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Moments later.


A beam descended from the sky and landed by a mountainside. Along the mountain was a huge building complex that was partially concealed by lush trees.

"Dao Seeking Sword Mansion." Qin Yun took a step forward and soon saw the entrance to the sword mansion.

The mountain gates were tall and rugged.

Through the entrance, Qin Yun saw a large number of humans and demons sparring with each other in groups of two or three. Nearly all of them were in locked in melee combat, with only three sparring by controlling a Dharma treasure from a distance.

"The biggest Sword Dao sect, Dao Seeking Sword Mansion," thought Qin Yun. It's considered one of the best factions in the North Plains continent but it's only considered second-rate in the entire Skywolf world. After all, there are too few Skyimmortals and Skydemons willing to study the Sword Dao."

Those with strong physical bodies used all kinds of weapons.

Spears, poles, axes, hammers, sabers…

There were too few who used swords!

Therefore, even though Dao Seeking Sword Mansion was the best Sword Dao sect in the Skywolf world, it was ranked beyond tenth place among all the Skywolf world sects. Of course, it was still much stronger than the sect he previously encountered, the Azure Inspiration Gate which only had one Skyimmortal.

"The Dao Seeking Sword Mansion has one Mansion Lord named Chufu. He's apparently an existence at the fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortal realm. He is one of the twenty-nine Combat Generals under Yellow-robed Supremacy," thought Qin Yun. "He possesses great strength but, unfortunately, the Dao Seeking Sword Mansion has fewer than twenty Skyimmortals and Skydemons! The sect's overall strength is weaker, giving them a rank beyond tenth place in the Skywolf world. Sects that are ranked in the top five all have more than a hundred Skyimmortals and Skydemons."

With this thought in mind, he continued walking towards Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's entrance.

The entrance had no guards.

Qin Yun casually walked into the Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's large, flat land. Many humans and demons dashed around the land as they sparred.


A tiger demon was sent flying backward, and hurtled in Qin Yun's direction along an astral wind.

Qin Yun simply took a step back and made way, the wind making his robes flutter.

The stout tiger demon rolled before standing up. He held a sword in each hand and he smiled at Qin Yun. "Junior Brother, I nearly hit you. Eh, I don't seem to recall seeing you before?"

"It's my first time here," said Qin Yun.

"First time? Are you here to become an apprentice?" asked the tiger demon. "Our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion typically only accepts people at the Essence Soul realm! Those at the mortal level will only be accepted by passing a test."

Qin Yun looked at his surroundings. The sparring humans and demons were mostly at the Essence Soul realm. The remaining were typically at the Connate Golden Core realm.

"See that?" said the tiger demon with a chuckle. "Our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion is the strongest Sword Dao sect in the world. It's not easy for mortals to join us. Those that are accepted are those with great talent in the Sword Dao. All sword apprentices that are produced by our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion are adept in combat."

"I'm not here to be an apprentice," said Qin Yun.

"You aren't?" The tiger demon was taken aback.

"Tiger Qu, why are you chattering over there? Aren't we sparring?" A goat demon a distance away walked over holding a huge sword in one hand.

"This mortal punk is here in our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion for the first time but he says he's not here to be apprenticed," said the tiger demon.

"Punk, what are you here for then? Finding a senior from your family?" The goat demon's eyes had glowed red, making him look murderous.

Qin Yun shook his head. "I've come to the Dao Seeking Sword Mansion to recommend myself for the post of swordmaster."

"You are recommending yourself for swordmaster?"


The tiger and goat demons were astonished. Even those sparring in the vicinity heard this conversation. They could not help but stop and look at Qin Yun.


"This mortal wants to recommend himself for the post of swordmaster?" All of them found it incredulous.

"Punk," boomed the goat demon. "Do you know how many swordmasters our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion has? Do you know that many Skyimmortals and Skydemons are only sword apprentices even to this day!"

"I know. The disciples of Dao Seeking Sword Mansion are all called sword apprentices." Qin Yun nodded. "There are currently only two swordmasters. One of them is Mansion Lord Chufu, who is also Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's first swordmaster. The other is Daoist Blackkill, Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's second swordmaster. I'm here… to recommend myself to be Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's third swordmaster!"

"He's mad!"

"This mortal wants to recommend himself to be our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's third swordmaster?"

More Dao Seeking Sword Mansion sword apprentices gathered around. Some were mocking him, others were looking at Qin Yun curiously.

However, Qin Yun remained very calm. He swept his surroundings before speaking a lot louder. "Why? I heard that Mansion Lord Chugu once invited all Sword Dao experts to visit the Dao Seeking Sword Mansion. As long as one passes a test, they can become the Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's swordmaster. Is that false?"

