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Published at 21st of October 2020 07:34:48 PM
Chapter 390: Would She Be Willing to Come Back?

2 days later, Su Ye finally came to .

Ning Ke was resting her eyes next to his bed . She was exhausted from guarding him by his side every night . However, as soon as she felt a slight movement in Su Ye’s finger, Ning Ke immediately woke up .

Noticing that Su Ye’s eyes were finally opening up, Ning Ke rushed out of the ward . “Doctor! He’s awake! Doctor…”

After the doctors had done a thorough checkup, they finally concluded that Su Ye was finally out of the woods—his life was no longer in danger . Looking at Ning Ke who was writing down everything the nurses told her about taking care of him in a small notebook, Su Ye’s eyes glimmered with hope .

Although Ning Ke was now looking like a timid little mouse, she had turned back to her old self—the kind, gentle Ning Ke of 8 years ago . The Ning Ke that he once knew .

After seeing off the nurses, Ning Ke sat down to carefully read every single point that she had jotted down earlier .

Su Ye said to her softly, “You don’t need to take care of me, you know? There’re nurses in the hospital . ”

Shaking her head stubbornly, Ning Ke insisted, “You’re injured because of me . So, taking care of you is my obligation . ”

Then, she lowered her head to continue reading her notes to memorize the basics of patient caring .

There was no one else in the room . Thus, all Su Ye could hear was Ning Ke’s soft mumbling to herself .

A moment later…

“Ning Ke . ”

Su Ye opened his mouth, calling for her .  In response, Ning Ke looked toward him .

“Where did you do your plastic surgery? Is it possible for your face to return to how it was?”

Plastic surgery?

Ning Ke closed her eyes as a smile beamed upon her face . “No, there’s no need to change it back . ”

Because she had not gone through plastic surgery .

This face… it looked like her sister because…

Well, she did not care to explain it to the good doctor, so she lowered her head to continue reading her notes .

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“Ning Ke . ” Su Ye called out to her again .

When Ning Ke looked at him again, Su Ye squeezed three words out from his mouth . “Please give up . ”

‘Give up?‘

Ning Ke was stunned by his words .

Clenching the notebook in her hand, Ning Ke raised her head and stared at Su Ye with her black, pearly eyes .

Then, Ning Ke smiled . “I promise you . I will never attempt to harm their bodies or lives anymore . You have my word . ”

Satisfied, Su Ye nodded his head .

Ning Ke tilted her head and asked calmly, “So, you’d believe me? Just like that?”

Su Ye beamed, tearing the wound on his face a little . Despite the pain, it was clear from his gleaming eyes that he was glad . “Although you are quite cunning, there’s still good in you, you know?”

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“What kind of good?”

“You always keep your promises . So, I believe you . ”

After hearing this, Ning Ke’s face froze up before she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, as though she was swearing an oath . “Yes, I promise . I won’t break this promise . ”

She would not hurt them any longer . No more poisoning, no more attempts on their lives .

No more .

As they both had just finished talking, suddenly, someone opened the door and walked into the ward .

It was Huo Beichen, and him alone . He did not bring anyone with him—this meant that he needed to talk to them both privately .

After getting a brief update on Su Ye’s health condition, Huo Beichen took a long look at Su Ye and Ning Ke .

These two… they were the ones who had known her 8 years ago . They were also the ones who had been through that incident 8 years ago .

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Then, he locked his eyes on Ning Ke .

He had never liked her . However… no matter how much he disliked her, Ning Ke was undeniably the only person who knew and understood her sister, Ning Meng, the most .

After a few moments of hesitation, Huo Beichen finally opened his mouth . “If she had a chance to come back after disappearing that day… do you think she would be willing to come back?”

Would she?

Ning Ke did not understand why he would ask this question?

8 years ago, her sister had been so depressed . When she disappeared, the last thing they had seen on her face was a smile… She was relieved that it had finally come to an end…

If she had a chance to come back, would she choose to?

Lowering her head, Ning Ke replied, “No, she wouldn’t . ”

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