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Chapter 5

Chapter 5      The man called Isurugi Jin



Going back in time a little.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas were foreign to Isurugi Jin.

He turned down the invitation of his friends, ignored Strikers’ third-year students’ gathering and went to the city alone.

He walked on the streets full of white, red and smiles, striding and searching for his younger brother with a surly face.

He still didn’t know his whereabouts.

He wasn’t worried about things like “Has he been involved in a lot of dangerous incidents these days?”. Humans getting sued by 《Saviors》 for violence was a thought that ordinarily didn’t exist.

What was more concerning than that was the likelihood that his younger brother committed a crime.

How did his younger brother, who vanished without taking enough money with him, continue his life on the run until now?

He hoped he didn’t do something like extortion.

And he hoped that, with that money, didn’t escape far away.

How long had it been since his younger brother disappeared? His doubts grew stronger day by day.

Isurugi had set a time limit.

He promised the teachers who were worried.

“If I don’t find him by the day of the end-of-term ceremony, the search done by my own efforts will be aborted and I will get the appropriate department of the White Knight Organization to send a pursuing party”.

A 《Savior》 going into hiding was naturally a matter of that much importance.

Now, with the consideration of the school principal, it was just a matter of keeping things from coming to light.

(Don’t act rashly… Gen)

As he exhaled a white breath, Isurugi searched the streets thoroughly.

Then, and without realizing, he was walking on a quiet road with private houses lined in a row.

Beyond the fences were bright lights, warm rooms and cheerful voices.

However, Isurugi wasn’t shifting his attention to that.

He kept a keen eye on the shadows of street corners, the shadows of utility poles and all places hidden from view.

He looked for his younger brother, without letting his guard down at all.

Because of that──even when someone turned their gaze on him all of a sudden, Isurugi put himself on guard immediately.

It was a piercing gaze from above.

Tracing the source of the gaze, Isurugi looked up.

The private house right before his eyes. A monster was on the roof. It wasn’t big. It wasn’t much different from people.

At a glance, his impression was that of a human shape.

But at the same time, it was quite unlike the silhouette of mankind.

Two arms extended from the right shoulder. And one from the back, around the kidneys.

Another arm from the left shoulder and another one from the side.

And, on the part where originally was a head, a big arm grew in place of it.

Six arms in total. A six-armed monster, each arm clutched a specialized weapon: a sword, an axe, a hammer, a two-handed spear, an iron ball and an impressive long sword.

That monster was looking down at him.

Even though it had no head or eyes, he definitely felt its gaze.

(This is… an Archfiend…)

Feeling a tremendous pressure just from being glared at, Isurugi let a drop of sweat ran on his forehead.

He didn’t have time to think Why is it in a place like this?

However, his thoughts were filled with a sense of danger, that he had to deal with the calamity in front of him.

He felt around for the ID tag in his breast pocket. It was exactly there.

He was also wearing the combat uniform under his coat in case his younger brother wasn’t reasonable and rampaged.

He was strangely ready.

Isurugi didn’t think he could subjugate a 《Metaphysical》 alone.

I’m trying to finally reach that point someday, he wished, but that had nothing to do with the predicament before his very eyes.

However, it was also a bad move to escape.

He couldn’t afford to leave a 《Metaphysical》 alone. It could rampage and cause who knows how much damage.

Isurugi pulled out the ID tag with his right hand and touched the mobile telephone with his left hand.

(I will call for help and gain time until then)

That seemed to be the best move.

He wasn’t confident of defeating it, but if it was about power reconnaissance, then that was his specialty. Until Haimura Moroha joined Strikers, this was Isurugi’s role.

A wide-edged sword was silently manifested from the ID tag.

However──the six-armed Evil Spirit took an unexpected action.

It disappeared into a blind spot, to the other side of the roof.

– Muh…!

Isurugi wrinkled up his eyebrows.

He immediately jumped with 《Godlike Movement》, landed on the roof with a step and followed the whereabouts of the Evil Spirit with his eyes.

The six-armed Evil Spirit jumped from roof to roof like a monkey, distancing itself from Isurugi.

Was the 《Metaphysical》 running away? Impossible.

(… Is it planning to lure me somewhere?)

He had heard that Evil Spirit class had intelligence to at the very least move in response to someone’s command. This was a valuable report that Moroha brought back before.

Still, there was no other choice for Isurugi than going after it, but thanks to that, he had time to make a call.

