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Chapter 686: Blood Domain and Domain of Extreme Cold (II)

An orange fireball floated out like an ardent sun, illuminating Lin Chen under its orange color. His downcast chant was almost inaudible, and an intense orange flame was shot from the the orange fireball atop of his head to Chen Ying’er’s direction.

In the candidates area of the Spiritual Temple, Chen Hongyu stood up straight, looking ardently at the field and cursing silently, “This crappy old Lin Chen is truly fierce! To actually use up Sacred Sun Curse right off the bat.”

Sacred Sun Curse was Lin Chen’s powerful personally-created magic. A lot of powerhouses would find it hard to raise their cultivation further after reaching bottlenecks. Unless they had fabulous encounters, even making breakthroughs past a certain point would hardly happen in their whole lifetime. In such circumstances, they would frequently put efforts into developing self-created abilities for the sake of seeking an even greater strength. A mage was particularly fitted to that, because different combinations of a single element would produce different degrees of might depending on a lot of variables.

Lin Chen was excellent in this field. He didn’t think that he would achieve some breakthroughs due to several near death experiences in the Holy War, before which he had already been struggling on the peak of the eighth step for nearly forty years. In those past forty years, his main object of research was this Sacred Sun Curse. With his strength having risen to the ninth step, this auxiliary head of the Mage Temple wasn’t to be underestimated for having no domain of his own. The great might he could unleash through Sacred Sun Curse caused his strength to shoot up, making him one of the best powerhouses in the Mage Temple.

Sacred Sun Curse integrated some of his male energy to form a fire. Back in the day, it was in the research and training of Sacred Sun Curse that his father lost his life in an accident, igniting his fire of life beyond his own control causing the tragic death of a married couple caught in the magical backlash.

Lin Xin having an innate hatred toward this Sacred Sun Curse, how could he ever agree to learn it? It even caused him to refuse learning any offensive magic.

Although he decided to train in offensive magic for Li Xin’s sake afterwards, he still rejected Sacred Sun Curse, making Lin Chen the only wielder of Sacred Sun Curse, reaching top-level attainments in that field.

The orange flames flew outwards, causing massive twists to the air, rippling all around, and causing the temperature in the stadium to shoot up abruptly, as well as causing the multicolored light in the barrier to rise violently.

Chen Ying’er’s look changed greatly, as she didn’t expect Lin Chen to launch such a rapid magic offense, producing such a great might.

A little transparent pig hopped from Chen Ying’er chest, McDull.

Compared to the past, there were quite significant changes in his strength. His volume remained the same, as if unable to ever grow further, but his skin had become as sparkling as a crystal, and his pair of small eyes shone bright like diamonds. As his body leapt up, a series of sparkling streams of air glowed behind his back.

Rising in the air, McDull’s four limbs made an extending motion and caused a miraculous scene. That small and cute pig enlarged abruptly in the next instant, turning into a gigantic black dragon, spitting a deep black breath at Lin Chen’s Sacred Sun Curse.

This… a Devil Dragon

McDull’s transformation shocked all the powerhouses from the Six Great Temples. Devil Dragons were the Demon God Emperor’s kin, so how could a summoner have such a summoned beast? And moreover, such summoning speed could only mean that it was a contracted beast.

Two powerful forces of black and orange color clashed violently, immediately causing the two users to get repelled backwards just from the terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy.

Chen Ying’er lifted up both her hands, as her clear incantation reverberated in the air.

The breath of the Devil Dragon suffered slight losses against Sacred Sun Curse, but still managed to resist. McDull’s massive wings flapped strongly, as he threw himself fiercely at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was also shocked at the sight of a Devil Dragon, but his fighting experience being plentiful, he didn’t cower in shock. Pointing a finger of his right hand, the Sacred Sun’s radiance atop his head enlarged greatly, abruptly releasing an orange halation which clashed with the incoming McDull.

The Devil Dragon’s massive figure was unexpectedly pushed away under these orange halations’ effects.To one’s shock, with Lin Chen’s muffled cast, an orange dragon head came out from the Sacred Sun, spitting a gold-red fire at the Devil Dragon.

This gold-red flame only had the thickness of a human hand, contracting greatly from the huge orange dragon head from which it came out.

However, upon release it caused the temperature in the whole stadium to soar up instantly, filling the air in the area inside the barrier with river-like ripples as even the ground boiled like magma. From this could be seen the glowing extent of the gold-red flames.

