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Chapter 125  : Journey Toward Restoration ~Part 2~—Teaser—-

TL : Cnine


Part 1

That day, Rio-tachi is taking a detour around the checking station and then successfully slipping through it by using mountain and forest area barely arriving in the next post town before evening.

「W-We finally arrived」

Murakumo Kouta muttered those words with exhausted voice while looking at the entrance of the post town.

「Could it be that I’m completely wasted because we traveled through the forest. Just how long we walked through that forest? 」

Saiki Rei, the senpai of Kouta who walked by his side is responded with faint breath.
It’s been two days since they left the capital of earl Claire territory, Creia. They keep moving around during those time, so it’s natural for those two who come from peaceful Japan to be this exhausted.
Nevertheless, it’s become more obvious in Christina and Celia side who basically living a sheltered live to have far less stamina than Kouttachi.
Nevertheless, Christina and Celia keep moving gallantly without saying any complaints. Those two are currently rehydrating themself with water from their flask.

「The average distance a human can moving around in one day is around 30~40 kilometres. But, we were barely covering half of those distance since we traveled via the forest」

Rio is replying to Rei question with nonchalant face.

「In short it was around 20 kilometres…………..」

Kouta face become stiff in hearing the fact that those distance can be traversed in tens minutes by car.

「It might take around 2-3 weeks till we arrived at the stronghold of Restoration. The way ahead is still long you know. We will moving tomorrow too」

Vanessa, the escort knight of Christina interposing from the side.


Kouta couldn’t do anything but to nod in hearing that.

「By the way, let’s enter the city immediately so that we can secure our inn today. Since I’ll make a lighter dinner, please sleep earlier than usual」

After Rio saying those words with wry smile, all of them then went to continue their short journey toward the inn.
And then, as soon as Rio entering the post town, he was hit by faint sense of discomfort. He felt someone gaze at him.

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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