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I’ll Give You One

Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Shizuku

There was『Jet-Black Savior』inside the room.

No, there was Ethique dressed up as 『Jet-Black Savior』inside the room

While I was shocked, Ethique himself didn’t notice me at all.

And then, Ethique suddenly extending his arm forward.

「I am the『Jet-Black Savior』!!」

No, that was totally wrong!?

I was thinking about what I need to do and what should I say.

Moreover, Ethique turned here as he said so, and of course, our eyes met.

We didn’t know what to say to each other and keep silence.

I felt guilty to see what I shouldn’t have to see, and I’m sure Ethique also didn’t want those to be seen either, it must be quite embarrassing, and the silence continued.

「……Umm, I came back just now……」

However, we couldn't stay like this forever after all, so I timidly greet Ethique.

「A-aah, I-I’m glad you are save」

Ethique was quite flustered, but I need to answer properly.

We-well, it was something that he didn't want people to know after all.

I will pretend not to see them.

Actually, I felt this also happened before, but, ma-maybe it was just my imagination.

「I-I already heard from my subordinates before, I’m glad that everyone is safe」

As I thought Ethique didn’t want to talk about what happened right now, so he told me to keep telling the story.

Of course, I already knew about Ethique’s hobby, but that signature phrase he was saying before was so embarrassing.

「Demon king-sama is a good person after all, so I was saved」

If demon king-sama wasn't a kind person, I’m sure Lily will not at this place right now, and I’m really glad about that.

「So, what happened with the others?」

While we were talking, Ethique has completely regained his composure and not flustered like before.

「Aah, they get a little dirty because it took a long time in the carriage, so I borrow some clothes just now」

I asked a nice maid before to change their clothes.

「Oh, that’s right! I have been told that the coach driver from before is your mother……」

When I met Ethique, I completely forgot to ask that.

Is what aunty said true……?

There were various things about Ethique, but it’s better to hear it from the person itself, after all.

「Aah, that’s right, she is my mother, but is there something wrong?」(Tn: it’s like when he asked demon king-sama about her wife being a maid)

I was shocked from Ethique's answer.

Honestly, I thought, even Ethique will not let his mother work as a coach driver.

But Ethique said that aunty is really his mother.

He couldn't refuse his mother request, Ethique's easy to guess.

After that, we were talking for a while, I answered a lot of questions he asked about what really happened.

「Hnn, according to the story, perhaps the black cloak I gave you is already……」

Ethique who has been listening to my story so interestingly, suddenly talking.

「Yes, it was tattered」

The black cloak Ethique gave me was already in a tattered state when I was doing various things in demon king's castle.

I feel bad since I broke a thing he gave me, but when I looked at Ethique, he seemed really happy somehow.

「……Actually, I reinforced the durability of the cloak」

And then, with a delightful look, Ethique happily told me.

「Eeh, that’s great」

I was glad that he reinforced the durability.

「……It’s this thing, what do you think?」

When he said so, he took out a black cloak and gave that to me.

The black cloak Ethique gave me was dyed in a beautiful jet-black color, and the shape was certainly tickle a man’s heart.

「I still have a lot of it, so I’ll give you one」

Ethique gave the black cloak to me.

Not only black, but the cloak was also smooth to touch, I could understand that the person who made this has a great skill.

「Ah, Nest!」

When I thought such things, I heard Lily’s voice from behind.

As I turned around, Lily came towards us.

However, Lily alone jumped to me on the spot.


If an ordinary person, you will never be able to reach the distance, but Lily was a demon, so she could easily jump like that.

I was slightly panicked as I spread my arms towards Lily.

However, I noticed something.

In my armsーーthere was a black cloak.


I didn't know what should I do, so I was trying to give the black cloak to Ethique without being noticed somehow, but it’s already too late.

Lily was already flying from a distance where her hands can reach me.

It couldn't be helped, I tried to catch her while holding the black cloak, but because I was panicked, the folded black cloak was spread the moment I tried to catch Lily.


This is bad, when I was thinking about that, there was a『Riiip』sound. (Tn: torn sfx)

I slowly put Lily down and timidly looking at my hands.

The black cloak that I just got from Ethique was torn miserably.

Next day, rumors say there were two men looking at a torn black cloak with an expression that couldn't be explained. The rumors seem to be spread around.

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