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“Shut up!” Ye Qingyang suddenly raised the bone sword in his hand and slashed the huge screen in the sky.

“Ah!” The participants were stunned by Ye Qingyang’s arrogant move.

The hundred participants who had successfully passed the challenge and obtained the right to participate turned ashen when they saw Ye Qingyang actually slash the huge screen.

Ye Qingyang blew away the nonexistent dust on the tip of his sword. Then, he laughed as he said, “Now, the list has been destroyed by me. Why don’t we wait until the last day of the grand finals for all the itinerant cultivators to gather before competing again? Whether we can obtain the right to participate or not, we’ll rely on our own abilities. How about that?”

Everyone would rely on their own abilities?

Who was qualified to compete with Ye Qingyang?

The itinerant cultivators were so angry that their faces turned livid. They raised their heads and shouted at the organizer leaders floating in the void and the administrators sent by the various academies, “Ye Qingyang is really too outrageous! He actually destroyed the Challenger League’s top hundred rankings just like that! A person like him is not qualified to study in any prestigious schools!”

“We suggest that Ye Qingyang’s eligibility be revoked!”

“Who dares to?!” Ye Qingyang held his sword and stared at the leaders in the sky as he said coldly, “The selection competition has been held for thousands of years, but there has never been a competition rule that forbids ghostly cultivators from participating in the competition! Besides, I have never killed innocent people before!”

“Could it be that you guys can ignore the rules of the competition and let whoever you guys want to pass and disqualify whoever you guys don’t like? If that’s the case…” Ye Qingyang smiled mysteriously and mocked the organizers, “Then the cultivation world of the Cang Lang Continent is really corrupt! ”

The organizers’ expressions turned ugly.

A woman sitting in the middle of the organizer pointed at Ye Qingyang with a trembling finger and cursed, “Ye Qingyang, you’re slandering us!”

Ye Qingyang shrugged. “Alright, since I slandered you guys, I’ll apologize.”

The woman was speechless.

She was baffled by Ye Qingyang’s unpredictable actions.

“Leaders, the intercontinental finals aren’t over yet, so the Challenger League must continue!” Ye Qingyang caressed the white bone sword as he said domineeringly, “If the top 100 rankings are full, then those who come later will challenge those who entered the rankings. These precious spots… belong to the most capable people!”

The organizers’ expressions turned even uglier. The 100 itinerant cultivators who had obtained the right to participate in the finals through the Challenger League became uneasy.

Those who were qualified to be chosen by the school and represent the school as the arena defenders in the grand finals were all elites of various academies.

The performance of the itinerant cultivators in the Challenger League depended on whether they could be chosen by the various academies.

The independent cultivators who could successfully pass the challenge and obtain the qualifications to participate in the finals were far more powerful than ordinary participants.

They had finally passed the challenge and were about to have a chance to be chosen by a famous Beast Tamer school, so how could they bear to give up this opportunity?

No matter who accepted Ye Qingyang’s challenge, they would be eliminated.

“What?” Seeing that the organizer’s leaders were silent, Ye Qingyang sneered again. “Could it be that no one dares to?”

At this moment, an administrator sent by an academy suddenly chuckled. “Ye Qingyang is right.”

The administrator walked to the front and stood beside the organizer’s seat. Then, he turned to look at the woman sitting in the middle of the long table and expressed his academy’s position, “Director, the finals aren’t over yet. If itinerant cultivators who came later want to participate in the challenge and obtain the right to participate in the finals, this is in line with the rules. Although we only gave the itinerant cultivators a hundred spots, we didn’t specify that it’s first come first serve.”

“If it’s clearly stated that when the hundred spots for itinerant cultivators are completely filled, people will no longer be allowed to participate in the challenge, Ye Qingyang probably won’t violate the rules. This just means that there is a loophole in the organizer’s competition rule system.”

“Since it’s the organizer’s fault, we shouldn’t let the participants bear the responsibility. We’re in the education industry, so we can’t bully Beast Tamers.”

“I think we should agree with Ye Qingyang. The ranking list of the top 100 itinerant cultivators should belong to the most capable ones!”

Hearing this, the director glared at the administrators of the Special Academy unhappily.

He cursed inwardly: These guys from the Special Academy are a bunch of troublemakers!

As the president of the Central Continent Beast Tamer Alliance, Madam Brulee, along with the presidents of the other seven continents’ Beast Tamer Alliance branches, also personally attended the venue. In the intercontinental finals, the organizer had the most authority, and the administrators sent by the various academies had the second most authority, while they were the supervisors.

They were responsible for preventing violations and injustice in the competition.

Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that there was something fishy about the Challenger League of this year’s grand finals.

As Ye Qingyang had said, in the past, there were very few itinerant cultivators who could successfully participate in the finals through the Challenger League. There were 35 people last time, 50 people before that, and only 42 prior to that one.

This year, there were actually a hundred people who successfully passed the challenge so quickly. There was obviously something fishy.

Presumably, the organizers had long received the news and knew that the ghostly cultivator Ye Qingyang would participate in the challenge. They knew clearly that among the students of the various academies, perhaps only Zhan Wuya could rival Ye Qingyang. As for whether Zhan Wuya could defeat him, it was still a mystery.

Therefore, in order to prevent all possibilities of him enrolling, they thought of a dirty trick—

They asked the elite academies’ arena defenders to go easy on the itinerant cultivators who came to participate, so when the hundred spots were full, they would use this excuse to reject Ye Qingyang.

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