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He Qian snorted twice but did not say a word.

"You sure are tight-lipped." Qin Yun nodded slightly. Following that, he took a look at 'Jing Fei.' "What about you, do you know about my wife and daughter?"

"That is a critical secret," said 'Jing Fei' immediately. "How would I, a third Firmament fiendcelestial know?"

Qin Yun nodded. "Good, so neither of you are willing to talk. Then I'll take it slow. I have plenty of time to fool around with you."

Following that, he took out a jade bottle from his Cosmic Bag. He Qian and Jing Fei stared at the jade bottle, feeling apprehensive.

Qin Yun gave them a glance before pulling out the stopper, sending two pills spilling out instantly. Inside the pills, it looked like a worm was squirming inside. He Qian and 'Jing Fei' had contorted expressions but they were unable to muster any resistance.

"Open your mouths," ordered Qin Yun lightly. The Dao domain forced their mouths open as the pills were thrown in.

"Gulp!" He Qian and 'Jing Fei' looked at Qin Yun in outage and alarm after swallowing the pills.

"It's a magus Gu?" asked He Qian immediately.

"I have killed so many fiendish demons over the years, quite a number of fiendcelestials too. I have many of these diabolical tricks and methods." Qin Yun looked at them calmly. "I usually have no use for them but now, having received a chance, I can use them on you. Don't worry. This is only the beginning!"

Following that, He Qian and 'Jing Fei' suffered the effects of the Gu worm as they let out painful grunts. Despite having extremely strong endurance, their flesh and skin began to distort.

Qin Yun watched it all happen quietly.

"Sword Immortal Qin, I really do not know. I do not know a thing," yelled 'Jing Fei' anxiously.

"Qin Yun, I urge you to stop." He Qian barely forced the sentence out. He endured the pain for another moment before adding, "You will regret this if you keep going. Your wife and daughter will both die! Die, I tell you!"

"Oh? Regret?" Qin Yun sneered. "If you are willing to cooperate with me, you would still be of some value; if not, there is only death for you."

He Qian gritted his teeth and did not say another word.

Qin Yun frowned secretly when he saw the situation play out. "He sure can endure. However, there are many ways to interrogate someone."

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

Qin Yun was stunned to realized that, despite him tormenting He Qian with dozens of cruel techniques, pushing him to the brink of insanity, he refused to reveal any information! As for 'Jing Fei,' he kept insisting that he was completely unaware.


Qin Yun rode a cloud and, with a rope, flew with them in tow. He headed for the Divine Firmament Chapter.

Ancestral Master Zhang and Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa were in one of Divine Firmament Chapter's courtyards.

Qin Yun landed with his two prisoners.

"Senior Zhang, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa," greeted Qin Yun. "This is He Qian and Jing Fei, two fiendcelestials that reincarnated into our Great Chang world."

"In just a few decades, two fiendcelestials have reincarnated into our Great Chang world one after another. This is indeed odd," said Daoist Divine Firmament. "After receiving your report, Mahākāśyapa and I went to Mt. Yu County City to investigate but found nothing special. From the looks of it, it appears like a coincidence."

Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa nodded slightly.

Two figures walked into the courtyard. They were none other than Human Emperor and the plump Patriarch Bai.

"Ah, Qin Yun, you are here," said Patriarch Bai with a chuckle. "I was playing chess with Human Emperor just a moment ago. We immediately rushed here when we knew you arrived. We didn't even finish our game."

"That's because you were losing," quipped Human Emperor.

"We didn't finish it yet. Who knows who the ultimate victor would be?" Patriarch Bai curled his lips. Following that, he changed topics. "Qin Yun, we have discussed the matter regarding the reincarnations of the two fiendcelestials. It looks like a coincidence… but for it to happen in such a short span of time, it's likely because the fiendcelestials are using some special technique, allowing them to find bodies in the Great Chang world that match the fiendcelestials' souls."

"Special technique?" Qin Yun was puzzled. "In that case, doesn't that mean there will be a third and a fourth, and even more fiendcelestials reincarnating?"

"Yes." Patriarch Bai noded. Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, Human Emperor, and Ancestral Master Zhang also nodded slightly.

"Don't worry. It's not an easy task to find a body that suits one's soul across such great space. The price is quite costly as well," said Patriarch Bai. "Furthermore, we are only speculating. It might very well be a coincidence."

"Regardless, these two have been captured alive by Qin Yun," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile.

"The Empyrean Lord of that fiendcelestials' world must be hopping mad." Human Emperor laughed out as well.

Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa smiled as he looked at Qin Yun. "Qin Yun, don't worry. Our Great Chang world has experienced numerous calamities since ancient times. We have already made it through ones that are tens or a hundred times worse. The current situation is much better than what it was in the past."