As he chased it from roof to roof, he called the principal Mari.

Mari answered when only one ring sounded,

『Isurugi-kun!? I was thinking of calling you right now』

– I have found an Evil Spirit class. Did you already know about this?

『An Evil Spirit class you say!?』

Mari let out a hysteric voice. Does this mean that she doesn’t know?

『Ranjou-san sensed it』

I see, so that’s the reason.

『Where are you? Are you alone?』

Isurugi quickly looked around him and told her the area where he was and the direction the Evil Spirit was heading.

『Right now, Haimurkun, Ranjou-san, Urushibarsan and Elensan are here with me. I will let them go right away』

– I thank you for that.

Today was Christmas Eve, and those members were enjoying the fortune of meeting together.

Since some time ago, Isurugi had been taking into consideration what kind of tactics he should take if he were to engage an Evil Spirit class.

When dealing with small-sized Evil Spirit class, the 「numerical advantage」, which was the established tactic of the White Knight Organization, didn’t work at all.

No matter how many people were gathered, the number of people who could attack all at once would come to light and the rest would end up becoming the so-called combatants.

And since the Evil Spirit class had high mobility, another standard practice, the 「cooperation by means of battle formation」, would be powerless too. The Evil Spirit class could move and attack repeatedly and turn the battle formation into pieces faster than the dispatch of an order reaching the large force. The allies would be disturbed, without looking like they could be able to oppose it.

And the ultimate victory pattern of 「Shiroganes will build a front line and Kuromas willprovide them fire support from behind」 wouldn’t work. The Evil Spirit class would probably break through the front line easily by making full use of its attack power, vitality and mobility and trample down the Kuroma forces who had poor self-defense abilities.

Therefore, the Evil Spirit class was different from the previous 《Metaphysicals》, it was clear how terrifying the enemy was.

The only way to oppose that monster was──to face it by means of a few selected forces consisting only of really powerful 《Saviors》.

Moroha’s individual strength went without saying, and Shizuno’s hidden power was also reliable.

Satsuki was several levels behind them, but there was no need to worry about her being killed immediately due to her excellent toughness. In other words, there was nothing to be troubled about, they all could be calculated purely as positive fighting power.

He couldn’t expect much from Leshya, but he would like Shizuno to have a guard, so she would surely be more than enough to accomplish that role.

In the mind of Isurugi, tactics were put together, simulated and good results were obtained in an instant.

If it was about hoping for even more certainty, then he would like to have Sophia and Souya Manako who had excellent defense and Haruka who had excellent speed and coordination with Moroha. As he chased the six-armed Evil Spirit, Isurugi requested Mari.

– May I have you call Sophikun? She should be in the gathering of the third-year students.

『Ranjou-san has called her many times since a while ago, but nobody answers…』

Is this the pattern in which everyone goes way over the top and doesn’t even notice the phone calls…?

Thinking that they should get all noisy on Christmas Eve at least, the fact that he didn’t give them a warning ended up backfiring him.

– Then what about Souykun? She said she would skip the gathering.

『It seems that she turned off her phone…』

Is she on a date, perhaps? Isurugi remembered that she was secretly dating Taketsuru.

– What about Harukkun?

『It seems that she can’t return from her destination yet…』

Isurugi reflected upon the bad luck that today was Christmas Eve as he grinded his teeth out of vexation.

However, that didn’t mean they had no chances of winning.

He had Haimura Moroha.

The most powerful S-Rank there was.

(In short, instead of everyone, I just need the strength of Haimurkun!)

Isurugi resolved himself.

It would be out of the question if he failed to do power reconnaissance here and he were injured before Moroha and the others rushed.

『Instead, I will dispatch skilled teachers』

– No, that will not be necessary.

Isurugi, who strengthened his decision, politely but flatly refused.

Even though she said “skilled”, the true strength of the teachers was almost equal to that of Rank B. Moreover, they had little experience in combat, and he couldn’t expect adaptability from them which was required in battles with unknown Evil Spirit class.

Additionally, since formations were unusable, improvisation and coordination were required. This wouldn’t be possible without training cultivated with them on a daily basis.

 In conclusion, he was grateful for the offer, but the chances of them being a burden would be high.

The name of Tarou Tanaka, who had heard that he gave splendid and unnoticed support in the battle against Shade, crossed his mind for a moment. However, as a commander, Isurugi thought that only those who had grasped their own abilities should fight.