McDull visibly hesitated in front of a fire of this level, his massive figure coming to a standstill in midiar. A dark purple radiance kept seeping out from his thick scales, gathering swiftly to the top of his head to form a dark red bead to block the dark-red fire. 

“Sacred Sun Curse, ”

Bang. In midair, the dark purple bead McDull released broke down instantly, as the gold-red flames passed through. But, the ruptured bead also dispersed powerful dark purple waves, isolating it from the high temperature.

Li Chen’s body dazzled slightly as his chanting speed became visibly quite slower. But McDull, who had to confront the dark-red flames alone, smashed far away, his body continuously dispersing a dark purple radiance to dissolve the gold-red flames.

“Huh?” Seeing this scene, Long Haochen was shocked and couldn’t help but glance over in Lin Xin’s direction. The Devil Dragon McDull transformed into was surely not a genuine Devil Dragon, but had some of its basic abilities, being a true powerhouse of the ninth step! But in front of Lin Chen, he had already lost all fighting abilities in a short span of time. This was by no way a strength that a junior mage of the ninth step should possess.

Lin Xin showed a bitter smile, “Sacred Sun Curse is the crystallisation of the research made throughout all grandpa’s life. Although it is not a domain, it can to some extent match a domain, combining three fires at once to unleash a fire mage’s might to the greatest extent.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Looks like this battle will be quite a trial for Ying’er.”

In a battle between a summoner and a mage, the contest should be based on the parties’ cultivations and casting speed. But Lin Chen relied on his incantation method Saint Yang to not only make his chanting speed very fast, but also greatly boost his magic power. That golden fire even exceeded Long Haochen’s Heart of Fire in temperature. In innate talent and luck, Lin Xin by far surpassed his grandfather, but there was still quite a gap in their knowledge on fire. 

Inside the stadium, after Lin Chen released his golden red flames, his offense got slightly slower, but the distant Chen Ying’er already completed her first summoning magic.

A white hexagram appeared on her body, and a long dragon cry reverberated  immediately, as out came a dragon over ten meters long.

In volume, this Ice Dragon was below the Devil Dragon McDull transformed into, as it looked like a juvenile dragon. But it wasn’t any Earth Dragon or subdragon, but a true dragon from Shengmo Dalu.

All summoners from the Spiritual Temple seeing this scene all felt great degrees of excitement. To summon a gigantic dragon was the greatest glory for a summoner, even if it was a juvenile dragon.

Summoners generally had two categories of summoning magic. One kind was the summoning of living creatures from other planes, which would either die or return to their plane after the battle. Then a future summon would basically never call an already summoned magical beast. Then another kind was a summon by kind. After concluding a pact, a summoner could absolutely not let the summoned beast die lightly, because that beast would grow in strength alongside its summoner. Although their degrees of intimacy couldn’t match contracted beasts, these pacted beasts could be called part of the summoner’s strength.

A basis of the difference in strength between summoners was their numbers of pacted beasts. So the death of a pacted beast would be a considerable blow to the summoner.

Generally, summoners could get a pacted beast at every supplementary step of cultivation. Although they weren’t summons requiring no chanting time like contracted beasts, they were quite faster to summon than ordinary summons of the same grade.

From Chen Ying’er’s previous incantation duration, summoners all understood that this juvenile Ice Dragon was actually a pacted beast.

What they didn’t know was that this Ice Dragon was the first beast which had concluded a pact with Chen Ying’er. Since she was not able to use any summoning magic before reaching the seventh step, she had to bear without making any beast contracts. After reaching the seventh step, she always remained in the Spiritual Temple, where she achieved her awakening as the Saint Spiritual Girl. Then, when following Long Haochen back into deep demon territory, her strength kept rising, but she didn’t have any contract from beginning to end.

When they departed from the Tower of Eternity, Chen Ying’er’s cultivation had already attained the ninth step, so she found this juvenile Ice Dragon thanks to her special connections as the Saint Spiritual Girl, and concluded her first pact. And this was, right now, the first time for this Ice Dragon to fight for Chen Ying’er.

Actually, Chen Ying’er had already suffered quite a loss against Lin Chen, having not summoned an Ice Dragon first, but her own self-created six Earth Dragons able to release the Elemental Cage.

From her view, McDull’s transformation into Devil Dragon would at least resist in front of Lin Chen’s attacks for a certain time, making Lin Chen’s loss inevitable in front of her Elemental Cage.

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