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C760 The bald brute pushed the fatty down? (II)

The one who suddenly intervened to help Sima Xian was undoubtedly Lin Xin.

At this moment, the Glorious Holy Fire of Praise on Lin Xin burned violently, turning into circles of gold-red flames and soaring to the sky, making the Saint Sun Curse above his head appear even more golden red, which looked even more gorgeous. His attack also instantly became berserk. A huge dragon head emerged from the holy sun and shot towards the Underground Demon Spider Emperor.

The high temperature caused the Underground Demon Spider Emperor to have no choice but to retreat. The perfect combination of light and fire finally gave Lin Xin the upper hand for the time being. However, the Underground Demon Spider Emperor wasn't easy to deal with either. The patterns on its body sparkled as it spat out a huge spider web. The spider web floated directly in the air, blocking its gigantic body behind it. Under the combination of Lin Xin's Glorious Holy Fire and the Saint Sun Curse, he was unable to destroy this spider web. After filtering each spell with the spider web, its power was greatly reduced, being disintegrated one by one by the four forelimbs of the Underground Demon Spider Emperor.

However, by this way, Lin Xin finally took the initiative for a short period of time, taking advantage of this opportunity to fully display the superiority as a mage. The fireballs didn't only appear on Sima Xian's side, but Lin Xin's Saint Sun Curse erupted with full power. A pillar of fire was spat out from the holy sun, rising high into the sky. Soon after, the pillar of fire broke into hundreds of fireballs and scattered in all directions.

Lin Xin's precise control over magic was undoubtedly manifested. These fireballs looked messy, but looked as if they had eyes, and each one could find their target.

Among them, the most concentrated one was Chen Ying'er, who had at least fifty immense blue-gold fireballs gathered in the Bone Dragon Legion. For a moment, a violent explosion resounded in the air. More than a dozen of the Bone Dragon Legion's Skull Dragons had been caught off because of the attack of the fireballs burst from the holy sun, breaking them into pieces, which was under the effects of the Glorious Holy Fire. Although their souls were not directly burnt to ashes, they were still severely injured.

The other was Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan's support. After taking the shape of the Gigantic Divine Soulm, Wang Yuanyuan meet force with force against the Skeleton Emperor, gradually forcing the opponent to retreat. Bombarded by this fireball, the Skeleton Emperor's solid body finally couldn't resist anymore. A layer of black light was emitted from his body, and he retreated a hundred meters away from the sound of the angry roars. Only then did he stabilize his position. Wang Yuanyuan didn't give her opponent any chance to react, launching the Space Splitting Sauté at the Skeleton Emperor's right arm. Finally, a large crack was left there.

Sima Xian benefited even more from this attack. As the first fireball hit the chain, the scorching heat immediately slowed down the Loathsome Emperor's pulling motion. Following that, more than ten fireballs were shot at its massive body.

Although the Loathsome Emperor was resistant to fighting, he was not willing to be barbequed by this high-temperature fireball filled with light attribute! The fat on his body glowed with a deathly white light, and he rushed to the side. As he rushed forward, a series of afterimages appeared behind him. His speed was comparable to teleportation and was in stark contrast to his enormous body.

Lin Xin didn't care about controlling these fireballs to chase after him. However, after losing their target, these fireballs all bombarded the chains of Loathsome Emperor.

Loathsome Emperor turned pale with fright. To him, this steel hook was a very precious treasure. It was countless that how many undead creatures he had absorbed for the Soul Fire to have the might it had today. He abruptly pulled back, wanting to pull the hook back.

But this time, Sima Xian didn't do it. The passive state became active, pulling the Gigantic Ball of Light with all his might. The taut chains were under the bombardment of the fireballs at the same place. Seeing that part of the chain had already been burnt to a crimson hue, mournful wails rang out from the chains, which was the result of the Glorious Holy Fire purifying the spirits of those wronged souls.

Sima Xian shouted loud, the muscles on his arms tightened, and at the same time he pulled back, a dense golden light rose from his back, forming a huge blade aimed at the place where the chain was burning red.

Right now, the Loathsome Emperor was completely panicking. He couldn't let his weapon be destroyed just like that! A pair of thick arms went all out, and a deathly white light flourished from his body. The spirit fire in his small eyes danced wildly. It was obvious that he had used his full strength. No matter what, he had to change the position of the chain, and he couldn't let Sima Xian's attack hit it.

However, the Loathsome Emperor never expected that Sima Xian's heavy power would suddenly disappear at this moment.