– ──For that reason, I would like to request Haimurkun and the others. I’m hanging up.

『Wait. This is a landline phone, so let’s keep it connected』

Mari hurriedly proposed.

Isurugi understood immediately. With Mari as the relay, the idea was to communicate the state of Isurugi to Moroha and company.

He put the mobile phone in speaker mode and shoved it into his breast pocket with the call still ongoing.

He chased the six-armed Evil Spirit again and increased the speed.

He gripped the handle of the sword tighter again.

However, and as if to match Isurugi, the six-armed Evil Spirit escaped and speeded up.

Why do I feel like it’s luring me somewhere?

He chased it from roof to roof for a short while──then Isurugi saw something nostalgic.

It was the rests of the shopping mall.

Moroha fought against the nine-headed serpent here, everything was torn down.

He heard that the foundation was all damaged, so it would cost too much to reuse it, and that entrance was prohibited while the arrangement of the plot of land didn’t happen.

The goal to have the huge amount of rubble removed was dropped.

It was a vast plot of land. Therefore, the six-armed Evil Spirit took refuge in that terribly desolated area.

Looking over its shoulder, it showed signs of waiting for Isurugi.

He didn’t think it was a trap.

There were no signs of an ambush.

It was like a performance. As if to say it wanted a place connected to Moroha to be the battleground.

– I have to say, this is convenient for me.

Of course, this meant that he could fight without worrying about his surroundings.

From the mobile phone in his breast pocket, he got a reply from Mari who grasped his location. With this, Moroha and the others would come running without getting lost.

Isurugi, whose anxiety was cut off, stood in front of the Evil Spirit with a gust of wind.

He stared at it with a fixed gaze and took a hassou posture*.

*TN: Hassou posture: To put one’s left foot forward and the sword held upright with the hilt in front of the right shoulder.  

The height of the Evil Spirit was a little over 2 meters, counting up to the shoulder. Although it was small as a monster, it had a big body if compared to humans. Isurugi was 190 centimeters tall, so, he naturally, had to look up at it.

Its behavior of holding five weapons was somehow boastful.

(Now, this looks like it will be hard to do…)

The experience of crossing swords with a warrior who handled five weapons at the same time was something he didn’t have neither in his previous life nor in this world.

Applying the reason of humans to 《Metaphysicals》 was useless, but his intuition was certainly telling him it was close to an incomplete doll. He couldn’t find the chance to attack it.

But he told himself that there was no need to be impatient.

He only had to be quiet and steel himself.

And like a stone statue, he held his sword and waited for the move of his opponent.

The point of the sword stood tall, it didn’t shake in the slightest as if it were a single line connecting the heavens and the earth.

The swordsman in a hassou posture and the five, six-armed Evil Spirit stood facing each other.

On the winter night, there were no birds, insects or flowers alive in the ruins.

Frozen-like silence. Frozen-like time.

Only the white long breath of Isurugi drifted.

And that breath drifting in the air wavered violently.

The six-armed Evil Spirit charged as if it had grown impatient and a strong wind broke out.

The long spear held on the left side and in the right rear arm pierced the sky, drawing near.

The Evil Spirit let out a shriek and roared.

The monster’s heart and malicious intent were transmitted via what seemed to be telepathy.

──Aniki, I became strongeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Making Isurugi gaze at it in wonderment.

He knew from Moroha’s report that the Evil Spirit class had will.

– You are──Gen!?

A surprise attack was still a surprise attack.

He dealt with the approaching spearhead one beat later.

He parried it with the sword, but without being able to sustain the shock, his body lost its balance.

The Evil Spirit immediately swung down the iron hammer with its two right arms.

Parrying this was difficult. And dodging it was difficult too due to his collapsed posture.

Isurugi reluctantly received it with the sword.

The tremendous physical strength of the Evil Spirit was transmitted to both arms through the blade.

He clenched his teeth and endured it. But,

 – Gu… u, aaa…!

Without managing to stand firm, he was sent flying straight back.

Being sent flying like a cannonball, he was driven into a rubble piled up high; fine particles danced in the air.

In the smoke, Isurugi slowly stood up.

His whole body hurt. But the more he forgot about it, the more he couldn’t suppress his anger.

He opened his mouth and unconsciously shouted in a thunderous voice at the Evil Spirit.

