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After spending an entire night pondering over all the matters in the Lucky Wind City, Li Yunmu finally released a deep breath of impure air and came out of seclusion.

Just as he did so, he discovered that the six quasi deities who had been persuaded by Ling Shuang to return to the Earth from the Seventh Dimension after the battle between the system and God Undercurrent were all gathered where he could see them.

Li Yunmu naturally didn't place the six quasi deities in his eyes now. Perhaps for others, these people could be considered as the greatest of the fifty-fifth earth, but Li Yunmu had already attained the level of a supreme transcending expert!

Each of the twenty-three shadows had the combat strength almost equivalent to that of Li Yunmu and were only slightly inferior in battle experience. Naturally, they wouldn't pay much attention to usage of skills at their level, since all skills were just parlour tricks in front of absolute strength!

This was perfectly portrayed by Zhang Xianhu whose terrifying pressure could even intimidate Dennis' Vampire Clan into retreating!

But Li Yunmu not placing the quasi deities in his eyes didn't mean that the other residents of Lucky Wind City dared to do the same. Even Li Yunmu's earliest followers like Blade Overlord, who had obtained an inheritance but hadn't had the time to cultivate it, were quite weak and could not ignore them.

Thus, the six quasi deities, who were dispensable in Li Yunmu's eyes but aloof and remote existences in the eyes of others, had a relatively awkward position in Lucky Wind City.

If some powerful enemy invaded, they would take the initiative to unleash and support the great spell to protect the city. But at other times, they didn't have anything to do. If they absolutely had to force themselves to do something, then they could clean the vicinity of Li Yunmu's seclusion room.

Using six quasi deities as janitors, what sort of power would have such a deep foundation?

Li Yunmu dared to order them around like that. After all, he wasn't afraid that the six quasi deity experts would utter even half a word in complaint. They had personally witnessed God Undercurrent, who had been at his full strength, slain by 'Li Yunmu' in one strike!

This sort of existence allowing them to leisurely reside in Lucky Wind City was already a lot. Even if Li Yunmu asked them to clean the toilet, they would gladly do it without so much as farting!

"Shan Yongle, I asked you to do something. What happened to that?" Li Yunmu asked while raising his eyebrows lightly.

A middle-aged man who looked around forty and had a square-shaped face and dense eyebrows stepped forward. Although this quasi deity seemed to have an upright and honest appearance, those who knew him personally were aware that he was an extremely vicious person!

As long as something could increase his strength, even if it meant eating people, this fluxer called Shan Yongle would do it without batting an eyebrow!

Naturally, vicious people like that had the best understanding of circumstances. At least among the six quasi deities under Li Yunmu, Shan Yongle put in the most effort in finishing his tasks and was also the most obedient one without showing any signs of arrogance.

"Master, we have mostly investigated the vicinity of Lucky Wind City." With a smile, Shan Yongle took out a scroll from his sleeve and respectfully offered it to Li Yunmu with both hands.

"This is a scattered map of powers hiding in the desolate regions outside the city. It was drawn by this subordinate with great difficulty. The area occupied, manpower as well as anything else which should be there is present. Although the margin of error is not zero, it is extremely miniscule!"

"Very good."

Li Yunmu took the map from Shan Yongle and nodded his head in praise.

He then flipped his right hand, and a scarlet ball of light emitting vicious undercurrents appeared in his palm. With a flick of finger, the ball of light rushed towards Shan Yongle's brain and entered it.

At first, there was a painful expression on his face, but it was soon followed by ecstasy. Shan Yongle immediately knelt on the ground and shouted loudly, "Many thanks to master for the reward!"

The scarlet cultivation relaying globe didn't contain any special secret technique. The system had comprehended the ten directional devil spell and made certain amends to it, sp Li Yunmu could use a sort of weakened version and gave it the name of Devil Refining Spell Formation.

Shan Yongle's temperament was extremely suitable for refining others and absorbing their resentful energy to cultivate. The spell formation would allow him, whose talent was only sufficient to reach battle sage realm, to break through to mid grade battle sage!

Although there was no change in the complexion of other quasi deities, but after seeing Shan Yongle crouch on the ground, all of them revealed faint greed and envy in their eyes. But with Li Yunmu's reputation, no one dared to snatch it!

This was the essence of the world. As long as you one could give enough benefits, then even quasi deities would join their side and act like vicious dogs, let alone normal fluxers!

Li Yunmu slowly closed his eyes and instructed Shan Yongle and the others without any emotion. "Withdraw. If there's some other matter, I will inform you."

Li Yunmu felt that he had stayed on the projected plane for a long time already. Li Qinghong and the others were still in the hands of Underworld Serpent. After eliminating the danger of God Undercurrent and rescuing Ling Shuang, he had also ended up subdueing six quasi deities.

This sort of harvest was already quite great. Even if Li Yunmu left this chaotic world, Lucky Wind City wouldn't instantly turn into a small scale power without any backing which experts from other planes could engage for mindless slaughter!

The six quasi deities respectfully lowered their previously arrogant heads and saluted Li Yunmu before leaving his field of vision.

Although the other five quasi deities didn't know what sort of benefit Li Yunmu had bestowed upon Shan Yongle, but based on his ecstatic reaction, they could roughly guess that the object that came from Li Yunmu's hand was anything but ordinary!

Even if another quasi deity was rising up, there were also quasi deities that wouldn't bow their heads for a little favor. But right then, whether for good or for bad, all of them were working under the same flag, so they couldn't forcefully rob others. When faced with such a situation where they couldn't use any method to obtain Shan Yongle's good fortune, the others could only put even more effort in serving their new master.

Li Yunmu didn't care about what they thought. After all, if someone with a thin skin saw the fervent gazes of those quasi deities, their face would quickly turn crimson.

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