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Zhao Youyue likes to eat, whoever that does not let her enjoy her meal was the enemy!

Obviously, those top students had earned Zhao Youyue's ire, because she could not enjoy her meal, and she did not want to put up with them any longer, so couldn't she exercise her rights to release her temper?

Under normal circumstances, the fraulein Zhao Youyue is amicable and approachable, but she was, in fact, the daughter of the ill-tempered lady, Wang Hua, and some of her mother's temperament would rub off her.

If Zhao Youyue could keep her cool and gentleness at all times, she would not even be a human anymore, she would be a doll.

Just because Zhao Youyue was a living person, she too would have her uncharacteristic outbursts when somebody offends her.

Zhao Youyue would never tolerate being hindered from treating her palette to an excellent meal!

Whenever Zhao Youyue uses her character card, it would consume her energy and make her go hungry easily; different character cards had their individual preferences in tastes too. She wanted to try all sorts of dishes to make herself happy.

She would be in a bad mood when she is prevented from a delicious meal!

But then, Zhao Youyue would dwell on such pettiness for long. She had entered the realm of "Beautiful April" once again.

With the help of the main heroine, Lin Meiyue, Gu Yuan and "Chu Luoxun" finally met up, and "Chu Luoxun" had appointed Gu Yuan to be her partner to perform music together. Even though she did not get the approval of the judges in the previous competition, by the recommendation of the audience, she had earned another chance to perform in the upcoming competition.

Of course, Gu Yuan had rejected her request, because he was still held back by his past trauma. He could again hear the music when he starts to perform, but as he plays, the music would begin to fade away, and the more he concentrates, the lesser he would hear it. He might have a mental illness of "being unable to hear any music in his peak form."

But "Chu Luoxun" had insisted that Gu Yuan become her partner, and Lin Meiyue had supported the idea...

"You stood among the unique colors of spring," Gu Yuan was lost in his thoughts again.

"The designated song would be Saint Saens's 'Overture and Rotary Caprice,' I'll bring the music score here tomorrow." Chu Luoxun smiled and had already decided to drag Gu Yuan into her plan.

Lin Meiyue was supporting the idea as well, because she was a gentle and kind girl, plus she knew what trauma Gu Yuan had. She wanted Gu Yuan to overcome his trauma by becoming the partner of her new best friend "Chu Luoxun", who might be able to help him subdue it.

Gu Yuan still refused, regardless of what they said. He did not even go to the assigned location on the day of competition; he went to the school's rooftop, eating his sandwich cake...

Gu Yuan suddenly caught sight of "Chu Luoxun" running up the rooftop, "Wh... Why are you still in school? Today's the day!" Chu Luoxun asked, while still trying to catch her breath.

"I've come to pick you up! How could you hide in such a place, didn't you know that I had a tough time finding you? What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Chu Luoxun urged him.

"Didn't I say earlier that I couldn't perform with you?"


"There will be a professional accompaniment during the competition, even if I do become your accompaniment, I would not be able to match your standards... I, can't play the piano."

Gu Yuan kneeled at the corner of the rooftop like Hisashi Mitsui from "Slam Dunk." From the bottom of his heart, he wanted to play the piano; he wanted to say, I want to play the piano!

But, he was still trembling from his fear of failure, and he was still looking for a reason...

Under the bright sunlight, Chu Luoxun said to Gu Yuan, "So what? It's not like you can't play the piano, you just refuse to play the piano! Your reason of not being able to hear the heart of the piano is just an excuse to run away!"

"I... I'm scared." Gu Yuan was kneeling with his head down; he remembered his failure on stage which caused him to have this trauma—

Everything went dark, there was nobody around, only dead silence.

He could hear his mother's voice from his nightmare!

"You should feel relieved, the moment you couldn't hear the tune... You already gave yourself a reason to stay away from the stage, after all, you're no Beethoven!"

Help me! I can't hear anything!

It was as if Gu Yuan had returned to his young self, sitting in front of a piano with all the audience watching him. He held his head in his hands, and in his anguish his tears rolled down from his cheeks unceasingly...

"Did his mind go blank?"

"Why isn't he starting?"

"What a weird child..."

"Did he forget how to play?"

"This was the first time I've met such opponent; I think he just gave up on himself."

"With one lesser opponent, then I'll have a better chance at winning."

"I think he was too nervous..."

Sinking into the bottomless pit of the dark ocean alone...

I'm forever alone in the darkness.

"Don't you still jave me?" Chu Luoxun's voice, just like the warm rays of sun, tore open the darkness of the abyss. Gu Yuan finally lifted his head, staring up at "Chu Luoxun." Her dazzling smile and lovely face were all so stunning!

"I know you can't hear any music and couldn't play the piano, I know everything! But still, I want to choose you! It's just as you said, you might not be able to play something that could satisfy everyone, but you still have to do your best! As long as somebody is willing to listen, I'll be sure to give my best! I want everyone who listens to my music to always remember me, that's my drive. I'm a music performer, and so are you! So please, be my partner!"

Gu Yuan stared at "Chu Luoxun" who was smiling and had tears welling up in her eyes. He felt a little ache in his chest and he stood up, "Very well, I'll be your accompaniment."

Gu Yuan walked out from the shadowy corner and said, "But I don't care what happens next."

Gu Yuan had already decided to give his best. That's right; he was a musician, no matter the outcome, he would always play the best music for his audience!

After Lin Meiyue learned that Gu Yuan had finally agreed, she was happy for him too; she hoped that Gu Yuan could play the piano once again.

After seeing Lin Meiyue who was happy for him, Gu Yuan felt even more motivated. As long as he has the support of his first love, Lin Meiyue, he could overcome any difficulty!

Of course, he sure hoped that he would one day play alongside Lin Meiyue, even though she was nowhere close to "Chu Luoxun's" standard, but he felt that his soul was in sync with Lin Meiyue. "Chu Luoxun" was just a partner to him, without any romantic feelings.

He had always believed that Lin Meiyue would be his partner when performing together, from the beginning until the end.

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