– You moron!!

How long had it been since he insulted people? It had been too long to remember.

– I’m not asking what you’re doing is either good or bad. But… how can you be proud of power given by others!?

Isurugi raged and charged.

He desperately evaded the sword swung by one of the right arms and the spear that was pushed out and added a counterattack, sweeping sideways.

It was a blow fully loaded with the lighting-colored prana of Isurugi who excelled at attacking.

Even the Evil Spirit faltered for a moment, and in that interval, he swung the sword diagonally from the shoulder and drove up a cutting slash.

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The six-armed Evil Spirit jumped greatly and moved back, probably because it couldn’t endure the angry and fierce attack of Isurugi who was like a fierce god.

– Wait!

Isurugi went after it, his eyes opened wide in anger.

But the Evil Spirit waved the arm instead of the head recklessly and threw the iron ball connected to a chain.

Being hit by the piece at the end of the device, Isurugi ended up being completely knocked back.

He used 《High Durability》 on the spur of the moment, but the shock that he received was so much that he hallucinated that his bones were breaking one after another.

──Look, I’m strooooooong!

On the other hand, during that time, all three wounds carved on the body of the Evil Spirit were healed.

A jet-black core was buried like a heart in the left side of the chest.

The Evil Spirit class made the thick satana that could be called miasma overflow from there and healed the wounds it received.

He also knew this from Moroha’s report, but Isurugi got angry at the ridicule scene he saw for the first time. Thanks to that, he cooled down.

He went back to square one.

He held the sword in a hassou posture again.

However, he wasn’t going to lie in wait this time. He went forward.

He carefully but reliably closed the distance with sliding feet.

The iron ball came flying there again.

Isurugi slid to the right and let it travel, and at the same time he grabbed a part of the chain with his left hand.

He converted his prana into electric shock and from there, he poured it into the chain with all his strength.

The electric current traveled through the chain and reached the Evil Spirit itself, making it receive an electric shock.

Ancestral Arts Light Technique, Isurugi’s 《Mars》.

After seeing the six-armed Evil Spirit becoming numb and stiff, he closed the distance instantly.

When one, two strokes of the sword were put into it, the Evil Spirit showed an expected resilience and swung down the axe on his left arm.

Without a moment’s delay, Isurugi pulled out his right torso, flowed there as he added a slash and avoided it.

However, the Evil Spirit also used the butt end of the long spear and attacked with its back turned on him.

Isurugi handled it well with the sword as if turning over, but the Evil Spirit also turned his way, spinning the opposite way.

The sword on one of the right arms and the axe on the left arm slashed at him from the left and right.

When Isurugi evaded them, the iron hammer on the second right arm came immediately.

Isurugi was forced into a defensive fight only before the constant attacks in waves.

A sensation like he was fighting multiple warriors at the same time.

He mobilized all his patience, waited for a slight chance and counterattacked by taking advantage of a thread-like slight opportunity, but the Evil Spirit quickly healed its wounds.

──I’m stronger than Aniki! I’m stronger than Haimura!

The Evil Spirit used the handle of the spear to mow him down.

Isurugi had just blocked a slashing attack from overhead with his sword, his sides were defenseless.

The handle of the spear was driven into him, and Isurugi bent his body in a く shape.

– Guhaa.

He was immediately swung around and flung away.

Furthermore, the iron ball came after him…!

Isurugi, who wandered about in the air, had no way to dodge it. With no other option, he took a blocking posture with both arms, concentrated 《High Durability》 and prepared for the impact, clenching his teeth.


– Come… Saratiga!

A shrieking vigor roared.

Just like a meteor travelling, the sword that was clad in white prana flashed.

It cut off the darkness of the night and the chain connected to the iron ball.

– I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Senpai.

The one who appeared together with a flying-looking leap and swung his sword was Haimura Moroha.

Isurugi looked up at the back of the man who helped him as he landed, performing the art of falling safely.

– Satsuki and the others will come late.

He went ahead first and came to relief him in the shortest time possible.

──Haimura! Haimura! Haimuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!

The six-armed Evil Spirit rampaged even more as soon as it saw Haimura.

Probably because even the weapons could be restored, the iron ball regenerated from where the chain was cut.

It waved that around and swooped it down on him while clanging the sword, axe, hammer and spear.

Isurugi and Moroha separated to the left and right and avoided the charge.

