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Chapter 825: Bad Luck (1)

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They returned the way they had come and chased after the fork in the road where Estelle and the others had left.

The passageway was very wide at first, and there were two sets of footsteps on the ground. It could be seen that Estelle’s team had walked side by side in two columns. However, after walking forward for a while, Yu Huang discovered a small pool, and the footprints on the ground had long been washed clean by the water.

This was the bad thing about underground passageways. There were too many underground rivers. Every day, the water rose and fell, so it was easy to erase the traces of footsteps on the ground. Yu Huang and the others discovered that the stone wall of one of the passageways had been marked by someone. They followed the marks and chased after them for more than an hour. They actually discovered that there were also marks on the stone walls of the other passageways.

Clearly, Estelle and the others had already lost their way and were unable to leave this underground world with the mark.

At this moment, they could only let Yu Huang use her psychic power to track their whereabouts.

Yu Huang spread out her psychic power and extended it towards every passageway. She then chased after the fork in the passageway. She was a Level 5 Purifying Spirit Master, and her psychic power was enough to envelop the entire underground world.

Yu Huang searched carefully and finally found traces of a few students. She grabbed Sheng Xiao’s arm and said, “I found them!” The psychic tentacles handed the information of those people to Yu Huang. Yu Huang realized that there were only 12 people in the team. She frowned when she didn’t see Estelle among them.

“Estelle and the Light Elves aren’t in the team.”

Hearing this, Donor immediately punched the stone wall beside him. “Damn it!”

Feng Yuncheng’s expression also became serious. “Could it be that they…” Feng Yuncheng was afraid that he would jinx things, so he hurriedly covered his mouth.

Yu Huang said, “I’ll look again.”

However, no matter how hard Yu Huang searched, she could not find any traces of Estelle and the three Light Elves. “There’s a space in this Dark River World that blocks my psychic power.” Yu Huang’s expression became ugly. She looked up at Sheng Xiao and said, “It’s just like that isolated sea.”

Sheng Xiao thought about it and said, “Leave clues for the 12 students to meet us. We can only find out what happened when we meet.”


After walking in the underground world for five days, the 12 students had already gone deep underground. They were more than 60 kilometers away from Yu Huang and the others. After the group of students sensed the existence of Yu Huang’s psychic power, they were like people struggling in the dark who suddenly saw a beam of light and found the only exit.

The students grabbed the beam of light tightly and followed the guidance of the beam of light to run in the maze-like underground world. They were anxious to meet up with Yu Huang and the others.

Actually, they didn’t expect Yu Huang to care about their lives.

They were worried that Yu Huang would cut ties with them because of Sheng Xiao. They didn’t expect Yu Huang to be willing to save them. On the way to meet up with Yu Huang and the others, the students who had joined forces to attack Sheng Xiao felt ashamed.

They were too ashamed to see Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang.

The two teams rushed towards each other and walked in the underground world for another two days before meeting.

After living in the Kunlun Mystic Realm for seven months, the high-tech equipment these Beast Tamers had brought from the Holy Spirit Continent were also unable to be used because of their lack of oil. When the battery of the last flashlight ran out, they could only move forward in the dark.

Fortunately, there was a girl from a rich family who carried a few Soul Calming Night-Luminescent Pearls with her. The weak light of the Night-Luminescent Pearls became the light that led the way.

The twelve of them held the Night-Luminescent Pearl and walked in the narrow and damp passageway while trembling with fear. They walked for a long, long time before they finally heard some commotion. “Everyone, be quiet!” The woman called Rossi, who was walking at the front with the Night-Luminescent Pearl in her hand, suddenly raised her hand and lowered her voice. “I heard a voice.”

Hearing this, the students behind her fell silent and didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.



It was a very heavy sound of footsteps. It was definitely not a sound that a human body could make.

Could it be that they had encountered a demon beast?

At the thought of this, the expressions of the students instantly became ugly.

But the footsteps were getting closer.

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