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Qin Yun stood in midair facing the distant Kuiniu.

Kuiniu held a large hammer in each hand as an azure-colored armor rapidly materialized over his body. Even a helm manifested to cover his head, giving him full protection.

"Numinous treasure armor?" Qin Yun's brows pricked up.

"Qin Yun, watch your front!" Kuiniu roared as he suddenly struck his two hammers together.

The instant the two hammers collided, a golden lightning flashed.

The golden lightning bolts surged towards the distant Qin Yun. A large amount of lightning descended from the sky to meet the golden bolt, enhancing its might. This terrifying lightning left many of the Dark Yin Gate disciples watching below stifled.

"How terrifying!"

"As expected of Elder Kuiniu. If this lightning were to brush past us, we would probably be reduced to ashes."

"Let's see how the mortal swordmaster from the Dao Seeking Sword Mansion will fare against it."

Many such thoughts surfaced in the minds of the Dark Yin Gate disciples. They were also swelling with pride because their Elder was so strong.

As for Qin Yun, he remained very calm while standing in midair. With a whoosh, more than a hundred sword artifacts appeared around him, naturally forming the Cyclic Sword Flash! The Cyclic Sword Flash had the appearance of water, with a clear barrier separating inside and outside. When the golden lightning—together with the various lightning bolts— struck, the Cyclic Sword Flash easily held its own. Although the lightning aggressively struck outside the Cyclic Sword Flash, there was only calm inside, without so much as a breeze.

Qin Yun even glanced down.

Among the gathered Dark Yin Gate Skyimmortals and Skydemons, a golden-robed elder had appeared. His hair was tied up and pinned with a wooden snake hairpin. His head was raised as well, his eyes meeting Qin Yun's.

"Patriarch Goldensnake." Qin Yun instantly recognized him. Patriarch Goldensnake had not appeared when he was being received but now that he was fighting Kuiniu, he had silently arrived to watch the battle.

"Elder Kuiniu, you should be careful too." Qin Yun did not bother with Patriarch Goldensnake any further. As he spoke, he waved his hand as a wisp of misty rain flew out from his fingertip and rapidly flew through the Cyclic Sword Flash.


The dual-hammer wielding Kuiniu braced himself in midair.

When the Misty Rain Sword appeared in midair, the surrounding area froze. Frost hung in the air while ice crystals scattered. Although Kuiniu was dressed in full-body armor, he still felt a chill! Crystals began forming in his blood vessels and organs as a layer of frost started covering his body. Kuiniu's armor's halo circulated, shattering the ice.

Despite his lightning Dharmic powers working at full force to prevent the formation of ice crystals both inside and outside his body, he remained adversely affected.

Next was the Dreamlike Sword's Bright Moon Cold Nights.

With Qin Yun's realm constantly increasing, Bright Moon Cold Nights had also turned even more powerful. This strike could now freeze the void, as well as everything within. It made them still. With all activity stilled, frost was naturally born.

"What a potent frost domain." Kuiniu was alarmed. "Even with my body, he managed to halve my speed. The decrease in strength has only turned more obvious."

He suddenly roared angrily.

As he roared, he streaked across the sky towards Qin Yun in a bid to engage him in close combat.

And in midair, the Misty Rain Sword instantly switched moves after casting Bright Moon Cold Nights to freeze the surroundings. It was now a burning meteor.


Dreamlike Sword's Stars Like Rain!

The fastest and sharpest strike!

Just as Kuiniu had taken the initiative to charge at Qin Yun, the flying sword nearly instantly appeared in front of him with its change of moves. Kuiniu was still feeling the effects of the large number of ice crystals in his veins. Although he brandished his hammers to block, he was unable to stop the Misty Rain Sword.


The meteor-like Misty Rain Sword stabbed Kuiniu's helm.

The helm was majorly dented and was even sent flying under the tremendous force. It revealed Kuiniu's alarmed 'ox head.' Wind ruffled his fur.

"What? The Numinous treasure armor was utterly smashed with one strike?" Kuiniu was alarmed. "Although it's an inferior-grade Numinous treasure armor, he broke its defenses in one strike? Even the helm is damaged."

"The might of that strike…"

Many of the Dark Yin Gate Skyimmortals and Skydemons watching from below felt their hearts tighten. As for Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's rhinoceros demon, Fairy Jun, and others, they revealed looks of joy.

Patriarch Goldensnake's expression changed slightly. "For this strike to possess such strength, his flying sword is something else. How did a mortal cultivate his flying sword to such potency? Is he some reincarnated sword immortal from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage?"