– Let’s attack it on both sides immediately.

Moroha proposed.

– No… I don’t need assistance!

Isurugi said back.

Moroha raised an eyebrow.

Although he asked for help, these were his words. It was no wonder he strangely thought so.

Isurugi felt incredibly sorry.

However, the situation had changed.

– This Evil Spirit class is… Gen.

This was transmitted to Moroha through Mari, so it wasn’t surprising.

– Do you understand, right…? I have to deal with the carelessness of my younger brother!

Isurugi shouted and slashed at the Evil Spirit from the side.

– That’s not correct, Senpai.

At the same time, Moroha also slashed from the other side.

– This is a 《Metaphysical》. It’s not Gen.

They slashed at the Evil Spirit as if passing by one another and ran past it while remaining on their guard.

Isurugi closed his eyes for a moment.

By the time he analyzed the situation, he overcame his own confusion.

– That’s right… I was wrong. This is not Gen.

He looked over his shoulder, held his sword and created a pincer attack posture with Moroha.


– Satsuki-chan is on the scene! I have arrived!

– We are here to assist you, Isurugi-senpai.

Satsuki and Shizuno carried in Leshya’s arms also arrived.

The power reconnaissance and time-buying were over.

The situation to begin the offensive was ready.

Isurugi raised his voice and issued instructions.

– As you can see, the enemy is an individual specialized in close combat! However, the reach of the iron ball is unexpectedly long, so be careful!

Moroha nodded exactly as he dodged the iron ball attack.

– Don’t make formations such as Trident! I’ve decided that Haimura, Ranjou and I will attempt close-range attacks! The enemy has excellent attack power and vitality. Prioritize defense and support of your allies over damaging it! Elena doesn’t need to take part in the attack, you will defend Urushibara to the last.

The instructions of Isurugi felt like they flowed.

The captain of Strikers wasn’t showing off. It was his specialty.

「We are the “Saviors”!」

A command instead of an assault signal.

「「「We are the “Strike” for our people, our peace and our justice!」」」

Everyone except Leshya said in unison.

Isurugi leapt upon the Evil Spirit from three sides with Moroha and Satsuki.

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From halfway up a mountain, the situation at the ruins of the shopping mall was perfectly seen.

However, this only applied to Shiba Akira’s 《Clairvoyance》 who had an extraordinary prana.

A little less than two kilometers apart.

A chair was prepared on the roof of an abandoned motel, and from there, he could calmly view the battle between the six-armed Evil Spirit and Moroha and company.

– It started….

Without taking his eyes off the battlefield, Shiba started talking to the one beside him.

– It’s too far, I can’t see.

Usako expressed her dissatisfaction while taking a good look.

– It cannot be helped. If we get closer than this, they may be able to sense our gazes….

For example, if we talked about “Invisible”, who was part of Six Wings, he would achieve something like that.

It was unknown whether or not Haimura Moroha’s sense range extended to that person, but he had heard it was quite perceptive.

– Which one is superior?

– It just started….

– Who do you think will win?

– Fufu. We are encamping here because you expressly wanted to see it, right?

Very interesting stuff were the best.

How far would this Evil Spirit, that used a boy selected by “Invisible” as a core, go against Haimura Moroha*?

*TN: Haimura Moroha is the furigana reading for touchstone.

Or was it better to reach extraordinary merits?

– Usako, which one do you want to win…?

– Haimoro.

– You are unwavering….

Was Usako’s wish really going to come true?

Shiba paid attention to Moroha who was far away.

More precisely, he paid attention to the sword he had in his right hand.

From the mansion of “the witch of the prison”, he got to see the clearness of his Dark Arts and the way he fought with his bare hands.

He saw that sword for the first time.

A sword as beautiful as a treasure in itself.

However, it was by no means a decoration used for courtesy, it felt intimidating.

– It’s almost scary…. It feels like the heat reaches even this place.

What kind of technique would Haimura Moroha show with that sword?

It would be really interesting.









Right now, what was in the right hand of Moroha was the real Saratiga.

Before leaving Mari’s apartment, he exchanged ID tags with Satsuki──of course, not the one he received today as a present──but the one he usually used.

The ID tag in which the present name of the medium of the holy sword was chased and the prana of the medium was poured every day.

Using that, he would perfectly manifest Saratiga without ever failing. He didn’t understand the principle.

But in the end, this was a world of sensations, not logic.