"Of course not!" A red-dressed woman walked over. Her aura had a boundless icy chill to it. She was a female Skyimmortal.

"Senior Sister Jun."

"Senior Sister Jun."

Everyone was rather respectful towards her.

The red-dressed woman looked at Qin Yun. "It's naturally true that Mansion Lord invited all the Sword Dao experts in the world to challenge the test for the swordmaster role in our sword mansion! However… to be a swordmaster, one must have sufficient strength."

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Figures with powerful auras flew out from the building complex of Dao Seeking Sword Mansion, rushing to see the commotion.

"Someone wants to recommend himself as swordmaster?"

"Who is it?"

The strongest auras among the newcomers were all at the Skyimmortal and Skydemon realm. In a blink of an eye, nine of them had gathered, looking at Qin Yun with interest.

They could tell that the man in linen clothes was only a mortal.

"Your aura shows that you are only a Connate Golden Core, albeit one that is stronger than the typical Connate Golden Core. I doubt your head is damaged." A rhinoceros demon spoke firmly. "Are you sure you wish to recommend yourself as swordmaster?"

"Yes." Qin Yun nodded.

The hundred and eight Guardians enjoyed a lofty position. Many of them cultivated under Yellow-robed Supremacy's tutelage, so just meeting one of them was difficult.

It was impossible for these Guardians to accept every challenge!

Typically, a weakling's challenge… would be ignored by the Guardians! Some Guardians went in seclusion for extended periods of time so typically weaklings had no right to even meet a Guardian.

Therefore, Qin Yun had to prove himself first! With sufficient strength and status, he could force a Guardian to accept his challenge.

Qin Yun also wished to read the Sword Dao manuals in Dao Seeking Sword Mansion to enhance himself. With the status of being Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's swordmaster… he would also be qualified to challenge a Guardian. Guardians would not be able to ignore him.

"Not everyone has what it takes to make our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion activate the swordmaster examination," said the rhinoceros demon. "To eliminate the weaker candidates, Manor Lord has set some rules. Those that recommend themselves for swordmaster… have to first pass the Demonic Servants Sword Formation."

The red-dressed woman sneered from the side.

"Punk, here's a reminder. The demonic servants will not show mercy! The average third Firmament Essence Soul might even lose their life when caught inside the Demonic Servants Sword Formation. It's not too late to give up."

"Let's begin," said Qin Yun.


"Is he being supercilious or is he really that confident?"

"Could he be a powerful reincarnated figure?"

The sword cultivators watching were perplexed.

In the cultivation world, an ordinary-looking child was not to be underestimated! The immortals in the Skywolf world were considered knowledgeable as well. They knew that even an ordinary child might be the avatar of a Golden Immortal or Buddha!

"Since you wish to proceed by your own accord, you will get your wish. It's not our fault if you die," said the red-dressed woman. "Demonic servants, take up formation."


A formless gray fog floated over from afar, condensing into a gray-robed swordsman. He wielded a sword and had a cold expression.

Wisps of gray fog surged over from afar.

They scattered around, each one forming a gray-robed swordsman. They were staring coldly at Qin Yun.

There were a total of eighteen gray-robed swordsmen!

"They are all rather powerful swordsmen." Qin Yun's eyes lit up.


The eighteen swordsmen were everywhere, with some floating in midair. Amid their cold stares, they simultaneously moved to attack Qin Yun. Their trajectories followed no set pattern.


Qin Yun flicked his finger.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

Wisps of Sword Qi flew out. A total of six Sword Qi wisps separately attacked the eighteen swordsmen. Their expressions changed as they used their sword techniques to parry the Sword Qi but the Sword Qi's attacks were of a mystical nature. With just one strike, it tore through their attacks and struck their bodies. It caused the swordsmen's bodies to dissipate.

In just a blink of an eye!

The six Sword Qi wisps flicked by Qin Yun's finger had struck all eighteen swordsmen, reducing them to gray fog. Following that, the gray fog flew away.

The rhinoceros demon, the red-dressed woman, and the rest of the nine Skyimmortals and Skydemons, as well as the hundreds of sword apprentices gathered there were staring wide-eyed at the scene.

"Does that count as cracking the Demonic Servants Sword Formation?" Qin Yun looked at the crowd and asked.

"Yes, yes, of course." The rhinoceros demon was so agitated that his eyes stared wide. He said with a laugh, "Indeed, do not judge a book by its cover. However, the swordmaster test is a lot more difficult than this Demonic Servants Sword Formation."

"I'm looking forward to it as well. However, it's probably a lot harder than you imagine to become our Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's third swordmaster." The red-dressed woman's eyes lit up, her tone turning a lot more amiable. "By the way, I haven't gotten your name."

"Qin Yun."

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