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Chapter 109.1

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Grandma Xuan doesn’t usually like to wear these things, but her granddaughter bought them for her with the money earned from her first salary . Normally, she would just keep them as heirlooms in a jewelry box . She even takes them out every day and wipes them carefully to keep dust from settling .  

However in front of her ‘enemies’, she wanted to suppress them .

From getting off the car to entering the house, the old lady didn’t even look at the villagers whose eyes looked like they would pop out, upon realizing who she was . She leaned on her cane, and was held by her granddaughter and grandson-in-law, as she led Sanya into the Village Chief’s house .

The figure of three people and one dog left the crowd at the gate of the Village Chief’s yard . A moment later, the villagers who had quieted down reacted .

“The person just now . She’s… Old Lady Xuan!”

“That is Xuan Lele, right?!”

“Why are they with the big boss? No, and the way that boss looked . It looked as if he was currying favor with them . ”

“I thought the old lady of the Xuan family had disappeared . It turns out she left to enjoy her blessings . No… What is going on here?”

Some people in the crowd talked in succession, and some women recalled the jewelry hanging on Grandma Xuan just now . Their eyes showed envy for a while and jealousy next .

She was so old, and they were much younger, but they could never dress up like that . It would be nice if these necklaces and earrings were on them instead .

The people here still remembered Grandma Xuan as the gloomy old lady who was once isolated by the whole village . Her back was always bent whenever she walked and worked in the fields . No one in the village spoke to her, and her body always smelled like old people .

The village always treated the old lady, who had only one granddaughter left, with a condescending attitude .

After all, they were having it so much better than this person, who has one foot in the grave, whether it was family circumstances or anything else .

But now, this old lady, whom they once looked down upon as they laughed at her and even bullied, had come back in such an elegant manner .

Riding a car that anyone can tell was expensive at first glance, wearing clothes that they can’t afford to buy and even having such beautiful jewelry . The person they desperately wanted to curry favor with was just like an obedient grandchild, holding the hand of the person that they once didn’t even bother to look at .

How?! How was it possible!?

The villagers didn’t know what they should do now, and they didn’t dare to enter the house . Thus, they stayed outside, women whispering about how much Grandma Xuan had to pay for those things, while the men frowned and pondered whether this would have any impact on their village .


Not long after, Wei Mingyan came out . He looked like he was going to go get something from the car . When people saw that Grandma Xuan, who they bullied before, didn’t come out with him, some grew the nerve to ask .

“Boss, what’s your relationship with the old lady just now?”

Knowing full well what they were asking, looking at the village people with twinkling eyes in front of him, Wei Mingyan showed a pure smile . “That is my wife’s grandmother, that is, my grandmother-in-law, I heard that she once lived in your village too . The Village Chief helped her a lot, so we came back to visit . ”


Xuan Lele? That little girl??

The man who asked was almost scared silly . In fact, when he saw Xuan Lele just now, people would more or less have some doubts . But now that he confirmed it directly, it undoubtedly made the villagers feel guilty .

Although they didn’t think they were in the wrong, they knew exactly how they treated Grandma Xuan at the beginning . Now that she was rich, how could she not retaliate against them?

But look at this young boss, it seems that he still didn’t know about it …

Do they have any hope of getting more money from him?

The village people were expectant and agonized . They were preparing to inquire about it again, or take advantage of Grandma Xuan’s absence to fool the soft-hearted and talkative young boss . But the guy saw the handsome young man in front of them taking out one gift after another from the car .

Although the man didn’t know those things, he can see that most of them were those they had seen on TV . He heard about how these health products could make them healthy, and most importantly, those things were particularly expensive!

Last time, his son showed him this in the news, saying that it was a new patent developed and tested by a newly founded pharmaceutical company . A small bottle of this supplement was extremely expensive . This was especially effective for the elderly .

The last time he was unwell, he wanted to eat this supplement . He called his son and said so, but he was rejected with embarrassment .

Just a small bottle cost his son’s monthly salary, and he only had an ordinary old-age problem, so he could get through it for a little while .

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It was false to say that he didn’t feel disappointed . But who made his family poor and living on empty land? He could only look on with envy .


Now, looking at this bottle of supplement in Wei Mingyan’s hand, his eyes immediately straightened, “Is this what you bought for the old lady?”

Why didn’t he have such a good son-in-law?

