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Published at 16th of September 2020 09:44:11 AM
Chapter 98.2

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 98: Dancing on the Palm of Someone Else’s Hand Part 2

「Precisely! We are a guild right now! With shared inventory and all that! There may be information that we might want to keep to ourselves, but there are also those that we might want to make good use of! That being said, we simply cannot give them away for free.

Pencilgton opens his hand and shows us his fingers.

「For the moment, we have five huge pieces of info that we can consider as our trump cards. We might not be as grand or possess the resources like any other guilds, but we can use those five to make a name for ourselves!」

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Then, closing each finger respectively, Pencilgton started to enumerate the trump cards that were currently in our possession.

「First of all, since we have cleared the Unique Quest connected to Wezaemon before anyone else and we have access to information about this whole “Bahamut”.

Secondly, since we managed to beat the Gravekeeper Wezaemon we have obtained the “INVENTORY” accessory with some really powerful weapons inside it.

Third, we have the monopoly on the profession of “Grandmaster” that our furry friend Break managed to achieve.

Fourth, the same can be said about going to Rabbitz as well as the existence of the Cait Sith race that our dear Sanraku-kun discovered.

And fifth, utilizing all of the above information, we have a huge head start when it comes to taking the next Unique Quest that comes around.」

In other words, even though each of us can hide a trump card of our own, as a guild we have those five to give us an advantage.

「It’s just a matter of time before the rest will catch wind of that as well. Information is everything in this game and the fact that three people possess information that can keep the three biggest guilds at bay…… Ahh, don’t you think it is really enjoyable? Being able to play people around like it was nothing?」

「Pencilgton, do something about your face. You’re starting to creep the hell out of me right now.」

「Union Rounds was different. I could go all out on livestock there and slaughter them like the pigs they all were…… But this is different. We won’t kill them, we will keep feeding them, fattening them up, making them grow. Only to get rid of them once the situation is stabilized and they will get us the biggest possible profit…..」

「Aren’t you aiming to become that kind of criminal mastermind that always ends up getting disposed of?」

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If it comes to that, we shall kick the living fuck out of you and then exile you to the middle of some God forsaken nowhere where you will rot until you die.

With Pencilgton starting to act crafty like that, it may be necessary for us to seriously start thinking about our future. That being said, I’m not as good as Pencilgton when it comes to planning a few steps ahead of me, but I can wholeheartedly focus on the nearest task that awaits me.

(For now let’s just go to see if Break will be able to fix the reactor. In the meantime, it might be a good thing to start thinking how to deal with SF-Zoo so that they won’t cause unnecessary mayhem in Rabbitz…… I also need to keep my promise to Emul……)

Even if it’s nothing major, it is better to keep a high “affection” meter with the bunnies. You never know when it might come in handy.

I would also need to sell all the unnecessary items that I managed to amass. Let’s go shopping later to earn some coin for ourselves.

「I think I’m going to go for now and grab something to eat.」

「Sure thing, let me know if there’s going to be some new development.」

「And don’t try to dodge our mails or calls ever again, Sanraku.」

「Yeah, yeah, go blow yourself.」

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Saying that I wave my hand as a goodbye sign and then leave the café.

Now then, for as long as Emul stays in Rabbitz the only way for me to return there is by killing myself. And if I’m going to kill myself, better to make it worth my while, no?

So I bought some MP Recovery Potion and went to my usual mining spot located at the Crystal Cliff.

「Good evening Scorpion-kun! I’m sorry to interrupt your sleep, but you’ll have to bear with me for a moment! You don’t mind, don’t you!?」

There were only two scorpions on the cliff right now, but in about ten seconds their numbers would grow tenfold.

Nonetheless, with the “INVENTORY” on my side, even if there were two hundred of them, it would pose no threat to me at all.

I attract as many of them as possible before I retreat into my absolute safe zone inside of the “INVENTORY”.

While I wait for the scorpions aggro to wear off I admire the Godly architecture that surrounds me.

「Ahh, that’s right, I removed some pieces of my equipment here once…… Right, the aggro should have worn off right about now.」

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I drink the MP Recovery Potion and return to the Crystal Cliff.

Just as I was about to return to the Crystal Cliffs, I can feel some nasty tentacle of bad premonition wrapping itself around my mind. But since I couldn’t exactly put my mind on what it was, I dismissed that premonition as something with no importance.

When I returned the only thing that greeted me was silence and night sky. About ten meters away from me, there was a mining spot ready to be excavated.

「Now then…… First of all, what kind of materials…… Hm?」

Why are there no materials falling? And what’s that sound? Rumbling in the earth? Some sort of quake? That timing…… was it something that began right before the scorpions collided into themselves?

Behavior pattern change, system intervention, add all of that and divide by the factors that I’m aware of……

「An up…… UPDATE!!!!!!!!!?????????」

The crystals all around me begin to move in towards my position. Moreover, it’s not a transition from being inactive to active, but it was just as if they were waiting for me to return. What a nasty surprise.

In the very next moment I was crushed to death and turned into minced meat by four gigantic crystal pieces.

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