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1425 Madam Brulee’s Shock (2)

Anna specially chose a few bottles of perfume that had yet to be introduced to the world and planned to give them to Madam Brulee as a gift.

The moment Yu Huang and the others entered Ice River City, they were sensed by Madam Brulee.

The news that Yu Huang and the others had returned to the Purifying Spirit Academy last night had already been reported to the Mayor Manor. This morning, Sheng Xiao sent someone to inform the Mayor Manor that they would visit at noon.

After knowing that they were coming as guests, Jun Qing put aside all his work for the time being and stayed at home. He arranged for the servants to clean the house with the butler and prepare food and fruit drinks to entertain Yu Huang and the others.

The fact that Sheng Xiao and the others could successfully enter the inner academy was the pride of Central Continent.

Sheng Xiao had a deep relationship with the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race, while Yu Huang was also related to the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan and was God Ling Xiao’s disciple.

No matter what, Jun Qing valued this meeting very much.

Madam Brulee was wearing a green tube top, high-waisted silk dress, a luxurious pearl necklace around her neck, and was holding a beautifully embroidered fan in her hand. She waved the fan gently as she said to Jun Qing, “Those who don’t know better might think that our grandson is going to get married.”

Although Madam Brulee looked young, her grandson was already an adult and was old enough to get married.

Jun Qing’s beast form had been successfully evolved and repaired by Lin Jiansheng. In the past half a year, his cultivation level had broken through substantially, and he was already on the verge of breaking through to the Master Realm and entering the Supreme Master Realm. One had to know that Jun Qing had been in the Master Realm for many years. If Madam Brulee had not been thinking of a way to support him, he would have died of old age already.

Because of this, Jun Qing was extremely grateful to God Ling Xiao, so he doted on Yu Huang and the other juniors and had high expectations for them.

Upon hearing Madam Brulee’s words, Jun Qing was shocked. Then, he rubbed his nose in embarrassment and said with a smile, “These children rarely come back. I just want them to feel our enthusiasm, so that in the future, when they graduate, they will be willing to come back to Central Continent to support us.”

Madam Brulee stared at Jun Qing for a moment before smiling charmingly. Then, she covered her red lips and nose with her fan and teased Jun Qing, “I’m just teasing you. You’re already so old, so why are you still so bashful?” Madam Brulee changed the topic and suddenly said, “You seem so prim and proper during the day, but at night, you’re so shameless.”

Jun Qing’s face suddenly turned red. After he looked around and saw that the butler and helpers were all snickering, he became angry and anxious, so he simply shut up.

“They’re here,” Madam Brulee suddenly said.

Upon hearing this, Jun Qing held her hand and personally went to welcome them.

After Sheng Xiao and the others arrived, they chatted for a while before being invited to the banquet hall by Jun Qing. After a sumptuous lunch, Sheng Xiao and Feng Yuncheng were left behind by Jun Qing to chat. Anna, Ye Qingyang, and Yu Huang invited Madam Brulee to the garden.

The tea table in the garden had been changed again. The chaise longue that Madam Brulee often laid on had also been removed and replaced with a brand new chaise longue made of pure gold.

Ordinary people really wouldn’t be able to rock such a gaudy chair.

However, when Madam Brulee laid on the golden sofa, she immediately appeared even more dazzling than gold.

“Everyone, sit.” After Madam Brulee gestured for Yu Huang and the others to sit down, she asked the female butler to serve tea. After confirming that the female butler had walked away, Madam Brulee looked at Yu Huang and went straight to the point. “It’s said that a few days ago, the few of you went to the inner city of the War God Clan?”

Knowing that this matter definitely couldn’t be hidden from Madam Brulee, Yu Huang admitted it openly. “Zhan Wuya invited us to the inner city as guests.”

“Oh really? You guys have a good relationship with that child?” Madam Brulee asked.

“Madam, we didn’t go to the War God Clan purely as guests, but to investigate something.” After Yu Huang and Ye Qingyang exchanged looks, she told Madam Brulee about Sheng Pinghui, the Demon Suppressing Eagle, and Prime Emperor Yu Tian being imprisoned.

After Madam Brulee heard this, her face was instantly filled with coldness. “Zhan Jiuxiao… is actually so vicious!” After Madam Brulee suddenly slammed her palm on the chaise longue under her, the chaise longue made of pure gold instantly split into two.

Anna’s heart ached when she saw this.

That was gold.

Madam Brulee stood and asked Yu Huang, “You saw Zhan Jiuxiao?”


Madam Brulee sneered and said, “Back then, I was really blind to think that he was a gentleman.” Madam Brulee closed her eyes and lamented, “Fortunately, I came to my senses in time and ended things.” Back then, during the graduation battle, when she sensed that the dissipation of the spiritual energy in her body was related to Zhan Jiuxiao, she also found it unbelievable.

But before the battle, she had only drunk the water Zhan Jiuxiao had given her.

Other than Zhan Jiuxiao, there was no one else who could drug her.

After realizing that Zhan Jiuxiao was a hypocrite, Madam Brulee broke up with him without hesitation. After breaking up, they had not seen each other again for nearly a thousand years.

No matter how strong their feelings were in the past, they had faded by now.


As Madam Brulee pressed her chest gently, she felt sad and regretful.

Zhan Jiuxiao was once willing to dig out his heart in order to help her activate her feelings. How did he become like this?

Had power blinded him?

Or was it something else?

Madam Brulee couldn’t figure it out.

“Madam.” Yu Huang saw that Madam Brulee had been pressing on her heart. They, who knew that Zhan Jiuxiao had dug out his heart and given it to Madam Brulee, also felt terrible at this moment. “Madam, actually, we have always suspected that the current Prime Emperor Jiuxiao is not the Zhan Jiuxiao who pursued you and took the initiative to dig out his heart to give to you back then.”

“We suspect that the current Prime Emperor Jiuxiao is actually Ye Qingchen, the great fiendish cultivator who should have been suppressed in the Black Sea!”

“What?” Madam Brulee felt dismayed when she heard this. “Why would you guys think that?”

Yu Huang spent some time analyzing the various details that Prime Emperor Yu Tian and Professor Ekel had told her to Madam Brulee. “Other than the great fiendish cultivator Ye Qingchen, who else knows about the Nurturing Demon Technique? The real Zhan Jiuxiao was born in the War God Clan and received a righteous path education, so he definitely wouldn’t know about those unorthodox methods.”

“Besides…” After Yu Huang glanced at Ye Qingyang, she told Madam Brulee, “That day, when we were investigating the situation in Ekel’s office, Ye Qingyang accidentally grabbed a mysterious hand. We suspect that that hand belonged to Zhan Jiuxiao, who died but refused to reincarnate because he has unfinished business!”

“Madam, we came here this time to ask you to help us catch that hand again. As long as we catch that hand and bring it to our world, we will know the truth after asking carefully.”

Madam Brulee remained silent this time.

For a moment, she was unable to process this shocking truth.

Madam Brulee would rather accept the fact that Zhan Jiuxiao was a cunning bastard than accept the fact that the real Zhan Jiuxiao had long been replaced by the great fiendish cultivator Ye Qingchen.

If the latter was true, then she had wronged Zhan Jiuxiao all these years.

He was her first lover, who was willing to give her his heart.

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