Qin Yun nodded. He pointed to the wretched-looking He Qian and 'Jing Fei.' "Seniors, I believe all of you know the fiendish demon, He Qian. I wish to obtain information about my wife and daughter from him. I have subjected him to all sorts of ruthless interrogation method over the past three days to no avail."

"None of them worked?" The four were somewhat alarmed.

At Qin Yun's level, the means he had at his disposal if he really wanted to torture someone were quite terrifying.

"This Jing Fei insists that he doesn't know a thing," said Qin Yun. "He has been saying that for the past three days."

Human Emperor nodded and said, "It's unlikely he is lying. The fiendcelestial's world follows a tight hierarchy. The Empyrean Lord might not even inform the Monarchs under him of a confidential mission like this one, much less a third Firmament fiendcelestial."

"What about this He Qian?" Daoist Divine Firmament asked. "He was the one who abducted your wife. He definitely knows."

"But he refuses to say a word. He's tight-lipped," said Qin Yun.

"Oh?" Daoist Divine Firmament smiled. "A tight-lip? Then, let me give it a try."

Qin Yun said immediately, "I came here to seek your help in obtaining information about my wife and daughter from this He Qian's mouth. I believe that the fiendcelestials would not kill my daughter so casually. She should be a very good pawn for them."

"Yes." Daoist Divine Firmament nodded. "Let me give it a try first."

Following that, Daoist Divine Firmament stepped forward and with a wave of his hand, swept He Qian up with Dharmic powers, sending him into a room to the side.

Daoist Divine Firmament's interrogation continued late into the night.

Qin Yun, Patriarch Bai, Human Emperor, and Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa sat down to chat as they waited patiently.

"Creak." The door opened.

Daoist Divine Firmament walked out and shook his head. "He sure is tight-lipped. Perhaps he is afraid of his world's Empyrean Lord. He refuses to say a word."

"Haha, you've lost your touch." Patriarch Bai stood up immediately. "When it comes to interrogation, I've definitely been ranked in the top three since ancient times." With that said, he entered the room.

The unfortunate He Qian… suffered all sorts of unmentionable torturing techniques.

As for Qin Yun and company, none of them felt any pity for him.

"How pitiful." Jing Fei, who had his powers sealed, secretly sighed from the side. "I wonder what sort of end will I have."

At daybreak on the second day, Patriarch Bai walked out of the room. He stroked his beard and said helplessly, "He sure is tight-lipped. I actually failed to obtain anything. Mahākāśyapa… from the looks of it, you are the only one that might have any chance in this world."

"Me?" Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa was slightly taken aback before he immediately smiled. "I only have one trick. I'll give it a try. All of you can come in too."

"One trick?" Qin Yun was baffled.

"The Buddhist methods are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill techniques," said Human Emperor with a smile. "You will know once you enter."

Everyone entered the room together.

Qin Yun, Human Emperor, Daoist Divine Firmament, and Patriarch Bai stood to the side watching. As for Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, he stood there and looked at the chained He Qian who sat cross-legged.

"He Qian." Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa smiled at him.

"I told all of you I won't say a word." He Qian was exhausted but he remained silent.

Instead, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa sat cross-legged and began lightly chanting the sutras.

His voice was very soft but it drilled right into He Qian's mind. He immediately found it unbearable.

"Shut up! Shut up!" He Qian suffered an excruciating pain.

However, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa continued reciting.

He Qian writhed in pain and even began to turn insane and belligerent. However, the chains sealed his strength so him acting up meant nothing. Slowly, he sat down wearily. Occasionally, his eyes would be filled with a ferocious look but gradually… it vanished. His eyes turned calm and he gradually smiled.

"I can only control him for an hour." Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa stopped reciting. His face appeared a little pale. He said to Qin Yun, "Ask anything you would like to ask in the next hour. He will answer with everything he knows."

"Impressive." Patriarch Bai's eyes lit up.

"It's just a little demon vanquishing trick," said Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa with a smile.

Qin Yun's heart raced as he felt excited.

Answer with everything he knew?

"He Qian." Qin Yun found it almost impossible to control his emotions. He asked, with voice trembling, "Is my daughter still alive?"

He Qian smiled and said calmly, "Your daughter is still alive—"

Before he even finished the statement, his eyes suddenly widened. There was intense fear in them!

"No—" He Qian let out a scream as his eyes turned blood-red. Qin Yun and company saw He Qian's soul struggle as it separated from his body. Finally, it dissipated with a bang.

"His soul was pulverized?" Everyone present had a drastic change in expression.

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