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Just as Xiao Wan was cold and hungry and thirsty, she heard the sound of the iron gate. The cold wind blew in from the cracks in the wall, and the dim candle flared in the wind. Xiao Wan, who shivered in the corner of the wall, moved her lower lip and asked weakly: “But I found out the truth, can you let me go?”

“Let?” The jailer smirked out loudly, and his voice was very embarrassing. “Xiao Yurong was poisoned when he was interrogated by the Queen. He was afraid of suicide. But his investigation revealed that Xiao Yurong was under the influence of the Grand Emperor. Qi Wang is killed. Now, the Grand Emperor has killed all people involved in the plan. The Queen is angry, ordered this afternoon to copy Xiaojiamen. I am here to send you on the road!”

Mother is poisoned? Did mother really kill Qi Wang? Is the Xiao family not being defamed?

After a late night, the stiff and weak body was toughly picked up from the ground. The red feet dragged a pair of heavy ankles, and the heavy chains were so cold that they could barely move.

“Hurry up!”

Xiao Wan stunned a bit, not yet standing still, has been rudely launched a cell. The heavy iron chain rubs on the fine and tender skin creating a dark red blood mark, and the pain of the heart making the spoiled young lady cry again and again.

“It’s useless!” The jailer snorted with a sigh of relief. “Your, Mr. Lang, is very sincere to you. These five days have been kneeling, what can I say? If not last night, in the rainstorm, he fainted, I am afraid that he is still kneeling now.”

Thinking of the gentle, watery, disregarding the body of her own pregnancy, for her eagerly pleading for the young, there was a gentle look in Xiao's eyes, and there was a strong sense of satisfaction in my heart. At the same time, she felt wise and happy for herself to give Ji Shumo and the book in advance.

At least today, Xiao's family was sentenced to a full copy, and he and his children in his stomach were saved!

Xiao’s last bloodline has been saved!

Xiao Wan had been in prison for five days and the marks it left on her were clearly visible. Her once beautiful face was now mottled black and blue with patches of swollen skin all over, courtesy of her fellow inmates. Her hair emitted a horrid stench when she moved and it lingered in the air between them. She looked nothing like the eldest daughter of a high house who would spend money like it grew on trees. There was absolutely nothing left of her aristocratic bearing.

He didn't think the always beautifully dressed and vain Xiao Wan would look this filthy. He covered his nose with his hand and took several steps back. There was a scornful look in his eyes. "Fever? You think I would do such a foolish thing for you?"

"Shumo be careful not to hurt our baby." Xiao Wan watched as he nearly tripped on a rock while retreating from her. Although he spoke his words clearly, she knew she must have heard wrong. Afterall how could Shumo speak to her in such a tone? He must not want to make me worried by admitting it. Shumo is so considerate.

Xiao Wan looked at his belly with an incredibly tender expression, like it was the only treasure in the world. Ji Shumo's eyes flashed with malice when he saw her gaze. It filled him with hate and disgust. He spoke maliciously when he said, "You are so naive. You really think this baby is yours?"

Her body was frozen, stunned by his words. He walked over to her and after laughing lightly whispered, "Xiao Wan ah… Xiao Wan how can I possibly be pregnant with your child? How can you be worthy of me – a stupid fool like you. You're just a hedonistic idiotic buffoon with rich parents. You are not worthy to be my wife and master!"

Bile rose in his throat when he remembered the year and all the things he did to in order to get closer to her and gain her trust. He rubbed his nose and stepped away from her again in disgust.

No it couldn't be! Shumo for me, he knelt outside for five whole days pleading for help. How could the child not be mine? She was most definitely his beloved wife!

"Do you think it's a joke? 'Cause I'm not joking."

It was then that a young woman in a fancy dress stepped next to Ji Shumo. The woman caught sight of Xiao Wan and gave her smile. She leaned over and draped her arms on his waist before kissing him and declaring, "The child in Shumo's belly came from me so naturally his love belongs to me as well!"

"From Princess?" Xiao Wan whispered. "Yours, Chu Muqing?" she looked towards her old friend the Third Imperial Princess Chu Muqing.

Xiao Wan had met her a year ago. Back then Chu Muqing was the unfavored third princess, but somehow they hit it off really well and became fast friends. She did not expect that that same woman would one day turn herself into a national hero. Not only that, she even gained the Empress's recognition and was conferred the title of Crown Princess.

