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After wantonly procurement of a large amount of iron pistil aqua armor, a major transformation happened at the depths of Blue Moon Island's west coast.

The ten shadows had divided into five groups.

Every two shadows formed a group with one becoming the leader and another the vice-leader. Every group had fifty ape gods in their hunting squad. Altogether, five hunting squads roamed in a hunt for a large amount of sea beasts that belonged to the category of vicious beasts.

They only hunted these, not bothering the ordinary ocean life-forms. Over a period of time, this caused the mid sea region to have increasingly more shoals of fish as well as other aquatic life-forms.

This caused new sea monsters that belonged to the vicious beast category in the surroundings to come over in an attempt to obtain food. They were steadily being lured in like moths to a flame.

Li Yunmu could clearly see that after the addition of three hundred and fifty ape gods, the efficiency of hunting went up by a notch when compared to the ten shadows hunting alone.

Although the strength of individual six-limbed ape gods was far from that of the shadows, their large numbers complemented this deficiency.

On top of that, because they possessed three pairs of powerful arms, each ape god would use six weapons, which allowed them to display their monstrous power.

The amount of blood essence refined from the flesh of sea beasts using the Refining Pagoda explosively rose from seven hundred grams to more than ten thousand grams.

A day's harvest was sufficient for Li Yunmu to refine two thousand grains of croton which made him go mad with joy.

Moreover, once the hunting squads became more experienced and made some adjustments to improve their tactics, the efficiency began to grow even more. However, it was a matter that progressed slowly.

The three hundred and fifty ape gods currently adorned iron pistil wood's aquatic armor as well as held a total of six harpoons.

Apart from this, after two hundred and fifty ape gods were entered into hunting squads, the remaining hundred were given other duties under the system's adjustments.

Li Yunmu ordered fifty ape gods to form a rescue squad.

Their main responsibility was to rescue their comrades who were seriously injured during battle. They then were to retreat from the frontline with the injured parties while making sure that their heads didn't receive repeated injuries which would result in death.

As long as the brains of the ape gods weren't shattered, they would be like cockroaches, only injured but not dead.

Once they were supplied with a large amount of flesh as food, their shattered bodies would heal, and even their limbs would regenerate.

Due to the independent rescue squad of fifty, several severely injured ape gods were saved.

After continuously working for more than ten days, they became proficient with the division of labour and cooperative work. In the last few days, very few ape gods had been devoured by the sea beasts.

Li Yunmu felt extremely glad that he had successfully protected his hidden trump card which could be used in future power struggles.

Before long, the last fifty ape gods were also bestowed a mission—they established an offshore patrol.

The group of fifty divided into ten small squads who patrolled the region round the clock to make sure that the secret would never be revealed.

With such continuous systematic adjustments, Li Yunmu gradually discovered his secret base for refining the blood essence of vicious beasts had turned into an effective ordinary workplace.

At the moment, even he had no wish to intervene. Every day, eight to fifteen kilograms of refined blood essence would be harvested, providing him with materials to gain a large amount of wealth.

Time kept passing, and with such a busy schedule, three months went by since Li Yunmu entered Blue Moon Island.

Zheng Quan and the other two descenders came to find Li Yunmu every few days, giving him a feeling that what they were planning wasn't small.

By then, they had roped in some powerful natives, but Li Yunmu happened to be their earliest and most important chess piece. This was especially so given that Li Yunmu had silently seized the fiftieth room and kept hold over it for three months, making him even more mysterious in the eyes of Zheng Quan and his group.

Three months had passed without an event. Under the pretense of being of noble birth, Zheng Quan's group had lured quite a few powerful native flux experts, gradually forming a small faction.

If Li Yummu's guess wasn't wrong, then these people from another plane were going to move soon. They were only waiting for their small faction to become a little more powerful, or maybe a little more stable.

However, Zheng Quan and his followers had no idea that the 'native' with extraordinary strength whom they had lured the earliest was actually a viper hiding among them, waiting for them to reveal their secret before attacking.

One day, Wang Yan knocked on Li Yunmu's door once more.

In the past few days, Zheng Quan and them had become increasingly more puzzled by Li Yunmu's mysterious disappearances.

However, the more he acted this way, the higher they regarded him. At the same time, Wang Yan was more and more attracted toward this mysterious but confident native who had extraordinary strength.

Upon coming over, she didn't have many illusions about a positive answer regarding her knocking. After all, nine out of ten times, Li Yunmu wouldn't be in his residence, but busy with some secret mission. However, the next instant the door opened.

Wang Yan's charming face then betrayed her emotions, pleasant surprise overtaking her features.

"Elder Brother Yunmu, you have finally returned?"

After the door opened, Li Yunmu appeared with the usual calm expression on his face. Wang Yan almost subconsciously entered his room, but then suddenly remembered about ladylike manners, and it caused her face to turn a little red. Outside the room, she asked, "What happened?"

Li Yunmu didn't feel anything about the seductive movements of Wang Yan. He stepped aside and politely asked her to enter.

He had maintained a relationship with Zheng Quan's group, but also kept a certain distance from them, never taking the initiative to offer anything which caused them to take the initiative to rope him in. This was the attitude which Li Yunmu had taken toward these descenders in the past few months.

Only the indepence coupled with willingness to negotiate made his position in the mind of Zheng Quan's group to become even more important. Similarly, it also caused them to lower their guards in front of him.

The interesting thing was that Li Yunmu's guess was pretty good.

In the past few days while he had been busy with the production of croton, his actions had dispelled the last bits of suspicion toward him in the hearts of Zheng Quan and his group.

Li Yunmu had a feeling that Wang Yan had definitely come to him this time to discuss something serious. He, who was a chess piece with extraordinary strength in their minds, was certainly going to be pulled into the center of action.

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