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The eleven free spots which had appeared suddenly had instantly turned into an extremely rare opportunity for the inner disciples of Blue Moon Sect.
Occupying one of the top ten rooms wasn't possible for the normal disciples, so now everyone who would be competing for the eleven free spots would be on the same level.

Any disciple who was somewhat formidable was rubbing their hands and getting restless.

At this moment in an obscure courtyard on Whale Island, Li Yunmu was speaking to Li Qinghong and Demon whom he hadn't met in a long time.


"Master, aren't you in danger?"

Seeing Li Yunmu living properly on this neutral island, Demon was unable to make sense of the situation.

He was aware of the fact that his master had killed the sect elder's treasured son not long ago, so the hatred between the two of them wasn't ordinary.

Could it be that master believes that he doesn't need to worry about their retaliation now that he escaped to this neutral island?

"Don't worry, the crisis has been averted for the time being. Even if that elder doesn't care about Blue Moon Sect and tries to settle his hatred in private, he won't return alive. In truth, I hope that he won't be able to control his hatred and will come here."

Li Yunmu kept smiling and personally made tea for his two followers. The tea leaves he used could be considered as extremely rare. Although they weren't of peerless quality, they were grown on the Cloud Isle by those taking refuge there.

It was a nameless tea unique to that island, so basically no one in the world knew about it.

If not because the villagers of the Cloud Isle didn't have any means to cross the ocean, the tea leaves would definitely fetch a good price in the market of Whale Island.

This good price wouldn't be in terms of silver sand coins or gold granules used by ordinary people, but contribution points!

Due to the fact that the tea leaves would be bought using contribution points, it made it obvious that they had some special characteristics. As soon as Li Qinghong took the first sip, it was clear from her expression that she could sense why the tea was so special. She looked at Li Yunmu with slight confusion, but didn't say anything.

"This is called Cloud Isle Tea, and it was discovered by me. It has many benefits, doesn't it?" Li Yunmu suddenly said.

"It calms a person's mind and helps them concentrate. Moreover, I feel that after drinking it, the movement of flux energy in my body immediately became 20% faster?" Li Qinghong stated the facts.

Hearing her words, Demon was startled and abandoned the topic at hand to take a mouthful of the tea as well. Instantly, his brows became unwrinkled, and he began to enjoy it without saying anything.

After a long time, he sighed in relaxation. "This tea is like gold for cultivators. It's value would be astronomical."

After some thoughts, Li Yunmu said, "Take some with you when you return and drink when you cultivate. Oh, and remember to conceal it."

Li Yunmu had gained a general idea by then about why that little lassie Tutu had matured so quickly. Apparently, the small Cloud Isle wasn't so trifling after all.

But unfortunately, he had too many tasks in front of him at that moment. Because of that, Li Yunmu could only shelve that knowledge for the time being and deal with it later.

While sipping the tea, Li Qinghong asked, "Master, for what matter have you summoned us?"

"I have a task for both of you."

"The qualifications for inner sect competition?" the two followers asked in unison, since they were not stupid either.

Li Yunmu nodded. "Yes. Do you have any confidence in accomplishing it?"

"It could be done. If master hadn't killed those eleven and created free spots, I wouldn't have the confidence to present the qualifications for this year's inner sect competition, but now it can be done," Li Qinghong said with confidence.

"I'm afraid it'll be difficult. You don't know it, but presently the attention of all the inner disciples of Blue Moon Island is on these eleven free spots."

Demon smiled bitterly. Unlike Li Qinghong, he didn't dare to assure Li Yunmu. It wasn't that he wasn't working hard, but that the difference between his and Li Qinghong's foundations was too large.

Originally, given that Li Qinghong only possessed Chaotian Bird's undying sage blood and couldn't refine it, the disparity wasn't that large. But after she descended and managed to completely awaken that ancient beast's bloodline, the difference between them was continuously increasing. Li Yunmu naturally understood this situation clearly.

The results of system's scan of the two followers came out at that time. Presently, Demon's flux energy strength was ninety three points while his physical strength was thirty oxen.

Before Li Yunmu had properly cultivated his flux points, this level of strength could still obtain his attention. But presently, it could only be considered as extremely weak in his eyes.

But speaking in reference to residential region fifteen, this strength surpassed that of Hei Mianshen who had occupied the tenth room back when he'd just come. 

However, if he wanted to challenge the top ten most powerful people of the fifteenth residential regions now, his strength was lacking somewhat.

It has to be known that the strength of the people occupying the first ten rooms far surpassed the strength of others in the residential regions. This was how they were able to continue dominating the front ten rooms for a long time.

As for Li Qinghong, when her comprehensive strength was displayed, Li Yunmu almost convinced that the system had made a mistake while calculating.

Li Qinghong's flux energy strength had reached one hundred and thirty five points while her physical strength was forty-five oxen.

"How have you become so formidable?"

Li Yunmu was completely astonished by the results of the system's scan. With her strength, Li Qinghong definitely had the qualifications to challenge any of the top ten most powerful people in any residential region, let alone talk about occupying one of the eleven free spots.

Although the above mentioned words were somewhat exaggerated, Li Qinghong's strength was only lacking by a bit when compared to the old monsters of the top five residential regions. She wasn't lacking even when compared to Fiend of the second residential region.

If she could completely refine the undying sage blood and gain the undying property, her actual combat strength would be enough to make that Fiend lose. Her previous speech was clearly her being reserved with her words.

"It could not only be done, I give you the order that you must at least enter a second tier power. Your strength and potential is sufficient to achieve that," Li Yunmu suddenly said to Li Qinghong.

He had already shared the method to complement flux points with them long ago, so Demon and Li Qinghong were at the same starting point as natives of the Origin World.

Given that the bloodline of Chaotian Bird was so powerful, Li Yunmu began to treat Li Qinghong with some seriousness.

"Do you wish to obtain the final three flux points?" Li Qinghong asked.

"Yes. Without cultivating all the one hundred and eight flux points, it will be extremely difficult to step into deity realm. Even you should aim to obtain them."

Li Yunmu then looked at Demon. "There are still some time left. You've got the tea now, and I will also give you ten flux binding pills to cultivate more flux points. Your aim is to obtain one of the eleven free spots. As for whether you can catch the eye of any second tier power, that will depend on your own luck."

After he finished speaking, Li Yunmu passed Demon the ten flux binding pills.

Demon became excited when he saw the ten flux points. After he had completed the deficiency in his flux points, he had began to concentrate on cultivating even more of them. 
But without flux binding pills, he could only rely on his willpower and absorb the flux energy in the world to cultivate bit by bit. Like that, his strength naturally didn't increase quickly.

Given that were was little time left, it was clear that there wouldn't be any great increase in his cultivation. But now that Li Yunmu had provided him with the ten flux binding pills, he was confident in increasing his strength to the next level within a short time.

"With them, it can be accomplished," Demon declared with some confidence.

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