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Zhao Youyue's mind went blank for a second after listening to what her cousin, Zhao Hao had said. Soon enough she recalled the actions of "Boss Hao." It gave her no surprise, other than thinking that Zhao Hao was a prodigal person. All in all, she had no reason to reject the money he gave, since he was a rich fellow, anyway.

So, she smiled, "All along, you were 'Boss Hao?' I'm really grateful; you've supported me since the beginning, I'm really touched!"

After hearing the genuine, sincere, and expressive praise from his cousin, he felt good. As he was showing off to everyone in front of his little cousin, he wanted to make sure those unscrupulous people stayed away from his little cousin, and of course, he wanted to make her happy too.

Except for some weird people, everyone always wanted rewards for everything they did. On the other hand, Zhao Youyue could always call Zhao Hao to heel, because she stroked his pride and ego in the right places. He simply thought that his cousin was cute and passionate.

Because of this, Zhao Hao was even more willing to do favors for Zhao Youyue. Slowly but surely, he was turning into one of her pawns...

He knew that his little cousin, Zhao Youyue was the total opposite of his other cousin, Zhang Wanjun. No matter how hard he tried to please her, he only received her ire, and at times, they would even start bickering. To be honest, Zhao Hao actually enjoyed it. Whatever insult Zhang Wanjun threw at him, he always forgave her, even though he seemed unwilling to back down.

This was probably because he was used to being flattered by others. Meeting someone who couldn't care less about him was refreshing. In his eyes, he only thought her to be honest and upfront, if nothing else. Anyway, Zhang Wanjun was a close cousin to him as well, because her mother was his father's little sister.

Zhao Youyue was not deliberately flattering him; she had reacted that way after Zhao Hao did something beneficial to her. Flattering whenever she could, was simply hypocritical. The scariest part of Zhao Youyue, was that her praises were always so sincere and polite.

In fact, Zhao Youyue was too good at laying low; she once looked just like an ordinary high school student. Now that she had grown her hair out and was practically covered from head to toe in branded items, she looked like a typical, rich lady.

It was not by chance but by design. That way, nobody would know the real her.

Zhao Youyue was already a goddess-tier character anyway, so when Zhao Hao got praised by Zhao Youyue with such sincerity, his vanity went off the charts, and he was overwhelmed by the urge of doing something for his little cousin, anything, so that she gets happier and sings him more praises.

One had to admit that even though Zhao Hao's ability was just average, he knew how to make the most out of what he had. But under his father's tutelage, Zhao Hao grew as a person who paid attention to family bonds; he took great care of his little cousin Zhang Wanjun. Now that he had another gentle and cute cousin, he treated Zhao Youyue like how he would treat his own little sister.

This time, Zhao Hao was driving a limited edition supercar. Not more than ten of it could be found in the whole of China, and it was equipped with a special number plate as well. Whenever it started, the engine's purr would attract lots of attention. If this car were to stop by a shopping mall without parking at the parking lot, people would swarm up and take pictures with it.

Zhao Youyue knew of this multi-million dollar supercar. It was much more attractive than her low profile luxury car. Zhao Hao was still young at heart; he loved such supercars, they even came with scissor doors that opened upwards.

Zhao Youyue did not feel comfortable sitting in this supercar. Zhao Hao's driving was a little on the fast side, as he overtook car after car. Zhao Youyue was unable to play her phone or read a novel in the car.

Now, the "Two Dimensional Gate" was in its cooldown state, but Zhao Youyue was still preparing for her next adventure. Instead she turned her attention towards looking for her next literary world, where she could create an iconic character. She had already narrowed her choices down to two paths; one was the ability to cook, so that she could satisfy her own taste buds, while the other one was a creative ability, preferably on writing, drawing consumed too much energy. Besides, she already had Su Li, so she would not have to draw anything by herself.

After much consideration, Zhao Youyue felt that creative ability was more important. If she attained the ability to write like a poet, she could experiment and see if she could enter literary worlds of her own creation. That would be interesting; she could literally write up any new abilities she wanted.

After deciding her path, Zhao Youyue started looking for suitable novels and mangas. These would fall within the entertainment genre. Among the list of mangas, she encountered "Bakuman," "The Comic Artist and His Assistant," and "Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun."

Lately, Zhao Youyue had been reading these novels and mangas, to see whether they had the potential to become iconic. During her research, she realized that she lacked yet another ability; it was the ability to judge whether a literary work had the potential to become iconic!

When she arrived in the next literary world - she could probably set herself up for a new ability that allowed her to 'consume' books, whereby after tearing off a page and tasting it in her mouth, she would know how it tasted like, and she would be able to tell whether it had the potential to become iconic.

This ability to eat a book was similar to the one in "The 4WD God", these were low tier abilities, but they served their purposes.

Plus, Zhao Youyue was a foodie. If a book's taste was unlike anything that a chef could produce, she would definitely want to have this ability.

At that moment, Zhao Youyue was sitting quietly in the passenger's seat, thinking of how to create her next iconic female character. At the same time she was listening to a violin song that was being played in the car. It was a song from NetEase Music, titled "How do pros play the violin." Obviously, it was Zhao Hao's idea. He had purposely picked this song so that his little cousin listens to it.

Zhao Hao did not speak a lot during the trip, he only exchanged lines with Zhao Youyue once in a while, mentioning "Tian Shenluo," warning her to be careful. He knew that this particular person was exactly decent. If she ever got into any trouble, she only needed to call him, and he would come to teach that person a lesson. Anyways, he just wanted Zhao Youyue to be on her guard, so she would not get cheated by any men.

In the eyes of Zhao Hao, Zhao Youyue was a pure and cute little sister. She was an easy target for others to exploit, and it was his job to protect his little cousin.

The journey from Jiangnan to Shanghai was uneventful; they arrived at their destination safely. Zhao Hao had reserved an evening dinner, and he had invited Zhang Wanjun, along with his rowdy friends.

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