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[Saint Doll] Arc 2 Chapter 19 – SEIKISHIN
When people used that word in this world, then they are currently referring to a specific “City”.
When villages are gathered and they obtained their own Artificial God, a City would then be formed.
When those City are gathered even further, the collection of those fertile land would be considered a “Country”.
A Village have 1 Divine Pillar, while a City range from 2 to 9 Pillar, and when the amount exceed 10, then those gathering would be called a Country.
In this world, there are 4 name that can be referred as a Country.

Mercenary Country Befana
Commercial Country Minefia
Holy Country Shurato­
The Grand Empire

Those countries would lend out their broken Artificial God to pioneer a new area, and by doing so they would also spread their influence by absorbing the resulting “Village” and “City” into their dominance.
Therefore, almost all existing “Village” right now belong to one of those country.
Yutarika Village itself belong to the Commercial Country Minefia.

And then, there’s another force existing beside those four.
The Academy.
It was the place where the first Divine Pillar is erected, and also the place where the previous generation Miko and her partner put down their roots.
The Academy’s territory are formed by 5 cores of Artificial God and encloses the following area :
The School, Training Ground, Factory, Farm, and a Village capable of housing 1000 people.
It’s the only place in this world that can produce Artificial God, and also the largest “City” to exist independently apart from the other “Country”.

The Academy only have one objective. They would foster Adventurers and produce Artificial God to protect humanity for the sake of the Miko that would return one day.
That’s why they would accept any Blessed who wish to enter the school and also technician who want to acquire the skills needed to maintain an Artificial God from all over the world.

And then, inside the Headmaster’s Office of that Academy right now, the room that was usually filled with quiet and studious atmosphere is filled with ruckus.

“Headmaster!! It’s an emergency!!!!”
A young female teacher came barging toward the inside of the room, she was in so much hurry that she looks like she’s going to roll into ball if she tumbled forward. The young female teacher is dressed in a well made suit, and her huge breasts under it had popped the suit’s button and make it fly outward when she came rushing in.

“Calm down, Instructor Akatsuki”
In contrast to her, there’s an elderly woman with a prominent gray hair inside the room. She had dexterously caught the button that was blown off with her hand and calmly placed it on the desk.

“How’s the preparation for Yutarika Village’s relief ? Have you finished all the equipment’s shipment and also the selection of Apprentice Miko with the highest achievement ? Don’t forget to tell those apprentices to prepare their will, and also the document promising their promotion if they survive”
“Who-, who cares about those……  wait no-, it’s important, but there’s something even more urgent right now!!”
The woman named Akatsuki who had her twin hills inside the shirt exposed to the air is standing before the calm elderly woman who she had called Headmaster. She then set her spine straight while still having her breast swaying up and down due to her ragged breath.
“What is it ?”
“The seal of the Seikishin is being undone at a great pace!! Around 90% of it has been released just right before this, this is truly seriously an emergency!!”
“That’s good”
While saying so with smile on her face, the headmaster covered the breasts that was presented in front of her eyes with a towel.
“It’s not good at all!! It’s the Seikishin, the seal of the Seikishin!!”
“I heard you properly, the seal of the Seikishin is being undone right ?”
“That’s right!!”
“In other words, Miko-sama has returned right ?”
The owner of the breasts who can hold a towel in place by shape alone then froze.
“Miko…-sama ?”
“Correct, instructor Akatsuki. Cancel all rescue preparation, then prepare the prototype aircraft. The pilot shall be the student council president Tsubaki-san. The both of us will go straight as soon as possible”
“Eerm, as you already know, the divine power needed to power the aircraft is 10 times of an Artificial God. Furthermore, it would cost us high maintenance fee after the flight. So we shouldn’t use it unless we have the cooperation of Minefia who is supporting us”
“No problem, we’re using it to pick up Miko-sama”
Akatsuki’s face is gradually turning blue after hearing the Headmaster speaking so lightly.
The two of them are the polar opposite right now, but then as Akatsuki remembered the other important matter, blood is slowly returning to her face.
“Are, are you going to forsake Yutarika Village !?”
“Calm down, Instructor Akatsuki. A Disaster Class appeared in Yutarika Village, then a request for back up was made, and then the seal of Seikishin is being undone by Miko-sama. If that’s the case, there’s only one possibility isn’t it ?”
“Could it be! Miko-sama is in Yutarika Village !?”
The shocked Akatsuki raised her face while the Headmaster is nodding quietly.
“I’m going to contact each country myself and invite them to the Academy. The empire will be absent as usual, but the other countries will send their king or someone of equal position. We don’t want to keep them waiting so we need to prepare to leave soon”
“Yes!! Leave it to this Akatsuki””
After hearing the Headmaster’s words, Akatsuki saluted while leaving her breasts as it is.
She then jumped out of the room while leaving the headmaster who is sighing deeply afterward.
“I thought she would become calmer after becoming a teacher, but as soon as trouble appeared she become like that”

While three pairs of eyes are staring at her, Yuri solemnly proceed with her aria.
For the sake of Shin, for herself, for Shana and Gain, and then for Fea.
Yuri conceptualize her own Blessing and bring forth her power as a [Miko].