Seeing Xiao Wan's confused expression made Chu Muqing laugh. "Xiao Wan…. it's gotten to this point and you still haven't figured it out? The Xiao House being accused of treason and the matter with my eldest sister. Think back to the battle. Back then I specifically requested permission to go out. Then I completely and perfectly defeated the enemy troops. Not only did I win the people's hearts, I also got Mother Empress's approval and became the Crown Princess."

Xiao Wan shivered and looked at Chu Muqing. Speaking with confidence she said, "The one that leaked information about our troops, it was you. Why? Why would you entrap the Xiao House like that? Why frame my mother that way?"

"Why? Because your House supports my sister Chu Shiyu. Because your mother despises and looks down on me. Because the Xiao House has a daughter as stupid as you!"

That bitch always scolding me for being too calculating and scheming, too short-sighted and not a good person. Makes my blood boil! I wanted to kill her so badly. It was because of her that I lost favor with Mother Empress to begin with. Tch. You won't support my bid for the throne? Fine then I'll destroy the one you support, destroy your precious daughter, and destroy your precious House!

"Xiao Wan, your role in the Ministry of War is to maintain the records. Every single piece of military intelligence has to pass through your hands." Chu Muqing looked down at Ji Shumo nestled in her arms. Then raised her head to look at Xiao Wan. The meaning of that action was clear.

Xiao Wan thought back to the last month and half and how she had spent day and night at the office becoming a crazy workaholic because of the conflict with the south. At that time Ji Shumo would often bring her nourishing medicinal soup. She thought he was incredibly considerate to do so in person.

Normally the office of the Ministry of War was off limits, especially so those places that held confidential information. Even the Emperor needed the Empress's permission to enter. However despite this, Ji Shumo was allowed to constantly enter and leave at will. The guards recognized that he was Xiao Wan's husband and had been stunned that he was given this kind of permission. Who was Xiao Wan? Though she was only a small clerk, her name was well known throughout the military as she was the favored daughter of Xiao Yurong, the head of Military Affairs.

Chu Muqing used Xiao Wan's desire to pamper and spoil Ji Shumo to gain entrance to those confidential places in order to steal as much information as possible. In addition to that, Ji Shumo also planted incriminating evidence to frame Xiao Yurong as a traitor.

"Shumo, why… why would you do such a thing. Was I not good to you? Why betray me?"

Ji Shumo smiled condescendingly at her words. It was as though she asked a really stupid question.

Xiao Wan's heart was shaken but she was unwilling to give up. "These past few years… have you really never loved me at all?"

"Love you?" Ji Shumo snorted like it was a funny joke. "I married you because you were convenient and easy to take advantage of. Honestly you're even more stupid than Xie Chuchen. Thanks to your money I was able to revive my Ji House. You're completely idiotic and spoiled by your rich family. How could you possibly be worthy of my love?!"

His words were like a knife, painfully cutting her heart out. "And mother? Did you kill her?" Mother lived her life for this nation. That at her death she'd be suspected of treason… Xiao Wan oh Xiao Wan… how could you possibly be this stupid? She stumbled nearly collapsing under the heavy weight of the realization.

Seeing this Chu Muqing stabbed her with even more cold truths. "I managed to poison your mother with an insidious and slow acting poison that would only take full effect during her interrogation, making it look like she committed suicide to escape. Xiao Yurong was a really smart person that Mother Empress trusted. Any credibility she had vanished when she committed suicide though. The only way to interpret her suicide is that the Xiao House colluded with the enemy to sell the nation out so that Chu Shiyu would have enough military strength to usurp the throne."

Upon hearing this Xiao Wan wanted to tear the Empress to pieces. She understood now the trickery involved. "With just those few bits of evidence, Her majesty was willing to condemn my mother, the Xiao House and the First Imperial Princess? How foolish of her!"

"It wasn't just documentary evidence, there were also testimonials."

Xiao Wan watched as Chu Muqing glanced down at Ji Shumo as she said this. The gesture made Xiao Wan's stomach drop. She could guess what she was intimating. Chu Muqing continued with a smile.

"Aside from Shumo's testimonial, there were the witnessed interactions between Eldest Sister and the Xiao House. Witnesses say they heard conversations between the two about building ties with outside nations — all for their own self interests of course. Besides your younger sister also testified. I only had to promise her reprieve from death and she was more than willing to sell you lot out. She testified in front of Mother Empress that Xiao Yurong was working under the direct orders of Chu Shiyu the entire time. Mother Empress sentenced the entire Xiao House to death. Your younger sister was lucky to be spared."

Chu Muqing's words echoed in Xiao Wan's mind like a sharp sword piercing her heart, cutting it to bits before drawing blood. Her body was stiff and she felt like she was drowning. Although she wanted to speak she was unable to make a single sound. They’re doing this deliberately, deliberately told me the truth to sink me into despair, so I won't know peace even in death.

