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Published at 14th of October 2020 10:47:31 AM
Chapter 104.2

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 104: Desperation At the End of a Fierce Battle Part 2

In the first place, since the enemy had a rare status, there are dozens of golden crystal shards just littering the place.

I carefully pick up every single one of them, paying extra attention not to miss anything in the process. And when I placed the last shard in my inventory, only then could I let out a sigh of relief. The battle was over, and so was the night.

「Haa…… This is a truly godly game……」

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Right now my chest was filled with a rather healthy sense of accomplishment. I could already tell that it was something on a completely different level than accomplishing something within a shitty game, where it was nothing but struggle against the bugs and unreasonable system mechanics.

However, that exact sense of frustration was the source of energy that would fuel you to push forward when it comes to shitty games. …… So wait, does that mean that shitty games can bring something productive if they really want to? Like generating stress in order to get rid of even bigger stress?

「Now then…… What to do? What to do?」

Honestly speaking, going back to Eidolato from all the way up here would be kind of problematic…… No, let’s put that another way. I didn’t want to go all that way on foot. So what? Logically speaking, diving off the cliff to my death was the most sensible answer, but it would be a waste of my good mood, since right about now I felt more alive than ever before.

「Even though it is just a game, it makes me feel like that…… Alright, time to put those feet of mine to good use!」

It was then that I felt the whole cliff starting to shake violently. In the distance, I could see another wave of crystal scorpions coming closer towards my location.

Is it just me, or are they even larger than the previous ones?

「Oh, won’t you look at that……? Perfect timing, I was just looking for an incentive for a quicker run!」

Almost immediately after that I started to run in the opposite direction to the Crystal Scorpions, hauling ass like mad since my movement speed skills were all on cooldown.

The back alleys of Eidolato. The vast majority of night players logged out for now and slowly but surely the daytime players started to take their place, but fortunately I was able to arrive at the promised meeting place without any trouble or running into obstacles.

Speaking of which, it was an actual miracle that I managed to get away from those scorpions without even a single scratch. Am I amazing, or what?

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「Emul? Are you in here, buddy?」

「Yes, sir! Right here!」

One of the randomly placed boxes shook heavily, and after a moment Emul jumped out of it energetically.

Emul shook some dust off of his fur and looked at me with a smile, and then his eyes became big. Bigger than ever before.

「W, what an amazing aura you have about you right now, Sanraku-san! It’s like your Vorpal Soul energy doubled or even tripled suddenly!」

「Hahaha, really now? Maybe I’m becoming even more Vorpal with each passing day. Oh yeah, here. A souvenir.」

「It’s so beautiful and it sparkles so much…… What is it?」

「Excrement of the Crystal Scorpion, apparently.」

「FUBYAH ––––!!!???」

Hey now, don’t throw it away! It’s a rare item, you now? Even if it’s a piece of crap.

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Then, together with Emul we went back to Rabbitz and went straight towards Break’s workshop.

「Oh well, if it isn’t our Birdhead lad. Good timing. That thing yer left with me is almost finished.」

Then, before she could say anything else, I take out a certain item and place it on the anvil. The stinger of the Golden Crystal Scorpion and another item, a crystal that was as big as a basketball.

Break, after spending a few days on repairing the reactor for me, looked at the stinger with her eyes as big as a pair of saucers.

「This isn’t any ordinary Crystal Stinger you’ve got there…… And this thing is extremely rare and hard to obtain, worth nothing but a small fortune, almost impossible to break…… “Crystal Nucleus of the Golden Crystal Scorpion”!」

The rusty anvil is basked in delicate golden light. Was that my extremely high luck stat that allowed me to obtain it, or maybe it was the fact that I was taking down such strong enemies all on my own? Anyways, it was apparently extremely lucky for me to have obtained such a rare treat.

Taking a closer look at it, it looks as though there’s a whole different galaxy contained within the crystal ball. Who would have thought that I would get my hands on something so valuable?

「If you’d be so kind, I thought that maybe you could use some of those items in the Legacy Weapon you’re making? You know, to give it a little bit of extra kick?…… Hm? Break? Everything alright there?」

Break’s eyes got even wider, and her mouth hung wide open. Having my suspicions, I waved my hand right in front of her face and then checked for the pulse.

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「Yo, she dead……!」

「I’m alive, you stupid tart!」

Apparently she just fainted with that kind of expression from all the excitement. I exchanged a short glance with Emul, and then we all laughed shortly but sincerely from just how absurd this whole situation seemed to be.

Emul then returned to his rightful place at the top of my head while Break started to closely examine all of the materials, looking at them with fascination.

Before logging out there was one thing I wanted to do. So we returned to my room and entered “INVENTORY”, with the intention of giving the repaired reactor a spin.

「Fufufufu…… I am the first one to give myself a ride in this incredible Power Suit!」

Taking a stroll through the “INVENTORY’S” space, I reached out towards the Power Suit that was still supported by its stand.

Making my choice, I approach the suit of my choice and place the reactor in the corresponding slot, waking the armor from its long slumber.

「Fuhahahahaha……!!! Now, awaken, my 「TL NOTE: Masters? ……Anyone?」 “Seiryu”……!!!」

I won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say that I lost the incentive to play ShangriLa Frontier for about two days straight.

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