This time, without the slightest forewarning, and because of the excessive force exerted, Loathsome Emperor's body was like a rolling gourd, rolling on the ground in a series of rolls. And Sima Xian, who suddenly stopped exerting his strength, was pulled high into the air by this immense force, showing that he collided with the Gigantic Ball of Light, before falling in the direction of Loathsome Emperor.

To take back his hook, the Loathsome Emperor used up all of its strength and spiritual energy to pull it back. Sima Xian's body seemed almost like a cannonball as he charged at him.

At this moment, almost half of the powerhouses of both the human and the undead who were fighting on the battlefield witnessed this strange and shocking scene.

The huge bald man held a terrifying metal ball with a diameter of fifty meters in the air, before pressing it down on the fatty lying on the ground like a mountain of flesh.

"Puff -" The Baldheaded brute carried the metal ball and ferociously smashed it on the mountain of flesh, letting out an extremely unpleasant sound. What could be seen was that at the center of the collision, a layer of yellowish white fat was ejected.

The force of the collision was simply too great, and this yellowish white fat was forcefully squeezed out from the wounds on the Loathsome Emperor's body. Even with his level of defense, he almost lost his breath after being hit by such a terrifying force.

Sima Xian's attack that he had been planning for a long time was naturally not so simple. The scene was like this: Fatty was below, with his fat flowing, and in the middle was the huge metallic ball pressed against his chest and abdomen, while on the other side was the bald priest Sima Xian.

A purple bolt of lightning flashed, and immediately, the Gigantic Ball of Light between the two powerhouses turned purple.

The metal surrounding the Gigantic Ball of Light opened wide at the same time, letting out a violent explosion in the next instant.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!"

The nine terrifying booms, accompanied by countless bursts of violet lightning, caused the body of the Loathsome Emperor to twitch and tremble violently. He wanted to struggle, but Sima Xian, who was pressed down with all his might, was firmly holding him back, unable to move no matter what he said.

The two of them were too close, and this caused Sima Xian to bear the aftereffects of the Purple Godly Thunder Cannon, letting out crackling sounds from his whole body due to the lightning bolts. Beneath the epic tier armor, there was a faint smell of burnt flesh.

But Sima Xian was just so valiant, letting the terrifying bolts of lightning keep bombarding between them. Fortunately, neither he nor the Loathsome Emperor had any hair on them, or else these two would have had explosive hairstyles.

This scene was simply too valiant. No one could have imagined that their battle would develop into such a scene.

Sima Xian had suffered quite a bit, but the one who suffered the most was the Loathsome Emperor! The terrifying Purple Godly Lightning Cannon continued to strike the core of his body, and the fat protective layer in his body had been squeezed out quite a bit.

The soulfire of the Loathsome Emperor throbbed intensely. Every time its gigantic body trembled, a large amount of fat would spill out. This time around, it suffered a heavy injury.

However, this fellow was one of the Undead's ten great kings, and would definitely not just wait helplessly for death. At the end of the ninth explosion, Sima Xian suddenly felt his massive body tense up, completely different from the previous softness. Before he had the time to react, with a flash of silver white light, Sima Xian's body disappeared along with his Gigantic Ball of Light.

In the next instant, a frantic explosion erupted from the Loathsome Emperor's body. It was fat, fat, flesh, organs, and bones. It transformed into a terrifying storm that swept across a thousand meters in diameter. As a result, the humans and Undead Warriors on the other battlefields kept dodging in panic, afraid of being hit by the fat Fatty who was filled with poison.

When Sima Xian reappeared, he was already by Long Haochen's side. However, his body was shrinking rapidly, and his face was pale.

The Eternal Sword in Long Haochen's hand drew a beautiful arc in the air, and a one hundred meter long blade of light appeared out of nowhere, forcibly pushing back the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and Bone Dragon King.

At the same time, among the three balls of light circling around him, that green ball of light instantly flew out, falling on Sima Xian's body.

Sima Xian had already exhausted all of his strength when attacking the Loathsome Emperor. At this time, not only was his spiritual energy consumed excessively, but he was also suffering from the corrosion of the plague.

As soon as the green ball of light landed on his body, he immediately felt a cooling sensation enter his body, making him feel indescribably comfortable. Soon after, the poison in his body was completely sucked dry.

With a flash of green light, Sima Xian was pushed back by a gentle force, falling in the direction of Haoyue's evolution.

Long Haochen kept a close watch on the whole battlefield, and naturally saw the fatal clash between the hateful king and Sima Xian. In the instant that the Loathsome Emperor's body froze, he could sense that something wasn't right. If Sima Xian were to remain there, even with the Soul Linking Chains' life force, he would be severely injured, and at the same time affect the others due to the Soul Linking Chains. Therefore, he immediately activated the Flash Domain, transferring Sima Xian to his side.

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