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"Brother Hu Si, take a look." Qin Yun flicked his sleeve.

A phantom projection appeared in front of them.

It depicted the entire Chu family manor's layout. Everything from the pavilions and yards to the trees, landscape, and sculptures was shown. The scale was also extremely precise.

"The entire Chu family manor's layout is here." Qin Yun pointed at the phantom in front of him. "Where is the woodshed you mentioned?"

"Impressive. Truly impressive." Hu Si marveled.

The Chu family's manor was massive. Yet every spot was replicated perfectly. Even if one was sent in deliberately to spy, it would be impossible to remember such minute details.

"Master." Hu Si carefully observed the layout before pointing at an inconspicuous building in a particular corner. "This is the woodshed I mentioned. It is usually filled with a lot of timber."

"Oh?" Qin Yun looked at the inconspicuous building and beamed. "Follow me now, we will be making a trip there."

With that said, he grabbed Hu Si's arm.


The two instantly tore through the sky and, in nearly a blink of an eye, arrived above the Chu household with a flash.

"Won't we be discovered by the Chu family if we are here?" Hu Si looked down worriedly. He could see numerous people inside the Chu household.

"They wouldn't see us even if they actually looked up," said Qin Yun with a smile.

Thinking a little deeper about the Chu household's array formation, it would obviously not be very brilliant since Old Master Chu wanted to conceal his identity. It was actually inferior to most array formations used to protect the families of Connate Golden Core cultivators! It was even more inferior than array formations that protected the lairs of Paramount realm existences like Patriarch Wolf Mountain or Patriarch Crocdragon. After all, they were a Connate True Core realm family clan. If the array formation was too powerful, it would only incur suspicion.

And from Old Master Chu's point of view, an array formation was useless. If he were exposed, it was equivalent to failure.

"This array formation is rather easy to crack." Qin Yun's realm was naturally higher than it was fifteen years ago. Furthermore, the array formation was sufficiently weak.


With Hu Si in tow, Qin Yun took one step forward.

Space seemed to distort as Qin Yun and Hu Si easily penetrated the obstructive power of the Chu family's array formation, arriving outside the woodshed.

"We are already inside?" Hu Si was shocked seeing the woodshed. "We passed through the array formation without causing so much as a stir?"

"I told you, the array formation is too weak," explained Qin Yun.


Hu Si became even more appalled. "A Connate Golden Core cultivator might be able to crack an array formation by force. But to completely disregard an array formation without causing a stir, only a Connate Golden Core array master is capable of doing so. What background does Mr. Qin have?"

The area around woodshed was rather silent but there were servants walking around not far away. However, none of them could see Qin Yun and Hu Si.


They entered by pushing the door open.

Qin Yun and Hu Si entered the woodshed as the wooden door noiselessly closed.

"Which part of this woodshed did the Dao talisman appear in?" asked Qin Yun.

Hu Si looked carefully at the woodshed's layout and took a few steps. Following that, he placed his palm in midair with great certainty. "The spot where my hand is. This is where I saw the Dao talisman appear back then."

Qin Yun nodded and said, "Alright, make way for a moment."

Hu Si immediately stepped aside.

Qin Yun carefully observed as he extended his right hand, touching the area.


The surrounding void seemed to ripple like water.

This was a phenomenon that far exceeded the second Firmament Essence Soul realm.

"The void moves in a cycle. It changes according to the seasons. Apparently, it will only appear on a fixed day and time every year?" Qin Yun muttered softly before he scoffed. "Thankfully, Immortal Cloudgrace's realm in the void does not exceed mine. I can forcibly cause the Grotto-heaven to appear." He did not have the time to wait for more than half a year.

"Immortal Cloudgrace?" Hu Si was baffled.

Who was that?

He had never heard of Immortal Cloudgrace before!


The void's distortions became more prominent. Layers of space rippled into being before a Dao talisman runic pattern faintly appeared. Behind the runic pattern was the flickering image of a door.

