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"Impossible, this region in our Black Spirit World is a place from which demonic energy originates. How could you possibly reverse the resurrection of the creatures born from this demonic filth?"

The core disciple of Black Spirit Valley was still unable to accept the truth. He was holding a banner in his shaking hand—it seemed like it was the treasure used to control all the creatures formed by the demonic energy.

Li Yunmu revealed a cold smile while arrogantly looking down on him. With one hand, he seized the treasure and threw it on the ground before stomping on it with all of his great flux energy strength of three thousand five hundred.

Under the impact of the terrifying flux energy, the treasure which had been refined after careful planning and at a large expense by Black Spirit Valley was ruthlessly crushed into fragments.

"Nothing is impossible. Oh, seems like you still don't understand? Then I think you should go and have a long chat with them."

Suddenly, Li Yunmu's hand shot toward the opponent's belly. Even if the man was clad in strong great flux expert armor, he still couldn't resist the attack.

Li Yunmu's punch blew away all the thoughts in the enemy's mind about transmitting what had happened to his superiors, shattering his delusional hopes.

The man had been quite crafty. He had hoped to use other objects against Li Yunmu while taking the opportunity to secretly inform the upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley about what had transpired in the forest. But even his smallest movements couldn't escape Li Yunmu's true sight.

Li Yunmu had assimilated five drops of World Ancestor's leaf juice while congealing his innate expert armor. Because of that, no movements or energy fluctuations coming from the enemy could escape his attention.

The punch was enough to crush all of the man's defenses and his ability to resist. Like picking up a chicken, Li Yunmu ruthlessly grabbed the other party who possessed the strength of at least a rank five great flux expert and threw him into a dense group of demonic creatures like he was trash.

After he was thrown into the group of demonic creatures who were waiting like sharks, desperate, blood- curdling shrieks could be heard.

From the moment Li Yunmu crushed the treasure which controlled the demonic creatures, they had went out of control.

This was a situation which Li Yunmu was more than willing to witness. After all, the demonic creatures had been nourished in the Black Spirit World for countless years. Although the ten shadows possessed extraordinary battle prowess, the enemy numbers were just too great.

Once they were no longer under human control, they stopped acting like an organized unit, and the shadows found it easy to attack and retreat without incurring damage.

"Let's go. My summoned creatures will handle this situation here," Li Yunmu said while playing it down, having decided to rescue Li Qinghong from her desperate predicament. He quickly walked out of the forest, leaving behind the stupefied woman.

Tyrannical, extremely tyrannical.

At that moment, Li Qinghong had personally experienced Li Yunmu's transformation. She had never ever expected that once his cultivation advanced to the next realm, his strength would give her such a great pressure that she hadn't sensed even from a great flux expert who had been in this realm for several years.

Could it be because of the legendary innate expert armor? Is it really so terrifying?

Thinking about it, Li Qinghong shook her head with a bitter smile. At that instant, she was feeling powerless.

She felt that she would never be able to surpass Li Yunmu. Although she'd had no choice but to become his follower all that time ago, but in the deepest parts of her heart, she had still not been convinced. She had counted her days in hopes of overtaking Li Yunmu and prevailing over him in combat.

But at that moment, she realized that her target was too far away.

She recalled Li Yunmu's words from that time when he had told all his followers that on the day when any of them stepped into the sage flux expert realm, he would unconditionally return their freedom to that person.

Now it was clear that the words which she had considered as empty talk weren't actually false, but rather a genuine promise.

Given the present situation, it was obvious that on the day when any of the followers stepped into the sage realm, Li Yunmu would possess enough strength so that he wouldn't need to care about his secrets being revealed.

After the issue of the demonic energy of the Black Spirit World was settled, the path forward didn't have anymore obstructions. Soon, they arrived at the depths of the forest which was viewed as the core region of the Black Spirit World.

From far away, one could see an extremely enormous jade altar with a flight of steps erected at the center. Zhan Wuya, whom Li Yunmu was trying to find since the start, was present there.

Except for him, there was also an elder and valley master as well as all the other core disciples. At this moment, they were at the most crucial junction of finishing an extremely important matter.

All these people surrounding the altar above the platform were pouring in their flux energy with rapt attention. A large amount of sacrifices were also arranged on top of the altar.

What left Li Yunmu most astonished was that the surroundings of the altar were filled with three rows of young girls. They were aged between fifteen to eighteen years old and didn't have a single thread covering their bodies while they were tied to stakes inserted in the ground.

Their snow-white, naked bodies were covered in some extremely strange spell markings. One after another, drops of blood flowed down their bodies and fell onto the black ground next to the stakes.

The blood then flowed toward the altar at the center through a large demonic spell formation which had been arranged on the ground a long time ago.

With one glance, Li Yunmu knew that the girls were beyond saving. After losing a large amount of blood, they were on their last breaths.

He truly hadn't expected that a trifling third tier power occupying a corner of the world would surprisingly use a sinister move of utilizing a thousand young girls as their offerings.

Li Yunmu didn't become angry. On the contrary, he remained quite calm. This was because there was an unsurpassable disparity between the cultivators and ordinary people in the Origin World.

In it, there was nothing which was fair or unfair. If someone wanted justice, they had to rely on their own fists to deliver it. But the scene still hardened Li Yunmu's resolve to eliminate Black Spirit Valley in one stroke.

Another fact which surprised him was that the sacrificial methods used by Black Spirit Valley to open a passage to Earth were clearly different from the heavenly path platform obtained by him.

If he wanted to open a passage to some plane, he needed to fulfill only two requirements to accomplish it.

The first requirement was that he had to be aware of the coordinates of that world.

The second requirement was that he had to provide enough dimensional stones to draw a heavenly bridge to that plane.

Although accomplishing the above two conditions wasn't that simple since he needed to offer large amounts of dimensional stones, but all of it appeared to be an ordinary transaction.

However, the method used in the Black Spirit World was very different.

Compared to Li Yunmu's extremely ordinary offering, the method of the upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley were similar to sacrifices demanded by a demonic spirit. In reality, the sacrificial altar even resembled a human-built pagoda.

Could it be that they aren't using a treasure similar to the heavenly platform to open a passage to Earth, but are really offering sacrifices to an evil spirit to obtain a large amount of energy?

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