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Chapter 107 – To the Greater Height

Greed pointed his black sword at me.
The human Greed was now wielding his own real form that was the black sword――and whilst I was caught unprepared by the ridiculousness of this sight, he spoke to me.

[This is the spiritual world that Luna created. Many things that are otherwise impossible in the real world can happen here. That's why I can create this temporary form. Alright Fate, you should draw your black sword too!]


Even if Greed told me to, I didn't have any idea how to do so. Realizing this, Greed decided to teach me.

[Imagine it]

I tried to imagine the black sword…..and it appeared out of thin air just like that.
The black sword in my hand and the same one in Greed's grasp. When the two lined up together, I couldn't help but feel strange.

Luna called out to the both of us who were facing each other with swords drawn.

[I'll be watching the fight from the sideline. Who would've known that I'd witness the fight between Greed and Gluttony here.]

[That's a good idea. You may get caught in the crossfire if you don't make some distance.]

[Alright alright, Greed will just do it on purpose if I don't obey anyways.]


Greed waved his free hand as if shooing Luna away. Luna, in response, walked some great distance away from us while laughing.

[It's fine this way. It'll really get dangerous if you fight seriously after all. Alright, as always, go ahead.]

[Such a noisy and bubbly woman….]

It seemed that Luna and Greed were a bad match. Greed, who always made fun of me, was being played with by Luna. Seeing this rare situation, I couldn't help but laugh,

[Fate, is something wrong?]

Oh no, already, I was being snarled at. Scary, scary….but on the other hand, seeing such an expression coming from Greed, who was incapable of conveying expressions while in his black sword form is, refreshing. So that's how he looks when he's annoyed….U~n, I see now.

[What are you looking at!]

[Come on now, it's unusual for me to see Greed in your human form]

[From now on, I won't let you fool around even once. I'll say it right now, I'm not as lenient as that Aaron Barbatos.]

[What do you mean by that!?]

[You'll know it soon. Let's go]

Greed, black sword raised, looked at me with a sharp gaze, then immediately disappeared from my sight.
He disappeared….where? I couldn't follow his movement with my eyes.

While I was still thinking like that, my left arm was torn off.


[What's the matter, what's with that loud crying? Can't you see that it's already recovering?]

Just as Greed said, my left arm had returned to its original state. And the pain had also gone just as quick.

[I told you already. This is a spiritual world, thus we have no physical body here. As long as our mind is intact, our body will recover instantly even if cut apart.]

[What the hey. That really surprised me]

[But you can't take it easy as well. If you take too much damage here, it'll put some amount of strain to your mind.]

Raising the black sword once more, Greed pointed at my feet with his free hand.
[Once that happen, you'll fall from this place. That means you'll be caught by the Gluttony skill]

[For real…]

[Having come this far, do you think that this me would lie to you?]

Greed wasn't joking this time. Moreover, when I looked to the side where Luna was watching us, I saw her face tense.
This was what Greed meant when he said that he wouldn't be as lenient as Aaron. If I kept taking hits from Greed, my mind would eventually die, and my body in the real world would die as well.
Really now? Just when I'm staying at the Heart Mansion to have a nice dinner with Roxy tonight, this kind of thing just had to happen.
As if having seen through me, Greed told me.

[I deliberately chose this timing. You must not lose, Fate. Otherwise, the Gluttony skill will take over, and what will happen after that, you should know already.]


[If you don't like this condition, then you can just call it quit altogether. What'll you do, Fate?]

What a treacherous villainy. Greed's sanpaku eyes only made me more uncomfortable.
Luna who had remained silent suddenly complained.

[Greed is such a villain. Booboo!]

[Just stay on the side silently.]

Greed swung his black sword around, trying to chase Luna away. I raised my black sword, and blocked him.

[Let's do it, Greed]

[Good, I knew it'll come to this. You really have it in you after all. But, I won't hold back either]


This time around I'm ready. I feigned a downward cut, as Greed looked at it whilst closing one of his eyes. Not yet! This was merely a bait in order to lure him to defend the wrong way. I immediately changed course, and swung a strong horizontal cut.

But it didn't managed to reach Greed.

He easily caught my sword with his own, and said.

[Your attacks are still too light. Don't tell me that you think Area E is enough to fight on par with me?]


[I told you. From this point onward, your goal is the area beyond that of a human….You merely just took your first step. From now on, you'll walk along this long road,……get it?]


The two black swords clashed, trying to overpower each other. Sparks flew out from the spot where the blades connected.

[You, have chosen this path on your own accord.]

Greed increased his pressure. Little by little, I was pushed back.

[That guy, he chose….a different path. What you'll become in the future, even this me does not know. However, this me can say this for sure.]

Not wanting to lose out, I squeezed out my power. Despite still being pushed back, I slowly regained footing.
Greed seemed satisfied by it, he laughed a little and said.