He was one of the hundred and eight Guardians under Yellow-robed Supremacy. He was naturally knowledgeable and knew of the famous Grand Supreme sword immortals.

"What a pity."

"My sharpest strike can't even tear through an inferior-grade Numinous treasure armor," Qin Yun thought secretly. "My Dharmic powers are still just too weak. If my Dharmic powers can match those of ordinary Skyimmortals, I should be able to fight above my level and match a fourth or fifth firmament Skyimmortal."

Sword immortals were capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword. They were famous for fighting above their levels.

With the same Dharmic powers and realm, sword immortals had strength a level higher when they used their Intrinsic Flying Sword.

For those who cultivated in the Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulations, their life-preservation physical abilities were ludicrously strong. Many of the famous combat generals in the Three Realms, including Yellow-robed Supremacy, cultivated in the Physical Establishing Sage. Others might deal ten blows to them and only produce a few sparks. But one strike from them—a successful one—could reduce the pitiful opponent to mush.

Sword immortals and Physical Establishing Sages… all belonged to extremely powerful schools of thought in the Three Realms but it was extremely difficult to cultivate in them.

As such, the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage was an extremely small group.

Although the Physical Establishing Sage lineage spread throughout the Three Realms, it was extremely rare to encounter one who cultivated it to an extremely high realm.

As for the more common schools of thought such as talisman amulets and Dharma treasures, the numbers were enormous.

Qin Yun's one strike left Kuiniu alarmed.

However, the flying sword was too fast!

The Intrinsic Flying Sword that had joined the ranks of a Numinous treasure moved much faster than Kuiniu could brandish his hammers. It was much agiler too. These were the advantages of a flying sword.


Another strike.

As the ice crystals in his body started to melt away, Kuiniu barely managed to 'touch' Qin Yun's flying sword by swinging his hammers, and that was more a credit to the hammers' big size.

But the moment contact was made, the tremendous momentum sent Kuiniu's hammer to the side.


The third strike followed. Kuiniu's luck had run out.


Like a burning meteor, the sword tore through Kuiniu's head, stabbing a huge hole in it, before flying out the back of his head.

The scene made many of the Skyimmortals and Skydemons below tense up. Some of them closed their eyes, unwilling to watch any longer.

"I, I…" The huge hole at Kuiniu's glabella, area between the brows rapidly healed at a discernible pace. His lips trembled as he looked at the burning meteor. He hurriedly shouted, "I admit defeat!"

His voice boomed.


The Misty Rain Sword had already arrived in front of him but followed another trajectory to avoid Kuiniu. It circled and flew back into Qin Yun's hands.

Qin Yun extended his hand and put away the Intrinsic Flying Sword. He remained calm and composed.

Yet he was somewhat astonished inwardly. "My Sword Dao has improved tremendously in recent days. I was planning on testing the might of the sharpest strike, Stars Like Rain. I never expected it to damage an inferior-grade Numinous treasure armor with one strike, causing the armor to disintegrate. I didn't even need to utilize my killer blow, First Lightning Encounter, as I had planned to do."

The Dreamlike Sword's seven moves each represented something different.

But their realms were very similar as well.

First Lightning Encounter and Stars Like Rain were two complete extremes.

One of them converged all its might, appearing extremely gentle. It could transmit its might into an enemy's body directly, leaving any armor worn on the surface useless.

The other was extremely fast and sharp.

And dressed in a Numinous treasure armor, Kuiniu's exterior defenses were indeed much stronger, but his organs did not enjoy that elevation in strength. First Lightning Encounter was the best move to counter him! Who knew that Qin Yun's test of his Stars Like Rain would earn him victory before he had to go that far?

"Hahaha… He has admitted defeat. Elder Kuiniu has admitted defeat." Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's rhinoceros demon laughed out loud. Beside him, Fairy Jun and company revealed looks of joy.

Many disciples from the Dark Yin Gate were in disbelief.

The battle had been lost too quickly.

Kuiniu cupped his hands in midair. "Swordmaster Qin is indeed powerful. I, Kuiniu, fully acknowledge my loss." With that said, he flew towards the ground, leaving Qin Yun alone in midair.

Qin Yun looked down at the golden-robed elder among all the Skyimmortals and Skydemons of the Dark Yin Gate.

"Daoist Goldensnake," said Qin Yun, his voice resonating through the world. "Kuiniu has lost. It's your turn to fight me next."

Qin Yun looked at Patriarch Goldensnake beneath him.

Goldensnake narrowed his eyes, his gaze truly as cold as a snake's. They were staring at Qin Yun.

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