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Chapter 28
Chapter 28 Changes in the dungeon


The moment I stepped into the dungeon of the Second Demon King, I immediately realized that it was different from the previous day .

“Isn’t the wall of the dungeon ragged?”

“It looks like…”

Until the other day, the dungeon consisted of beautiful tree walls . But now there are holes here and there and dents . Obviously, the number of monsters such as Matango has decreased .

“Did an earth’s crust alteration happen in the dungeon?”

“Oh, if there’s such a trap or gimmick, it wouldn’t be like this if it were normal . Maybe the Glutton lizard ate too much . I’d like to check it out for a little bit, but… First, we have to do an investigation of Chrono and his team . ”

Saying that Liza approached us . And…

“Stay still . ”

She hugged me .

“<> (Contact)”

“Hey, Lisa?”

“Stay still . This is the only magic I can use to look deep inside . ”

Saying that she pressed her soft body .   Although the body touch is intense from the beginning, it is more stimulating than that .

I don’t hate it at all .

I thought that it was a good deal, I continued to enjoy the soft feeling for several tens of seconds, then Liza nodded and left .

“Yeah, Chrono doesn’t seem to have a control contract . Good . ”

“… Yeah, I mean, I’m glad that there is such magic . ”

“I’m not good at fighting, so I’ve learned a lot of support magic like this . Then, Sophichan next . ”

“Yes, thank you . ”

Liza hugged Sophia just like me . And she nodded again .

“Sophia is also safe . There is no evidence of control from anyone other than Chrono . ”

Sofia exhaled with relief at the words . Apparently, she was nervous . Well, it’s good to be safe .

“Anyway, it was only Yukino that was under control . ”

“That’s right . So, all I must do is to remove Yukino’s sickness . Chrono and Sophia can go back to the castle, but what should I do?”

Liza’s words made me, and Sophia look at each other . We didn’t have any other reason to deal with the Glutton Lizard .

Certainly, I’m worried about my senior illness, but if the Demon King and professors are here, they will solve the problem .

However, it is also a good opportunity to explore the dungeon in the perfect condition that there are professors . You could even look for the “Baton of Denial” on this occasion . Then,

“I think I’ll follow them to the point where it’s not dangerous, but what about Sophia?”

“Oh, I agree with Mr . Chrono . ”

Sophia had the same opinion . Then it’s confirmed .

“We’re going to stick behind Liza and all . ”

Then Liza nodded with a smile .

“Yes, I understand! Then come with me . For now, I’m going to look for traces of the Glutton Lizard in this first level . ”

With that said, Liza walked forward with Yukino and the professors . With a spirited stride, she moved forward with the professors .

“Do we also go?”


 Sophia and I were going to follow them . At that moment,



There was a large hole on the floor of the first floor .

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My feet and Lisa’s, in front of me, collapsed almost at the same time . And of course, we fell .

“Eh, what is this?”

I looked around while falling on the scaffolding debris of the floor . There was Sophia near me .

“Hi yaaaaaa . ”

She was screaming and falling in the opposite way .

…No, she’s a vampire, so she could fly with her wings .

Apparently, this child forgot her ability when she met a sudden happening .

However, it was dangerous to drop like this . So, I kicked the scaffolding debris and jump to Sofia .

“Sophia, hold on . ”

“Eh, Mr . Chrono?”

Then, I let my body be firmly grasped by Sophia, and then jump on the debris in front . Fly over some debris with the same momentum,

“This is the wall…!”

I grabbed the wall with my fingers and toes to kill the momentum of the fall . Within a few seconds, I was able to keep my body in place with the wall behind me .

“Well, I managed to reach the wall and stop . ”

“Oh, it’s still great athletic ability and technic . You can step on debris without using magic and stick to such a precipice …”

“If you are stuck to the ceiling, when you apply it, you can go to the wall, and the fragments are large . All there is to do is apply power correctly . ”

I mean, she doesn’t care about my technology .

“Sophia in the first place . You could fly with your wings . ”

Sophia looked down with a troubled expression .

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“Uh, excuse me, I’m a step behind . ”

“Oh, no, I’m not angry so you don’t have to apologize . I think it’s easy to panic . ”

“Yes, I have a tendency to get upset . So, I want to emulate Mr . Chrono that was able to survive the accident effortlessly, but it’s fair . ”

“No, I think I’m pretty rushed?”

At least I think I’ve been in a rush since I came to this Demon King’s castle . Being put into a super-special class on the first day . The next day, I realized that my classmate had become a slave .

The next day and the next day, something is happening in the dungeon . I think it’s rushing all the time .

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yeah, so you don’t have to follow me . I think you’re mentally strong enough . ”

After all, even if she knew about the slave contract, she accepted it without any hassle .

“…I feel confident when Mr . Chrono says that . ”

“It was good . Well then, can you have your wings out while you’re feeling confident? I want to get out of here . See, there’s a floor over there?”

There is a deep hole just below, but the floor can be seen a little further away . If you jump, you could reach it barely, but if you fly in the sky, there is no doubt .

“Please leave it to me! Let me grab and hold Mr . Chrono . ”

After saying that, I grabbed the winged Sophia, and put my foot on the floor near me . It was a wide and bright passage . However, Liza was not there .

“Hmm, has she move on?”

“It looks like…”

Just before we fell, we walked quite forward, but there was no hole in front of us . Maybe they hit the floor on the way, and we were the only ones in the hole that led to this point .

……Well, what do we do?

Due to the collapse, I don’t know how many levels we fell . If it was a second-floor layer, it would be easy, but from the fall time, we would have fallen a little deeper .

“Um, the map is…”

Despite the sudden collapse, I can still use the map I brought in . I could guess the current location by looking at the falling point from the starting point and the current topography .

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“…Is this the middle of the 4th floor?”

With that in mind, when I walked around with Sophia, I saw multiple gatekeepers and a large door .

It’s a familiar place .

“As expected, this is the fourth level, Mr . Chrono . ”

“Oh, I know the place and I am worried . ”

The worrying thing is that we have fallen apart from Liza and the others .

……There is almost no possibility of falling below this .

When I looked around the 4th floor again, the only holes that seemed to pass down were where we had fallen .

So, I think we’ll meet as we go up .

“For the time being, we can go up to the third and second floors, and look for people who fall apart . ”

“I agree……”

While nodding, Sophia stared at my eyes .

“Yeah, what happened?”

“No, I don’t think I’m used to it . I don’t know how to look at the map or how to escape from here, but Mr . Chrono is working hard…”

“Oh, well, in the countryside . If you go into the mountains and roll down, you won’t know where you are . You’ll get used to thinking of ways to escape . ”

It’s not like I went into the mountains to get medicinal plants and get into distress . I think the experience at that time is just working .

“Well, that’s right . The Demon King’s dungeon and the depth of the mountains are alike, isn’t it?”

“I have a map and I know the way . If that’s the case, then they’re both the same . Well, I’ve decided on a course of action, we’re moving . ”

“Ryo, I understand . ”

After setting our goals, we decided to walk .

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