girl down again.

He returned to the bridge and whispered in her ear.

"Next time, don't come and participate in this stupid game."

After he finished speaking, he flung Xiao Yin's body and sent him flying.

But instead of throwing him into the river, he hung Xiao Yin on a nail on the bridge's railing.

One of Xiao Yin's woolen sweaters was hooked onto it, causing her to be so scared that she didn't even dare to move, much that she didn't even dare to scream anymore.

After Qin Chao saved Xiao Yin, he did not even leave his name behind. Instead, he drove his motorcycle, transforming into a black bolt of lightning, and instantly disappeared from the bridge.

These walkers were all stunned.

Today, they finally knew what true limits were.

Compared to the driver of the black motorcycle, they were nothing but trash.

"Xiao, Xiao Yin, are you alright?"

Feng Limeng rode on his own motorcycle and looked at Xiao Yin who was hanging in mid air.

Wu wu wu wu … "I, I want my mother …"

Xiao Yin was stupefied for a long time, and finally cried out, "I want my mother, I, I don't dare to learn bad things again … I want to go home, I want to go home and be a good boy. "Woo woo woo woo..."

Her crying sound seemed to have some kind of strange power, making all the walkers s silent.

Young people never know how to cherish.

If not for the fact that they almost saw Xiao Yin die, these walkers s would probably never have known what death was.

Even the leader was silent.

"Speed... "So the difference between you and I is actually this great …"

He thought of the black motorcycle and said only this last sentence.

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