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Chapter 125.2 : Journey Toward Restoration ~Part 2~—-Teazzer—

(It’s okay)

Aisia gently said so.


(Don’t worry about my skill, Haruto. You go first, leave this place to me)

Though he can’t see her in her spirit form, he could feel that Aisia is smiling right in front of him. He knows that she then shifted to the side immediately to open a path for him.

「What’s the matter, Haruto? 」

Slightly ahead of him, Celia is turning around to ask him.

(Look, even Celia is noticing your abnormal behaviour you know?)

Rio’s walking awkwardly after being urged by Aisia.

「I’m sorry.  It’s nothing」

After standing beside Celia, he put on the best smile he can.

「Is that so?  」

Celia’s tilting her head while showing a doubtful expression on her face as if peering at Rio's face.


While Rio’s nodding at Celia,

(……….. Sorry Aisia. Can you help me by tailing those men's side for a while in your spirit form?)

He sent a telepathic communication to Aisia. At the same time he is starting to walk due to Celia urging him with 「Let’s go」.


Aisia agreed to his request immediately.

Rio's expression is that of someone feeling apologetic.

(Thank you. But, no matter how much we were connected together, merging back will become troublesome when both of us move a separate ways too far apart. That’s why please return immediately if you can’t find any useful information within 3 days)

(Yeah, understood)

Along with those words, Aisia left Rio's body while still in her spirit form.

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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