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Chapter 389: 389

At the hospital .

Su Ye was lying unconscious on a bed in the emergency room .

His surgeon stood before Huo Beichen, giving him a brief report on the situation . “We have successfully dug out 8 bullets from his body . 2 bullets were about 2 centimeters from his heart, making them the hardest to remove . If these 2 bullets had hit a few more degrees to the left, he would have been dead by now . ”

Seeing that Huo Beichen, Qi Shan, and Fei Bai’s faces were as pale as a white sheet, Ning Meng could not help but sigh . “When will he regain consciousness?”

The surgeon turned toward her . “It’s difficult to determine that . He’s lost too much blood . This would make him fairly weak tomorrow . Besides, one of the bones in his right leg has been crushed . Even if he wakes up, we’ll need him to stay here for rehab for half a year . We don’t know if he’ll be able to recover fully, but we’ll do our best . ”

Ning Meng nodded her head .

Yeah, if one’s bones and muscles were broken, it was quite expected for him to be bedridden for over a hundred days .

After the surgeon had left for other duties, Ning Meng looked at Huo Beichen and the two stooges .

Huo Beichen’s face was cold and emotionless . However, it was quite easy to see that he was using all of the energy in his body to withhold the great anger and anxiety that he was feeling inside .

Qi Shan’s eyes were swollen red, not able to say anything .

Fei Bai stood there motionlessly, like a statue, as usual . A moment later, he turned and walked toward the door .

Qi Shan went after him anxiously . “Where are you going?”

Fei Bai answered with a calm, monotonous voice, “I’ll kill her . ”

Su Ye had risked his life to retrieve that data, all because of Ning Ke . When they arrived at the lab a few hours earlier, the good doctor was already lying unconscious in a pool of blood . Yet, despite his dire condition, his hand was still holding that data chip in an iron grip . No matter how much they tried, they were not able to loosen up his grip .

It was clear that Su Ye was trying to attain this achievement as a form of redemption for Ning Ke . He knew that despite everything Ning Ke had done, if he insisted on defending her, Huo Beichen would let her go—for his sake . However, this would leave a rupture in their friendship .

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That was why he wanted to do something in return .

Sure, he was sympathetic toward Ning Ke, but that was no excuse for what she did . And Su Ye intended to redeem her, even if this meant costing him his life!

Qi Shan grabbed Fei Bai’s collar, stopping him in his tracks . “He did this for Ning Ke! Don’t you get it?! He did this for her!!! If you kill her, his sacrifice will be in vain!”

Fei Bai was stunned upon hearing this .

Then, he slowly opened his mouth, “If I don’t kill her… my anger… the rage that’s burning my soul won’t ever cease!”

Qi Shan lowered his eyes and let go of Fei Bai after hearing this . “In that case, let me go fetch her . ”

Half an hour later, Ning Meng could hear some footsteps coming closer from outside the ward . Then, the door was opened as Qi Shan forcefully pulled Ning Ke in .

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Ning Ke struggled out of his grip coldly . “I’m here . If you want to kill me, then do it . ”

Then, she saw Su Ye lying motionlessly on the sickbed . “What… what happened to him?!”

“What happened, you say?”

Qi Shan’s eyes were swollen red . He had not slept a wink for the entire night . After retrieving the good doctor, he had been waiting outside of the operation room, worrying sick for his best pal .

After receiving news that Su Ye’s leg was now crippled, Qi Shan felt as though he was about to collapse .

And this woman was nonchallantly asking, “What happened”??

He pointed his finger at the unconscious Su Ye and said, “He went to Nation O to retrieve some confidential data . He risked his life, diving straight into a war-torn country to persuade us to forgive you . Are you satisfied now?!”

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Ning Ke was shocked when she heard this . “What?! What did you say?!”

She could not believe it . Other than her sister, there was still another person who cared about her?

Staring at the man on the sickbed, Ning Ke clenched her fists as a surge of conflicted feelings overwhelmed her mind—it felt warm and fuzzy, yet, there was also a feeling of loss .

Standing next to the bed, Ning Ke could not do anything other than stare at Su Ye .

Qi Shan continued as he raised his voice in anger . “To redeem you, he was willing to give up his life! If you dare to betray his goodwill, we’ll never forgive you!”

He… was willing to give up his life… for her?!

It was then… the lifeless dunes and desert in Ning Ke’s heart began to brim with tiny hints of life and vigor…

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