As long as the means were definite and could be fully manifested, it was fine. Its sword blade was as beautiful as a mirror.

Moroha caused white light prana to overflow and slashed at it, letting out a war cry.

– Suraah.

He aimed at one point, at the handle of the long spear pushed out to keep him in check.

The shimmering of the sword flashed, cutting it off.

This left the left side of the six-armed Evil Spirit defenseless──

– Come, Arciel!

Satsuki plunged into it.

She made her sword manifest, let golden prana ran through it and splendidly cut the thick arm that grew from the left side of the Evil Spirit in two.

Satsuki’s 《Venus》, which had an extraordinary amount of prana, had that much power.

And her beloved sword, albeit small, had a nice effect on it. Although it wasn’t a match for the holy sword Saratiga, Satsuki’s clasped sword was a treasured sword handed down from the royal family.

According to the memory of Flaga, the engraved signature was Kannagi no Tsurugi Arciel*.

*TN: Flaga is the furigana reading for “previous life”. Also, Kannagi no Tsurugi means Medium’s sword.

And in Moroha’s memory, Satsuki was able to fully manifest her beloved sword quite fast after enrolling.

Satsuki seemed to excel at powers that imagined things, which could be called the power of imagination.

However, at the beginning, she couldn’t use 《Venus》 which let prana remain in the sword, so the famous sword became worthless and was destroyed many times during battle.

Now, as one could see, even if Satsuki let an excess of prana run through it, it didn’t trigger a self-disintegration; instead, it showed the true real ability of the famous sword and functioned wonderfully as a vessel for focusing destructive power.

– Eat another one!

Satsuki unleashed the long sword with energy and was caught by the axe on the left arm of the Evil Spirit.

Immediately, sword and axe crossed each other more than ten times.

Meanwhile, Moroha took on the two right arms of the Evil Spirit.

The sword and iron hammer of the Evil Spirit were alternately dispatched with a momentum that didn’t give him time to breathe.

Moroha parried them all with Saratiga and managed to dodge them.

──I’m strooong. I’m really strooooooooooooong!

The arm of the side of the Evil Spirit that Satsuki cut in two and the spear that Moroha cut regenerated.

Holding the part near the spearhead, it pushed it forward, without piercing Satsuki.

Satsuki was hectic dealing with the axe, she couldn’t afford to deal with two weapons at the same time.

– That was close.

Moroha jumped, dodging the sword and iron hammer of the Evil Spirit, and at the same time, he intersected with Satsuki and helped her cut off the arm of the Evil Spirit that pushed out the spear one more time.

The Evil Spirit flinched from the pain for a moment, and Satsuki, who took advantage of that chance, severed the left arm holding the axe.

It became an improvised coordinated play.

There was no time for Moroha to be pleased. Because the iron ball of the Evil Spirit who recovered was aiming at him.

He waited for it in a Natural Stance, but,

– Oooh…

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Isurugi cut straight down the Evil Spirit from behind. The tempered, polished and severe prana shone, cutting open the Evil Spirit that instead of having a head had an arm holding an iron ball, and made the blade pass through the area around the pit of the stomach.

(As expected of the captain)

Moroha jumped backwards while shouting with exultation in his mind.

Both Satsuki and Isurugi distanced themselves from the Evil Spirit.

– Everyone, move back for a moment.

There was a signal from Leshya.

In her arms, Shizuno had completed a Dark Arts.

– Show me  The extreme point  The beauty of eternity that is not destroyed by anyone  And where not even those who destroy exist.

She hit the magic characters written in the empty sky and that extended over five lines with a fingertip as the end mark.

Immediately, a snowstorm broke out, took the form of a dark being and swooped down on the six-armed Evil Spirit.

The 5th rank of ice, 《Blizzard Dead》.

It hit it directly, became a white storm and ran wild on the ground surface.

Because the great magic was 5th rank, its power was enormous.

Was it unbearable, even for the Evil Spirit class?

Moroha stared at the center of the raging localized snowstorm.

In the white storm, a shadow moved.

──I’m the strongest 《Savior》, you aren’t going to catch meeeeeeeeeeeee!

He heard a howling-like scream.

The six-armed Evil Spirit jumped out of the storm.

The damage of 《Blizzard Dead》 was completely regenerated. The arms cut off by Moroha and Satsuki were also back to normal. The deep wounds carved by Isurugi were also completely healed.

