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Chapter 148.2 : Flora Agony ~Part 3~

「……………………… Understood. Though we can’t provide a luxurious lifestyle as we’re just a poor village, feel free to stay as long as you want.」

The village's chief heaved a sigh and reluctantly agreed to let Flora stay. Seeing his father give his approval Will made a guts pose while saying 「YEAH!」. 」

「T-Thank you very much, Will-sama.」

Flora heaved a relieved sigh and expressed her gratitude to Will.

「P-Please stop it. Calling me “Will-sama” is a bit…….」

Will awkwardly scratched his head.

「Let’s arrange a meal suitable for a sick person then. Please go back to rest and we will bring the food to your room.」

The village chief heaved a sigh and said so to Flora to calm her down and sent her back to her room.


Flora nodded obediently and went back to her room. As a result, despite her physical condition not getting better, the night passed by without any problems this time.

The noon of the next day. Will was having a lively discussion with the young men of the village during the lunch break. Naturally the topic of their conversation was Flora.

「So, what’s happened then, Will? Tell us about that noble cutie.」

The young men gathered and asked Will.

「A~h, about Florsama huh?」

Will said Flora's name with a smug smile on his face.

「Florsama? You bastard, so she told you her name! ? 」
「Since it was a conversation between people living under the same roof, it’s natural to ask for her name right? 」

Will replied with a faint smile directed at the men who approached him with pale faces.

「Dang, why is it only you?」
「Yeah, that’s right!」

And while those young men cried out with vexed tones――,

「What’s happened to Florsama? How long is she going to stay in this village? 」

Donner asked.

「N?  Ah, it seems that she caught a cold. She decided to stay in this village for the time being.」

Will spoke about Flora's condition with a slightly proud expression

「What, she’s sick! ? 」
「Well bred people have a weak body.」
「Is she alright! ? 」

Those young men became anxious about Flora's condition.

「Calm down, it’s okay. She just caught a cold.」[ED: Ignorance is bliss XD.]

Will lightly shook his head.

「Are you sure? 」
「No, I’m not……….. Why do you guys seem so desperate?」

Will looked at those men with a pitying gaze.

「What? 」
「Well, I can understand your worries. So please ask other questions. Maybe because that indifferent pops of mine has smelt trouble from Florsama, he seems to want her to leave as soon as possible. So I butted in on their conversation. I said, 'it’s not a problem if we just give her a temporary shelter'. And now Florsama is calling me “Will-sama”.」

After pacifying those curious men, Will then told them about that event with a proud look on his face. Thereupon――,

「Ceh, that annoying face………..」

Donner muttered so without hiding his vexation. The other young men also had an apathetic look about them. And then――,

「Oi, Will. You can't go stealing the march on us. You should know that right? 」

Another man pressed so.

「Stealing the march huh……… Isn't it just a minimal amount of conversation because we live under the same roof? Also that is impossible as I’m nursing Florsama you know?」

When Will shrugged and said so――,

「Being alone with Florsama! ? 」
「What kind of clothes is she wearing right now! ? 」

Thus the young men surrounded Will with flustered faces. For those young men of a rural village-which lacked any kind of entertainment- Flora, a highborn noble who had suddenly appeared, was their center of attention.

「H-H-Hold ON! You guys, calm down! 」

Maybe because things were getting out of control, Will decided to calm those men with a loud voice. At that moment――,

「……….. Let’s go visit her.」

Donner muttered.

「………….. Visiting her? D-Donner, did you eat something strange before? You never came to visit the village girls when they were on their sick bed did you?」

Will looked at Donner dumbfounded and grinned ear to ear a moment later.

「S-Shut up! If I say I’ll go, then I’ll go! To express my sympathy…」
「Y-Yes, you’re right! Let’s go visit her! 」

When Donner said so with a shrill voice, the other young men also backed him up.

「N-No, you can’t. What do you think is going to happen if your filthy germs end up making Florsama even more sick? The one who will nurse Florsama is me.」

Will smacked his lips as he rejected them. But――,

「That’s tyranny! That’s only your pride!」
「That’s right, you can’t monopolize her! You only want to enjoy her by yourself」
「I’m the one who saved her first! 」

「You said to us before that you were going to introduce her to us right! ? 」

The young men, including Donner voiced their dissatisfaction.

「S-Shut up! Florsama is prohibited from going outside right now. It’s not like I’m the only one banning you guys from meeting her, my father also won’t allow it! 」

Will made use of his father's name to dismiss their complaints. As a result, Will didn’t give in to those young men at all.

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