"Now the Xiao name will be synonymous with betrayal, the infamy remembered throughout history. I bet Xiao Yurong died never expecting the house she painstakingly built up and guarded would be destroyed by her own daughters!"

Chu Muqing laughed when she saw Xiao Wan burst into tears. "Xiao Wan, in this life, the person I'm most grateful to is you. Thanks to you I was able to get rid of the three people standing in my way. I was able to get everything my heart wanted. Now I will send you on your way. Try not to be so stupid in your next life eh."

Xia Wan stared at Ji Shumo with red rimmed eyes. "Ji Shumo! You are my husband! We live and die together! If I die you're coming with me!"

The beautiful teenager took three steps back and shook his head at her. He looked at her with limpid eyes, as dazzling and bright as a full moon, yet as cold as ice.

"Don't think that I'm as stupid and desperate as Xie Chuchen, to kneel so foolishly in front of the Ministry of Justice just to save your ass. Don't forget you already gave me the marriage document. You and I are separate individuals with nothing to do with each other anymore! Don't try to drag me down with you!"

Argh!!! Yes I was foolish enough to do that! Damn it!! She had wanted to save him because she trusted him, but in the end it was all a deception on his part to get the document from her. She felt an intense pain grip her stomach and a fishiness rose to her throat. She coughed violently and a mouthful of blood came out. Looking down at her hand she could see the strands of blood stuck on her palm. She couldn't help but shiver.

She led the wolf into her home. She was responsible for her mother's death and the downfall of the entire Xiao House. She had single-mindedly pursued Ji Shumo. She ignored her figure, gave up her self-respect, and spent god knows how much money for three years in her pursuit of him. At last she thought she'd finally won his heart.

She remembered how she couldn't sleep the night the Ji House gave their assent to the marriage. Then on the wedding day, because she didn't want Ji Shumo to feel slighted, she had personally gone out to greet him when he was only a third of a mile away from the residence. She was dressed gaily in a festive outfit. The wedding had an impressive guest list comprised of high ranking officials, nobilities, and military officials. Needless to say it was an extravagant affair, bustling with noise and merriment.

She remembered the day she found out about the pregnancy; she was so happy preparing for the baby, thinking about how to raise it.

Finally she remembered when the military officers surrounded the Xiao House. She was so nervous and only thought about protecting Ji Shumo. She told the officers he was not her husband, that he was innocent and that they should release him.

As it turned out everything Ji Shumo did was for his own interests. To think she'd gone so far for someone else, thinking he had reciprocated her love. She finally understood it was all just pretend, like playing dress up.

I thought that Ji Shumo was kneeling for five days. Xiao Wan forced the pain in her ankles, biting her teeth, and struggling to move her feet step by step.

Once out of the dungeon, the violent sun burns the eyes in a panic, blinking the eyelashes quickly. She had not seen the sun for a long time, showing a pathological paleness and weakness.

And just as Xiao Wan turned around, she saw the boy bathed in the sun.

About eighteen years old, wearing a loose pure white robe, like a snow lotu, cool and beautiful, neat and elegant. His skin is as white as jade, such as applying gelatin. If the face is hibiscus, the lips are like blush, a long black hair with a bright black hair, and a beautiful and delicate butterfly gold enamel, bright in the sun.

The teenager’s abdomen is slightly raised and it seems to have been pregnant for three or four months. But a light white robes set off his temperament. When you raise your hand, you will have a little bit of the charm of being a sentient being, as if you are out of the ink painting.

“Shu Mo, Shu Mo…” At the moment when I saw the young boy, Xiao's eyes suddenly turned bright, and I couldn't help but walk towards the Yingying Yuli's teenager. I saw him ruddy, safe and innocent, and the tears flowed. Down, “Stupid Shumo, you are in the top six, how can you plead for help me… I heard that you still have a fever, is there anything…?”

She stopped and took three steps away from him, her face was filled with embarrassment, and she looked at her boy coldly.

Xiao Wan was held in prison for five days. Her good face had already been smashed by other prisoners when they was fighting for food, and she was embarrassed. At the moment, her hair was scattered, ragged, and there was a stench of smoke on her body. There is no temperament in the big lady who once swayed and squandered.

Obviously, I didn't expect that Xiao Wan, who had always been dressed in a gorgeous, narcissistic manner, would become the visceral appearance of the present. The young man slammed his nose with his hand, and then stepped back two or three steps before he looked at Xiao Wan with a scornful look: “fever? This fool will do things, do you think I will do it for you?”

