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For the time being, Li Yunmu was certain that Blue Moon Sect wouldn't try to find trouble for him, even if he entered its territory. Not until he personally went to Blue Moon Island would the other party dare to capture him. Borrowing someone's authority was indeed very ferocious.   

But in the end, it was still someone else's influence. Li Yunmu was more than clear about the fact that the most reliable thing in the world was still his own strength. If he himself possessed the strength of a sage flux expert, then even an organization like Underground Serpent wouldn't dare to chase him without apprehensions. That was strength.

Thus, on the morning of the fourth day, Li Yunmu quickly spent a large amount of wealth and purchased a serene and quiet courtyard on the western shore of Whale Island. 

From then on, it became his temporary safe residence. He became a citizen of Whale Island and settled there. The protection of Underground Serpent was close at hand there, so it could be considered that he could finally stand back on his feet.

Naturally, he had to pay great price for this. He had to spend close to fifty thousand contribution points to accomplish it.

It had to be known that the houses on the western side couldn't be purchased by ordinary people. Their residences wouldn't obtain the acknowledgment by Whale City.

The western side housed the residences of administrative powers from everywhere. Since the majority of cultivators had chosen to settle in this part of the neutral city, the price of the small courtyard was enough to clean out the majority of Li Yunmu's contribution points.

At dawn, he had taken a shower and rested for a long time before starting to cultivate. He was now sitting cross-legged in his small courtyard.

Before leaving Blue Moon Island, he had purchased the technique to open thirty-three flux points. Now, he began to examine it in detail.

In the Origin World, opening flux points wasn't free for flux experts. Of the one hundred and eight flux points, which far surpassed the number of flux points on Earth, the one hundred and five were sold in every city, martial hall, organization, or sect.

The currency required to purchase these flux points was the singular currency of the entire cultivation world—contribution points.

The reason why Li Yunmu had specifically chosen to buy from Blue Moon Island was because he was once an inner disciple there, so the price he needed to pay was much smaller than it would be when trying to purchase the technique through other channels.

Just from this point, it could be seen that all the most crucial natural resources as well as techniques were controlled by the people standing at the peak of the pyramid.

They unilaterally controlled the methods to refine power grain and flux binding pills. The markets as well as even flux point opening and all sorts of other cultivation methods were in their hands. 

What were these countless sects and organizations of the Origin World? All of them were basically equivalent to merchants who transported goods.

They were all at the peak of pyramid, using an imaginary currency like contribution points which they had turned into the only currency of the Origin World. In fact, they had forced the sects to use this imaginary currency to make sure it permeated into the markets.

Li Yunmu couldn't even imagine how enormous was the amount of resources under the control of these people at the top of pyramid. At least, he wasn't willing to think about it for the time being. After all, the more he thought about it, the more trouble he would invite upon himself.

Before long, Li Yunmu took out a cultivation relaying globe for opening the first flux point. The next instant, his consciousness entered the space within it. Inside, a figure would repeatedly display the movements of flux energy to attack the path to the new flux point.

First time, second time, tenth time, thirtieth time, fiftieth time, seventy-eighth time… Finally, at the seventy-eighth time, Li Yunmu felt that he had understood.

He didn't continue watching until the ninety-ninth time and retreated from the space. He carefully meditated upon the path of moving flux energy shown in the cultivation relaying globe as well as what he had comprehended. After that, he took out a flux binding pill and began to move the flux energy to attack a new flux point.

He had already complemented the innate deficiency of his flux points. The task he wanted to accomplish now was to open new flux points and use flux energy to temper them. After that, he could store a large amount of flux energy in them.

The first flux point which he had chosen to open was the flux point under the sole of his foot, near the back part. When he successfully opened it, his movement speed as well as the sudden eruption of flux energy in his feet would be upgraded.

Li Yunmu's talent and perception weren't very good. No, if speaking truth, they were pretty poor. If his aptitude hadn't been so weak, he wouldn't have needed to use the assistance of the system's experience point to awaken as a fluxer.

But after he had started cultivating the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, his aptitude had entered the upper mid grade. Because of that, he succeeded in opening the flux point with the help of one cultivation relaying globe.

And as expected, with the steady supply of flux energy from flux binding pill, he was able to attack the pentium point under the sole without any problems. The large amount of flux energy in the flux binding pill was then exhausted to fill the flux point.

With this, he had finally taken the next step and broken through the limit of Earth's fluxers. He had opened his seventy-third flux point.

After he opened the first of the remaining thirty-six points, Li Yunmu immediately observed the increase in his strength. Sure enough, if a cultivator wanted to become stronger, nothing could increase their strength more quickly than opening a flux point.

He had only spent half a day, and within this short period of time, the increase in his strength was equivalent to cultivating bitterly for half a month. After successfully opening the flux point, his flux strength had increased from one hundred and thirty points to one hundred and thirty-four points. It was an increase of four points.

As for his physical strength, with the support from the new flux point, it had finally broken through the bottleneck at which it had been stuck for the past few months. It had increased from fifty-three oxen to fifty-seven.

This number represented that Li Yunmu's physical strength had already crossed the threshold into great flux expert realm. If it continued to increase, then by the time he opened all the flux points, the strength of his flesh would far surpass that of ordinary great flux masters.

This also implied that when he entered the great flux expert realm, his starting point would be far ahead of other great flux experts.

Li Yunmu wasn't the least bit astonished regarding this deduction. After all, he was cultivating peak level cultivation methods while his body tempering methods were also the most formidable.

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