― 其は、神より賜りしもの ―
―So wa, Kami yori tamawarishi mono―
―Thou, whom are the gift from God―

― 其は、不朽、不壊、不穢の祝福を受け ―
―So wa, fukyuu, fue, fukegare no shukufuku wo uke―
―Thou, whom have received the blessings of eternity, immortality, and purity―

― 其は、聖婚の儀をもって巫女と一つとなる ―
―So wa, seikon no gi wo motte miko to hitotsu to naru―
―Thou, with this sacred ceremony shalt now become one with the Miko―

“Advent ! Sacred Machine God Saint Doll !”
As the lyric of her aria end, the world changed.
During that moment, light disappeared from the world and gathered behind Yuri.
The converged light with mysterious color that doesn’t belong to any plant or mineral then formed into a one big gate. Then as the light start to disappear slowly, the double door of the gate is opening from behind.
One huge humanoid armor had appeared from behind the moving gate, it’s total height exceed 10 meters, and its body which is donned in silver armor is decorated with beautiful pattern. It then kneeled toward Yuri in front of it like a knight kneeling before their lord.

Shin who had forgotten to breath thanks to the sight in front of him regains his consciousness after hearing Yuri calling out to him. Yuri is looking straight into his eyes, then she smiled after Shin had looked back at her.
“I will fight too. Together with this blessing of [Miko]”
“I see… So Yuri is also a Blessed”
Yuri nodded to Shin’s words, and then she looked behind toward the Seikishin.
Against Yuri who had turned the back of her hand to it, the Seikishin then opened its chest armor as if it was trying to accept her inside it. Yuri rushed over toward the Seikishin, and then she jumped into the space inside its armor.
“I won’t let Shin-chan suffer by himself anymore!!”

Inside the Seikishin, there’s only a space of nothingness.
Apart from the walls that is shining faintly, there’s no chair, no levers, no switch and no anything else. Inside those space where there’s only Yuri by herself, she closes her eyes quietly.

-Seikon no gi wo-
-The sacred ceremony-

As she murmured so, Yuri’s body is slowly being lifted up.
The gravity felt as if it has disappeared from her surrounding, then as her floating body reached the center of the space, Yuri opened her eyes.
A ring of light appeared on the top of her head, then the ring spread out and enlarge itself while descending toward her feet.
While it was doing so, the ring had turned all of Yuri’s clothes into a particle of light.

The sacred ceremony doesn’t require any impurities from the lower world. Yuri know that her clothes will be restored to its original condition when she leave the Seikishin. Then while staying naked, Yuri focused her line of sight on the ring of light that has moved from her feet to her front.

-Kokoro to karada no motomeru akashi wo-
-The proof of bond between the heart and body-

After her following words, the ring of light then changed it shape. Its new figure resembles the shape of Miko Stone that Shana had, no, the correct way of saying it would be it resemble the shape of a male instrument. Yuri then extended her hand to grasp the ring of light’s new shape.
Yuri already understand it. The shape of this thing is the same with the male instrument of her most important person that she gave her virginity to.
Her heart seeks for it  and her body yearn for it.
And thus, Yuri received the thing that has the same shape with the meat stick of her most beloved person, Shin, in her hand.

-Miko wa Kami to hitotsu ni-
-The Miko shalt become one with the God-

Then for the final part, Yuri inserted the Miko Stone inside her genital.
She doesn’t need to make herself wet. The moment she saw the thing that her mind and body is yearning for, love juices was overflowing from Yuri’s crotch.
It’s not an imitation. It’s the certain same thing that Shin had. And as she recognized that she’s doing it for Shin’s sake, Yuri’s genital gladly accepted the thing inside it.

As Yuri clamped the Miko Stone inside her, her love juices are dripping into the floor.
As if being signaled by the sound, the walls with faint light that doesn’t show anything then suddenly reflected the scenery outside.
While Yuri is focusing her mind, the Seikishin then stood up slowly.

“There’s enough Divine Power accumulated. The holy sword isn’t here, as for the miracles……”
Yuri checked the state of the Seikishin that was floating inside her mind one by one.
It has no armament, so she need to use the magic of the Seikishin which is said to be close to a miracle. But while thinking so, Yuri then chewed on her lips.

“Since I’m still inexperienced, this one might be impossible”

-Zetcho wo mukaeta onna no ishiryoku ga 『Kiseki』 wo kengen suru-
-The willpower of woman who had reached climax shalt reveal a [Miracle]-
Yuri send her line of sight toward a small window that has appeared at the edge of her view. The window which looks like a video image is displaying the sight of Yuri’s crotch where the shrine maiden stone which had become fully transparent glass is spreading Yuri’s genital.
It’s glowing faintly as it’s exposing all of Yuri’s hidden part, even the entrance of her womb is made visible on the window, however the love juices that was overflowing earlier had already stopped now.

After this, Yuri is going to fight with her live on the line, and her arousal will also cool down sharply. She could get excited as much as she can if Shin is watching her, however he is outside of the Seikishin right now.
Yuri is a bit envious at her close friend from the school that could get excited from exposure alone, but for the time being she need to focus her mind and prepare herself.

“I don’t want to use that if possible since it could become immobile afterward”
Yuri breathe out deeply, she then spread her legs and focus her sight to the front.
She confirmed that the Seikishin has took the same posture as her, and then she made her preparation.

“Which means, I just have to stop the Disaster class even if I have to clash against it!!”

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