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My self-assigned deadline is fast approaching, and my editor is away when it arrives, so this isn’t getting edited further. It’s mostly done, not least because of commenters here and on discord, so thank you to you lot.


So volume 3 will be released in a similar fashion within the next month or so, beyond that, I’ve decided how I’ll be splitting my workload for the foreseeable future:

Weekdays – Work on various (probably too many, there may well be multiple teasers and a long time between individual updates) projects other than Low-Life/Seishun.

Weekends – Low-Life/Seishun pretty much exclusively.

The goal, though by no means is this a guarantee, will be to have at least something released each week.

This means that for a while I’ll be working more on the other things, but once I start work, the bulk of my attention will be on this. As for more immediate updates: The next mini drama should be up tomorrow at some point, followed by chapter 2 of IseCafé in the first half of next week.

The next manga chapter of IseCafé won’t be out until the end of the month because it’s not available for free until then, and I don’t want to spend 700 yen on a single chapter from the magazine.

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