"There it is!" Qin Yun nodded with a smile. The void returned to normal, as well as the entire woodshed.

"Brother Hu Si, I'll send you back first." Qin Yun looked at Hu Si. "In a while, there might be a huge battle. It's best you stay in the manor."

"Yes, I'll follow your every instruction, Master," replied Hu Si honestly.

Ten minutes later.

Qin Yun arrived back at the Chu family's woodshed after taking Hu Si home and doing all the relevant preparations.

"It's been fifteen years."

"I have thought of every possible way to search for treasures so as to quickly rescue Xiaoxiao. I killed the fiendcelestials of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons by tempting them with treasures. After three of them were killed, the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons were too wary to give me another chance."

"As for finding treasures in other worlds? It's already difficult for me to find treasures in my homeworld. I know nothing about other worlds. Unless a huge opportunity befalls me by chance, it will be very difficult to obtain overly powerful treasures."

"Although I have obtained some treasures, they are far from comparable to what I found in the Ancient Skydragon Palace. At least, I do not have a second Numinous treasure to this day."

The Cosmic Bangles were his only Numinous treasure. However, it was an inferior-grade Numinous treasure.

As for the superior-grade Numinous treasure that Puqu Dragonlord required, that was equivalent to ten inferior-grade Numinous treasures. How long would he take to gather all of that?

"Immortal Cloudgrace is a predecessor who definitely had a Numinous treasure. His cave abode should be only second to the bountiful harvest I got at the Ancient Skydragon Palace." Qin Yun's eyes lit up as he extended his hand and gently tapped.


The void produced numerous ripples, revealing the hidden layer of space with the Dao talisman runic patterns.

"Come on out." Qin Yun exerted force, causing the hidden space to appear.

The layer of space was usually hidden. It relied on its unpredictability to conceal itself, appearing plainly only once a year.

However, Qin Yun's realm was not inferior to Immortal Cloudgrace's. He was able to forcibly make it appear.

"It's all thanks to Hu Si for letting me know the location of this spatial node. If I were to blindly search, I would not find it even if I was given ten thousand years." Under Qin Yun's control, the layer of space finally fully revealed itself.

The layer of space was sealed by a Dao talisman runic mark.


Qin Yun had already mastered the Dharmic powers runic patterns. He directly injected his own Dharmic powers to activate it.


The Dao talisman lit up as the door behind it slowly opened, revealing a passage that led deep inside.

"Time to enter." Qin Yun flew in without any hesitation. At the same time, he turned back to check on Old Master Chu's location before vanishing into the deep passageway.

Old Master Chu was listening to music while enjoying his tea behind a curtain.

When Qin Yun opened the cave abode's entrance by activating the Dao talisman with his Dharmic powers, Old Master Chu's face instantly flushed red. All the blood in his body boiled.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart began to race at an unprecedented level.

"Hum!" At Old Master Chu's chest, a golden Heart-Protecting Mirror appeared from his skin. However, it was hidden from plain sight by his clothes.

Old Master Chu held his chest as a fierce red glimmer flashed in his eyes. He turned his head suddenly in a particular direction. "It has been 13,000 years! I have waited for 13,000 years! I was certain that it was somewhere in the surrounding five hundred meters but failed to find it. Today, however, I feel that its attraction is a hundred or even a thousand times stronger!"

"Is it finally here?"

The red glow in Old Master Chu's eyes began to condense mysterious patterns. Despite the obstruction of the landscape, yard walls, and buildings, he saw through everything, seeing the door to the cave abode that had opened in the woodshed.

"So it's a cave abode hidden in the void?" Old Master Chu took a step and instantly traversed five hundred meters. The woodshed's wooden door dematerialized silently as he appeared outside the cave abode's entrance.

"I have waited 13,000 years. The treasures are all mine. No one can steal them from me."

Old Master Chu's eyes suffused a red demonic glow. With a step, he directly flew into the deep passageway that led into the cave abode.

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