“Shu Mo, be careful, don’t hurt yourself.” Xiao Wan saw him stepping on the pebbles on the ground when he stepped back. Some worried about kid, as if he had not heard clearly what the teenager was saying. Even if she heard it, she suspected that she had misunderstood. After all, how could her Shu Mo talk to her in such a hurtful tone? Her Shumo is so understanding.

Seeing Xiao Wan’s face and tenderness, looking at her slightly swollen belly, like the only treasure in the world, Ji Shumo's eyes flashed a bit of hatred and disgust. He was full of sorrow, and he laughed and debunked the fact: “Xiao Wan, do you think this is your child? Xiao Wan, now, why are you still so naive!”

He walked lightly and approached Xiao Xiao, who was completely sluggish because of this sentence. He said with a chuckle in her ear: “Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan, how can you have my child?” How can you deserve to be my favorite wife! How can you be worthy of being my wife!” After that, I remembered that in the past year, in order to let Xiao Yue believe in herself, he was forced to be close to her. There was some who was nauseous, and some who was disgusted and licked their noses.

Xiao Wan stood pale in the spot, looking at the young man in white and stunned, and felt a little strange at a time, the voice could not help but tremble: “Shu Mo… Don’t joke…”

Her Shumo is gentle and kind, and he doesn’t look like himself. He is with a scornful look. He spat out the words that make her desperate.

It must be a mistake! Shumo is with her for five days! How could you not like her? How could the child not be hers! She is his wife. His wife!

“Jokes? Shumo did not make a joke.” At this time, Xiao Hou, who had tears in her eyes, saw the woman standing next to the teenager. The woman glimpsed her and then looked at herself. She smiled and grabbed the young man’s waist. She kissed the boy’s lips. She then declared: “Shu Mohuai is the child of the palace. Shumo loves this book.”

“This palace?” Xiao Wan gently whispered, some strangely looking at the old friends – when the emperor Chu Muqing. “Zi Qing, you?”

Ziqing is the word of Chu Muqing. A year ago, Xiao Wan met the unpopular emperor Chu Muqing. The two became friends as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, I saw this unpopular emperor has turned into a well-known hero of the god of war in the East.

Seeing Xiao Wan confused, Chu Muqing smiled contemptuously: "Xiao Wan, things have not been detected until now? Xiao Wan's sin against the enemy and the sin of the great emperor's rebellion are the palace. The bureau of the cloth. The Eastern Wei and the South Xinjiang war, the palace ordered the expedition, breaking the enemy in one fell swoop, not only won the hearts of the people, but also won the appreciation of the Queen!”

Xiao Xiu was trembled and looked incredulously to Chu Muqing: “Are you the person who leaked the military machine to southern Xinjiang? Why? Why do you want to frame the Xiao family, why should you frame my mother!”

“On the basis of your Xiao family’s support for Chu Shiyu, just because your mother looked down on the palace, it is because you Xiao Jia has made such a stupid daughter!” I thought that Xiao Yurong once said that his heart was not right. The pet’s own self can’t get the care of the mother, Chu Muqing hates them, can’t wait to kill Xiao Yurong.

Does Xiao family not support the big emperor? Then she destroyed Chu Shiyu, ruined Xiao Yurong’s most precious daughter, and destroyed her proud Xiao family!

“Xiao Wan, you are the history of the military command, all the news must go through your hand.” Chu Muqing looked at the nest in his arms very well-behaved Ji Shumo, and looked at the white face of Xiao Wan, The meaning of the words is self-evident.

Xiao Wan thought of the last one and a half months, the East Wei and the South Xinjiang war, she was busy day and night in the Ministry of War, Ji Shumo has been intimately to the Ministry of War to send her nourishing soup.

The Ministry of War is not accessible to anyone, especially in secret places, even when the imperial court is required to ask the Queen to enter. However, Ji Shumo is the late husband of Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan is the most favored daughter of the military secretary Xiao Yurong.

Although Xiao Wan is only a small book history, her famous name is in the army, so the guards have long been eccentric when they saw Ji Shumo often entering the military. Chu Muqing used Xiao Shu to seduce Ji Shumo, letting Ji Shumo steal military secrets and exchanged documents. Moreover, some evidences of Xiao Yurong's traitorship to the country were released, so that in the future, the people would be able to get into the prison.

“Shu Mo, why… Why do you want to do this… Am I not good to you? Why, betray me?”

After the words have not been finished, Xiao Wan saw a sneer smile on Ji Shumo’s face, as if she had asked a question of stupidity.