“Of course not . ”

Hearing the man’s answer, although he couldn’t get this bottle of supplement, it was still not for Grandma Xuan . The man exhaled a sigh of satisfaction .

He said it . How could that old woman have such a blessing?

As he was just thinking, he heard the big rich boss say, “These are all for the Village Chief . Grandmother said, when she was in the village, the Village Chief took special care of her . She finally came back now . These are the gifts for the Village Chief . ”

Gifts for the Village Chief??

Just because he helped that old woman with a few words before?

The villagers swallowed a mouthful of saliva . “Then, would you buy these supplements for the old lady of the Xuan family?”

“Of course not . ”

Whew, he said it . How can such an expensive supplement …

“You only need to take medicated supplements when you’re unwell . Grandma checks her elderly body twice a month and eats medicated food every day . She is in good health and doesn’t need these things at all . ”

“Okay, Elder, I can’t talk to you right now ah . I need to go back into the house, if I’m late, Grandma would be angry, that would be bad . ”


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The villagers stayed and waited for a while as they watched the young man enter the house with a bag of healthcare products, mentally overwhelmed .

“Say, Old Zhang, what did he tell you? How come that old woman from the Xuan family is also there!?”

“Yeah, I think I just saw that particularly expensive medicine on TV . Who is it for?”

The middle-aged man called Old Zhang straightened his eyes . “The big boss said that he married Xuan Lele, and the old lady from the Xuan family is doing well now, living a luxurious life . They came back this time to thank the Village Chief for taking care of the Xuan family before . ”

He held out his hand and gestured, “A bottle of the medication costs several thousand yuan . He bought so many for the Village Chief . So many!”


The villagers were shocked .

At the same time, they also thought of one thing . The Village Chief who once helped the Xuan family got such an expensive gift .

What about those who bullied the Xuan’s family?

That old woman has always been a tough nut to crack .

These people’s hearts were immediately dyed with panic, fearing that this old woman from the Xuan family would deal with them .

“What should we be afraid of?! If she dares to do something to us, we would call the police . I don’t believe that there’s no justice in this world!”

Some people said this in a righteous manner . However, looking at the expressions of the village people, most of them were unsightly .

They judged others according to themselves . If they had been treated like that, how could they not retaliate when they can?

With this in mind, their already flustered hearts suddenly became even more despondent .

When the time came for them to work, the crowd scattered sparsely . With things on their mind, they dawdled and casually shoveled a few times in the field, hardly putting any effort into it .


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When it was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the broken loudspeaker in the village rang for the first time in a long time .

It was a call for everyone to gather .

Unlike the others, Qiu Wu was working hard . Earlier, he found that there were two fewer green vegetables in his own field . Although it frustrated him, he pretended he didn’t see them . This period of time had already made him understand that no one would admit to stealing it even if he yelled out .

When the loudspeaker sounded, the villagers, who were already absentminded, immediately stood in place and discussed .

“Do you guys think they’re going to give that mountain back and ask for us to return their money back?”

“I think that should be it . It must be the old woman who told her granddaughter to talk to her husband . She gave gifts to the village head just now, so she must want to clean us up now . ”

“So, what should we do? I spent the 2000 yuan a long time ago . ”

“What else can we do? There are so many of us, and they are just a few people . Don’t give it to them! If we don’t say anything, could they force us to death?”

“Yes, we signed a contract at the beginning . If they dare to ask us for money, we won’t pay!”

The villagers whispered and quickly finalized the plan before they walked lazily to the gathering place as if they were forced to attend .

They made up their minds . Even if they really went back on their word, they will not return the money .

When they got there, they were wary, but the Village Chief looked happy .


“Everyone be quiet, I’ll tell you some good news . Just now, Mr . Wei told me that he wants to develop the bought graveyard mountain, and now he needs to hire people . The only thing is, he needs to hire 100 people, daily . You will also be paid lavishly per day . Everyone has worked hard to grow crops in the field, but even if you work hard for a year, you wouldn’t get that much money . ”

“I have a piece of paper here . Later, villagers who want to sign up should come to me . You will sign a contract to work for one year . ”

When the Village Chief finished, he thought that these poor villagers would come up like crazy, but the crowd only whispered and talked but no one came up .

He was a little embarrassed for a while, not understanding how no one responded to it when this was clearly a good thing .

The Village Chief never bullied the Xuan family, so of course he didn’t understand what the villagers were thinking .  

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