And the six weapons had disappeared.

Instead, it carried a halberd with a handle of ten meters in its hands.

It held it with all its six arms, and raised that monster-looking, pole-shaped giant axe overhead.

The muscles of its six arms swelled, and with a momentum that he couldn’t imagine how much physical strength was put into it, it swung down the halberd until it landed.

Its aim was Leshya and Shizuno.

The super-giant weapon buzzed, and the air-tearing aftermath reached even Moroha.

– Leshya!

– I will protect Shizuno.

Leshya jumped and avoided it just in time, and Moroha nearly felt relieved.

He wasn’t actually relieved because the attack of the Evil Spirit wasn’t over.

All the six arms swelled again, it stood firm on both legs, changed the trajectory of the halberd that was swung down with all its might by sheer force and kept mowing them down.

Its mowing range was extremely large.

Moroha, Satsuki, Isurugi, Leshya, all of them had no choice but to jump high in the sky and escape.

This situation was bad.

While floating in the air, Shiroganes had no way to move.

──Eat the strongest blow of me, the strongest oooooooooone!

The six-armed Evil Spirit swung around the halberd while rotating, trying to mow down everyone in the air all at once.

– Sing  Sing  Spirit of thunder  Abandon everything in the blink of an eye!

Moroha spelled at high speed and shot the 1st rank of thunder from above.

Concluding at the exact same time as him, Isurugi also fired a lightning of 《Mars》.

Two lightning flew in the night sky and thrashed the Evil Spirit from the front and back.

Getting an electric shock and losing its aim, the halberd flew through the air excitedly.

The Evil Spirit quickly healed its wounds and regained its footing, but Moroha and company gained time to land in free fall.

On the contrary──

– The chains of hell will not release any dead they catch.

Shizuno used the 1st rank, 《Bind》, coiled a jet-black chain around the handle of the halberd and bound the Evil Spirit as if hooking it to the axe-head.

– Satsuki!

– Leave it to me!

When Satsuki grabbed the end of the chain,

– Sooooooiiihh!

Like throwing a fishing line, she threw the giant body of the Evil Spirit with her characteristic 《Strength》.

Moroha was often amazed by the surprising combination they showed in battle.

The Evil Spirit crashed into a mountain of rubble, making rubbish and smoke blow upwards.

– Don’t let your guard down, everyone.

Moroha and company nodded to Isurugi’s warning.

Of course, nobody thought that this much brought down the tough Evil Spirit.

It went without saying that not forgetting to give them a warning felt like they relied on the captain’s over seriousness.

And they could get enough time to wipe the sweat on their foreheads.

Everyone regained their breaths and held each of their weapons again.

By then, the rubbish and smoke were settling down.

The silhouette of the Evil Spirit emerged and showed up from within the slowly-moving smoke.

The halberd was gone.

Instead, it held a strong bow that was two and a half meters long in its hands.

– It seems that it has mastered any weapon.

Shizuno lamented,

– Then being on guard won’t do it.

Leshya glared at the specialized weapon in the hands of the Evil Spirit with an open and suspicious gaze.

The Evil Spirit slowly readied the bow with its left arm and, of all things, nocked five arrows with its remaining five arms.

Since the bow was huge, the arrows were huge too. Each one was like a javelin.

– What’s with that nonsensical posture?

Satsuki made a wry face and laughed mockingly,

– Stop measuring the behavior of the 《Metaphysicals》 with our common sense!

Isurugi warned.

──Each and everyone of you is so weeeeeeeeeeeeeeak!

The six-armed Evil Spirit fired five arrows.

The sound of the giant bow ringing echoed as if stabbing the heavens.

Since its stance had collapsed, the fired arrows were even more unbalanced, each one of them came flying in completely different trajectories, aiming at Moroha and company.

A wind-cutting sound as if howling.

Their force similar to a cannonball.

However, if Moroha and the rest were compared to their power, not even them would lose.

Moroha brandished his sword.

Satsuki and Isurugi did the same.

It seemed that what he thought was what they thought too. Was this also the result of daily coordinated training?

The three of them let their prana overflow from the sword blades──

– Suraaah.

– Uryaah!

– Oooohh…

They violently swung their swords and released.

The Ancestral Arts Light Technique 《Jupiter》.

The wind of destruction exerted its violence and crunched the approaching arrows into very small pieces.

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