Xiao Xiao's heart lingered, still unwillingly asked: "Have you really not loved me for the past three years?"

“Love you?” Ji Shumo sneered, as if he had heard a joke. “I was married to you because it is convenient for me to complete the task. It is because you have a more stupid Xie Chuchen around you. Thanks to you they all liked you. Money, I can reinvigorate the family. And you, a girl who doesn't learn anything, don’t deserve me to love you!"

When I heard these words, Xiao Wan's heart was like a thousand knives, and it was deeply stabbed.

“Mother, are you also killed?” The mother was a country for the rest of her life, and she still suspected that her mother was treason…

Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan, how can you be stupid like this!

Seeing that Xiao Xiao was crumbling, almost fell to the ground, Chu Muqing said coldly and coldly all the truth: “Xiao Yurong is a smart person, and is deeply trusted by mother, he only to give her a chronic poison, causing her to commit suicide at the trial. That illusion convinced that the mother of the family is selling the country, and Chu Shiyu intends to seek a death!”

After listening to Xiao Wan, she could not help but tore her mouth. She bit her teeth and said: “With a few clues of evidence, I was convicted of the Xiao family and the great emperor. His Majesty was so stupid, and he believed in it.”

“Not only physical evidence, there are people card.” See Chu Muqing look to Ji Shumo, Xiao Zhou heart in a squeaky. However, Chu Muqing smiled and said: “In addition to Shumo’s testimony, the great emperor once had a private party in your Xiao family, and your good sister testified. The palace only promised her vitality, she immediately sold Xiaojia. In front of the mother, she personally admitted that Xiao Yurong's actions were all Chu Shiyu's instructions. So the people were all stunned, and Xiao's family was smothered, except for your good sister and her lucky father.

Chu Muqing's words kept echoing in Xiao Wan's mind, and stabbed into her heart like a sword, splashing a piece of blood.

Xiao Wan was stiff and wanted to speak, but she could not make a syllable for a long time.

They are deliberate, deliberately standing here, deliberately telling her the truth, deliberately let her despair, deliberately let her die.

“Now the Xiao family shouted and squandered for a long time. Xiao Yurong did not expect to die. Her hard-working Xiao family was destroyed by her two daughters!” Seeing Xiao Wan stayed in the same place, bursting into tears, Chu Mu Qing smiled even more madly. “Xiao Wan, the most grateful person in this house is you. Thank you, help the palace to eliminate three stumbling blocks, and help the palace reach the heart of the wish… now the palace will send you to the execution ground, don’t be so stupid again!”

The people in the dungeons are all their own cronies, so Chu Muqing is not worried at all. These words will be circulated.

Xiao Wan with red eyes, roared at Ji Shumo: “Ji Shumo, you are my husband! I, Xiao Wan will die, you do not want to live alone! Die to die together!”

The beautiful boy stood in place three steps away from Xiao Wan, and raised his head slightly, like the autumn water, looking forward to the glory, but looking at Xiao Wan, with a touch of cold and alienation: “Don’t think that I am stupid. Xie Chuchen, who wants to die for you to live, in order to save you from being stupid in front of the criminal department. Don’t forget, you gave me and left the book. You and I are married, male and female, are irrelevant!” He despised her. The ground shook Xiao Wan and he looked at her eyes and snorted. "Don't drag me to die!"

Yes, she was foolish and believed Ji Shumo and gave the book…

Saying what must save her, but trying to defraud her trust and to make her give him the book…

There was a colic in the chest, and Xiao Wan's throat was awkward, and she coughed a mouth full of blood. She looked at the palm of her hand and was scarlet, and her mouth fluttered a trace of bleakness, and she shivered involuntarily.

She led the wolf into the room, she killed her mother and killed the Xiao family!

She thought that she had touched Ji Shumo, put down her body, let go of her self-esteem, and spent three full years, finally touching his heart.

She still remembers that when Ji Family promised her to propose, she was so happy to the point of not to falling asleep at night. She still remembers that on the day she greeted Ji Shumo, in order to prevent Ji Shumo from being wronged, she greeted everyone with red decorations and banqueted the aristocrats and made the big weddings lively.

She still remembers that when he learned that she was pregnant, he was happy to prepare childcare supplies. She still remembers that when Xiao Jia was surrounded by officers and men, she was nervous to protect him behind him and told the officers and men that he was not her husband. He was innocent and asked them to let him go.

It turned out that all of this was actually my own self-love… I actually made a wedding dress for others…

This is my first time writing or translation. Please forgive me this is bad.

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