[Be even stronger, Fate]

[……Yeah, I'll become stronger, even without you telling me to]

[Indeed, that's the way it should be]

The uneasiness from letting Myne leave still lingered somewhere in my mind.
I was powerless against the original Nightwalker Shin. And so, Myne had no other choice but to leave with him in order to spare my life.
I owed her a lot. It was her who spared me the loneliness from travelling towards Gallia all alone.
At that time, I was still incapable of controlling the urge of the Gluttony skill, but having another owner of Mortal Sin Skill around truly helped.

Myne wasn't that much for words, but she stuck with me as far as I could remember during my journey. That already proven her kindness to me.
And I made her to keep a silly promise, that she'll be the one who will end me should the Gluttony skill becomes out of control… what a stupid request now that I think about it again.
I was at fault there. After wrapping up the Tenryu matter, I immediately went to apologize to her.
What came back from Myne, was a simple [Thank goodness]. She didn't blame me, and was genuinely happy for me.

I couldn't forget. That final [Sorry] she said before leaving with Shin….it wasn't like Myne at all.
That was the first time I heard her apologizing, which made the goodbye even harder to swallow. I felt miserable but helpless at same time.

Greed understood this. That's why, in order to inspire me, he arranged this meeting. I don't have any other choice but to reciprocate.

[I will be even stronger than ever!]

I shouted while pushing Greed's black sword back.

[Hahaha, then prove it to me. Otherwise it'll be just empty words]

[Youuu, Greed]

This is the spiritual world. I couldn't follow Greed's movement by relying on my eyes alone. I need to concentrate and make use all of my senses.
Even now, Greed was attacking with speed faster than my eyes could follow. But I won't fall for that again, because I've already received this kind of attack before. The experience was well worth it.
The sword attacked from the blind spot, but I blocked it with my sword as I told Greed.

[What's wrong, are you being sloppy because you are not used to your current body?]

[You don't say. Then how about this!]

Greed leapt backward, transforming the black sword into the black bow.

[Eee, you can do that too!?]

[Why of course. Anything Fate could do I can do it too. It's too soon to be surprised.]

[Are you kidding me…]

[It's the truth though! Now have at you]

Greed's black bow became bigger and bigger. No doubt, it's the secret of the first form, the Bloody Ptarmigan.
I knew because I'm quite familiar with it….if I got hit by that, I'll be blown to kingdom come!!
Greed looked at the restless me, and grinned. It's a serious attack.

[You are inhuman!]

[Why of course. I'm not a human, just a weapon.]

[That's not what I mean]

[Alright then, here is a big one]

[Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that's too big indeed. Impossible]

[Nothing is impossible!]

Greed showed no mercy. This shot wasn't a joke.
It's over in a moment. I quickly changed to the black shield form, and although I managed to defend against the Bloody Ptarmigan, I was still knocked back by its sheer power.
It was this powerful……? A little bit later and I'd be evaporated by it. I never knew since I was never been on the receiving end up until now.

That bastard, showing that relaxed and calm face while pelting me with this kind of ridiculous attack!
Two can play this game. I switched to the black bow as well, and it immediately grew in size. I only noticed now, but there is no status consumption in this spiritual world.
Well, this isn't the real world, so I guess it's natural.

This means, I can shoot unlimitedly.

[Greed, prepare yourself]

[Fate…that's so childish.]

[You're not the only one who can do that]

I shot repeatedly. Because it normally consumed my status, I never did something like this before. So it felt pretty good.
Greed switched to the black shield, blocking while running to avoid the shots. That guy was fast indeed.
Then all I need to do, is to read his movement…… there!
Ah, dammit!!


One of the arrow accidentally landed near Luna who was watching the fight from the distance.
The arrow explode, causing black smoke clouds. When the dust is cleared, I could see Luna glaring at me angrily with her crimson eyes.

[I don't mind if you two are fighting, but don't get me involved! That said, I actually don't mind participating. I don't really want to though ]


Both me and Greed were perplexed, unable to tell what she meant.
Seeing us like that, Luna smiled while making a gesture with her finger.
Right then, from under the white floor, a huge monster with strange appearance rose up slowly. It's as if metal pipes had forcefully connected together various monsters.
It shook the ground with its six legs, four wings on its back…. The white halo above its head was a reminiscent of an angel.

[ [ Haniel!! ] ]

Both me and Greed trembled at the sight of the Machine Angel Chimera Haniel. Luna must've been quite vexed if she even summoned something like this.
Luna then stood on Haniel's head.

[Let me tell you this, I am the creator of this world. In other words, I'm a God here. And so, this Haniel is invincible while inside this space. Rest assured, you only have to survive until morning come! Alright, here we go]

Having said that, Haniel started to approach me. Seeing this, Greed told me.

[Fate, give it a try. It'll be a good practice. I'll be watching on the side now.]

[You'll have to fight too. Otherwise, there is no way I'll survive till morning.]

[I know, I know. Stop poking me with your sword, it hurts, you know!]

Greed and I, with black swords in our hand, charged at the Haniel controlled by Luna.
Thank you, everyone…..
Greed's, and Luna's feeling, I won't betray them. I'll definitely rise to a greater height!

Raizu's Note:
Reminder if you forgot about Haniel’s appearance.

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