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The competition at the Refining Technics was yet again a one-sided stomp.


The two people who had ambushed Wu Jin were also instantly sent flying.

The refining realm of the ancient alchemy was much stronger than that of an ordinary Refining Technics, so it was more than enough to deal with these people.

"I refined a holy artifact."

"Who are these people?"

"Are you still letting me live?"

"Even the Refining Chief Master s of the top hundred sects can't compare to them."

"ancient antiquity, I have never heard of it before."

… ….

Discussions broke out.

Ten thousand people admired him.

Wu Jin walked back to his seat. Many people were extremely envious.

Of course.

Many people were also furious, they felt that Long Fei's group wouldn't be able to live for long.

After all, he had offended the Sword Sky Sect and the Lord God, and Wu Jin had also mercilessly refused the ancient family's invitation just now.

This caused the Lord God to lose a lot of face.

It was just that …

They didn't attack, but a ball of anger was suppressed within their hearts.

"He really doesn't know how to appreciate favors."

"He doesn't put us old guys in his eyes at all."

"Could it be that they didn't come to the clan congress to enter the divine space?"

"Since they're so arrogant, there's no need for us to show them any face. I suggest that we don't take any disciples of the ancient antiquity. Let's see how they'll kneel in front of us then."

"I agree."

"Not only that, since these people are so arrogant, even if they don't look down on us, we must make them pay the price and let them know about the might of a transcendent deity."

"I agree!"

"We should teach them a lesson. Otherwise, do they really think they can stand above us?"

… ….

After so long, who would dare act so arrogantly in front of them?

Who dared to not give them face?

Reverse him!

Long Fei's actions and words, made the people from the divine space feel extremely unhappy. To them, it was as if they had been humiliated.

His heart was filled with rage.

If he did not get back at them, then where would their face be? Then what would the face of the divine space be?

… ….

Xuan Ming abyss looked at the elders of the ancient family and smiled: "Looks like Long Fei has successfully infuriated them."

"Heh heh."

"This is for the best, let them waste Long Fei first."

"I'll come out again to clean up the mess."

"Hahaha …"

Xuan Ming abyss laughed coldly.

… ….

"For the next battle, we will draw up the formation for the next battle."

"All participating disciples, please inscribe the Origin Convergence Array. The condition is that you must use the materials provided by the convention, and are not allowed to use any external help."

"Disciples, please take a seat."

The moment Wan Jian finished his words, he waved his sleeve.


The Refining Platform on the god's matrial ground disappeared and turned into an array platform, where all sorts of materials were placed.

At this moment.

Long Fei frowned slightly, "This aura..."

He once again felt a different aura.

Long Fei immediately asked: "Long Kuang, do you feel this special aura?"

Long Kuang shook his head: "No, what aura?"


Long Fei's heart tightened. Logically speaking, even Long Kuang could feel this strange Qi, but he actually did not.

From the moment Wu Huo had entered the Alchemy, he had felt a special aura from the god's matrial ground.

Alchemy was one kind of technique.

Refining was another type of weapon.

It was now an inscription formation, and Long Fei could feel different auras, which were very huge, slowly flowing through his senses.

It was as if he was floating in a sea of energy.

"So powerful."

Long Fei looked at qian xuan belle and asked, "Do you sense any kind of special power aura?"

qian xuan belle shook his head, and said: "No."


Not only qian xuan belle, Baili Tianhai and the others could not feel this special aura.

Phoenix looked at Long Fei and asked: "My Darling, what's wrong?"

Looking at Phoenix's expression, it was likely that he did not sense anything. Long Fei smiled, shook his head, and said: "Nothing much, I just felt that it was a little special."

Long Fei thought in his heart: "This aura … Just what kind of power is it? "

From the moment he entered the god's matrial ground, he could feel a strong power on the battlefield, and thought that it was the power of the Heavenly Sword Emperor that Long Kuang had spoken of.

This strike contained countless amounts of power.

It was as if he was living in a hundred different ways.

However, in every match that happened, every change happened in the god's matrial ground, allowing Long Fei to feel different types of energy flows.

Very strong.

It caused Long Fei to be extremely shocked.

"Huff …"

Long Fei let out a light breath, as he carefully paid attention to the direction of the flow of the aura.

The more he tried to sense around him, the stronger this aura became. Following his senses, this aura of power came from all directions.

"Err …"

Long Fei was startled, and immediately stopped sensing.

At the same time …

The competition of inscriptions began.

Wu Tu quickly formed a formation, which was the same Ancient Engraving Formation.

When the elders of the ancient family saw the Ancient Engraving Formation, a series of shocked expressions appeared on their faces and their eyes shined with a bright light.

However …

This time, they did not come out to invite Wu Tu.

But …

They cast their gaze at Long Fei.

At this time, Xuan Ming abyss became even more excited in his heart, "Another ancient power! Long Fei, oh Long Fei, no wonder Master placed so much importance on you. You actually have such a strong power in your body."

"Hahaha …"

… ….

"Boom, boom!"

The power of the formation suddenly erupted.

Two figures flew out from Wu Tu's array and flew out a hundred meters, straight to the point where they were bleeding from their seven orifices.

Wu Tu smirked and laughed coldly: "You dare be cocky in front of me with this level of formation? "Too trashy."

The center of the ten thousand swords turned malevolent.

The players sent out three times were no match for him.

This made him extremely unhappy.

He clenched his fists.

"I'll definitely let you guys finish the next match." The ten thousand swords gritted their teeth as they spoke.

At this time.

An old man wearing a purple robe appeared in front of the Sword Sky Sect and indifferently said: "Junior brother."

As soon as he finished.

Wan Jian's body trembled, he immediately turned around, "Senior Brother!"

Lei Xiao also forced himself to calm down, and said, "Great Senior Brother."

The purple-robed elder was surrounded by a divine light, and on his purple robe was embroidered a large word 'seal', it was extremely eye-catching.

He is song xianhu's father, song gucheng!

He is also the Senior Brother of ten thousand swords.

Seeing song gucheng, the ten thousand swords eyes lit up, and immediately landed by his side, "Senior Brother, you're here?"

"The injury of the Immortal Fox …."

song gucheng said indifferently: "I'm here. My son's injuries are naturally fine."

"That's good!"

Wan Jian relaxed slightly as he said, "The shadow in his heart."

song gucheng said: "Don't worry, the current song xianhu is no longer the song xianhu of yesterday."


"Today, not only am I here, even the Third Elder of Devil Tribe is here. He is here to bring the Immortal Fox into the divine space."

"The Immortal Fox is now the Third Elder's personal disciple."

As song gucheng spoke, his face revealed a hint of satisfaction.

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