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Dungeon Creation Examination

"To join the Demon Lord's Academy for Dungeon Creation when one turns 20. Is this the tradition here?" [Chrono]

I muttered such words within the Grand Ballroom underneath the Demon Lord's Castle.

Dozens of men and women are surrounding a large crystal which is situated in the center of the room.

Some of them have dragon scales and fangs as part of their body while some don't have any resemblance to a human

…. It's only natural as all of us here are demonic beings.

I was at the receiving end of many piercing gazes, given the fact that I looked the same as a human except for a small horn protruding from my head.

…. and we're supposed to be of same age.

The hundreds gathered here are those that turned 20 this year.

Demonic beings are long-lived and as such, do not produce that many offsprings. However, this year seemed to be an exception.

….previously it seemed that it was normal for the number of attendees to sum up to a single digit.

As demonic beings, it was customary for us to create a dungeon within the Demon Lord's castle when we turned 20.

We are to live in the dungeon we made and learn how to control our demonic powers as well as expanding the dungeon made in the Demon Lord's castle with the academic facilities provided.

In other words, the Demon Lord's castle also functions as a school.

"Let's begin the class segregation test or also known as Dungeon Creation!" (Professor)

The class is about to start now.

The academy professor stood beside the large crystal which was in the center of the room and began calling out the names from the roster of the freshman who registered this year.

"Sophia Grave of the Vampire race! Come forth." (Professor)

"Oh, that's me" (Sophia)

The first to be called out was a maiden with thin long ears and black wings.

With an average height, the vampire has a bewitching appearance, with a revealing attire exposing her pale body which radiates her feminine charm.

"Sophikun. You are… I see, the prestigious vampire, Grave nobility family. I have high hopes for you." (Professor)

"Fufu, thank you very much. So, I just have to touch this crystal, right?" (Sophia)

"That's right. By touching this crystal - Mother Core, a dungeon appropriate to your ability will be created and registered within the Core." (Professor)

"Uhm… While we're in the academy, we will be living within the dungeon we created right?" (Sophia)

"That's right. However, upon leaving the academy, you would still be living within the same dungeon. As such, please have a firm image of your castle." (Professor)

After listening to the explanation by the professor, the vampire then touched the crystal. At that moment, the crystal emitted a red light.

The red light then projected the map of the dungeon on the surface of the crystal.

"Oh, this is incredible! For a first timer, an rank 10 layered dungeon was created! A vampire is a superior demonic being but you are on another level!" (Professor)

"I've received the appropriate training for this back at home." (Sophia)

"Hmm… I'll place you into the special class." (Professor)

Everybody in the room makes a fuss upon hearing the professor's words.

"Suddenly into the special class, this year we're with someone incredible right." (Small Fry A)

"Ah, even for noble demonic beings, making an A rank dungeon on the first try. You gotta be kidding me…" (Small Fry B)

Amidst the fuss around the room, I was mesmerized by the map displayed on the crystal.

The dungeon creation is a kind of method to measure your power.

If you're strong, a wide and deep dungeon will be created. If you're weak, a small and narrow one will be formed.

That is why within the ranks of demonic beings, only the powerful nobles and royalty are able to create A or rank dungeons. The average demonic beings usually create D or C ranks dungeons with moderate strength.

Based on the results of this exam, everyone's individual strength is determined. We will then be divided into the special class or the common class and have different curriculums to cater to everyone's needs.

However, I would prefer to have an ordinary small space.

I think that having the size of a four and a half tatami mat[1] and four rooms would be sufficient.

Too wide would make moving about troublesome.

I thought of living a peaceful and leisure lifestyle in a small house, attending lessons in the common class of the academy while learning to control my powers.

And when I return to my hometown in the countryside, I could then join my family's business as a pharmacist.

"Next, Chrono Alcon from the devil race." (Professor)

My name was the second to be called. So I stepped up front.

As I do so, the professor looked at my face and put his hand on his neck.

"Chrono-kun, you're a …. Uhm, from the devil race right? It seems that your demonic characteristic is rather thin. Are you a half?" (Professor)

"No. I'm a regular demonic being." (Chrono)

I'm just a normal devil who was raised in the countryside.

"I see. Uhm, that was rude of me." (Professor)

"Well, I'm used to it so please don't mind. Unlike other demonic beings, we devils do not have any outstanding characteristics." (Chrono)

The only difference we have from humans that differentiates us is the small horn growing from our head. It can't be helped if others easily misunderstood us.

"I'm grateful for your openness. Well, sorry to have taken your time. Let's carry on with the Dungeon Creation. Please imagine your castle and touch the Mother Core." (Professor)

Even if the professor mentions a castle, a four and a half tatami mat size room is enough to satisfy me. It might be presumptuous of me, but I hope I get a slightly wider room.

Well, if I'm able to live a comfortable life, I'm fine with anything.

I don't think I have the power for anything amazing. Something average would be fine.

Moreover, I'm looking forward to the laid-back life at the common class.

While having such easy going thought, I touched the crystal. At that moment,

The crystal instantly turned pitch black.


From the pitch black crystal, a black light shone out. A large map was portrait from it.

The light filled up the entire crystal.

However, what the map filled up, was not the crystal alone.

"What's with this black light!?" (Professor)

The black light was so intense that it filled up the entire room, displaying the entire map of the dungeon.

"Ca, cataclysm!? This is rather scary!!" (Peanut gallery)

As a result of the crystal's sudden development, the surrounding people were surprised.

"This is?!… wh, what's going on!?" (Professor)

Even the professor in front of me was panicking. His eyes were observing the crystal all over while running a cold sweat.

And a few moments later, the professor muttered his feelings as blood drained from his face.

"Four hundred. layers…!? Wh, what an unbelievable magnitude. An A or S rank… that's not even close! This is a legendary Demon King's class dungeon!!" (Professor)

"Huh?" (Chrono)

I can't fully understand what the professor is talking about. What does he mean when he mentioned Demon King's class.

"Y-you, you there! what kind of power are you wielding! Or more like, what did you imagined?!" (Professor)

"Uhm, how do I say this. I'm just a regular demonic being from the countryside." (Chrono)

And also what I imagined is just a regular dungeon for my livelihood. Even I myself don't understand what's happening.

"Anyway, Chrono-kun. Please come this way and go to where the Demon King is." (Professor)

"Ehrrr……?" (Chrono)

It seems like my plan to live a comfortable and leisure life in a four and a half tatami room is slightly derailed.


4 1⁄2 mats = 9 shaku × 9 shaku ≈ 2.73 m × 2.73 m.
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