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Chapter 104

Translator: RandomAlex

Editor: Makoto


The intensity of the vow Mingyan’s dorm brother swore was obviously quite strong . Within three minutes, his post rose to the top of the trending list . Looking at the pictures, they were full of colorful youths .   

[First of all, let’s take a look at Mingyan . It was when we first entered the school . It was the first time we went out to eat barbecue, and it was also the first photo of our dormitory room together . ]

Apparently, the dormitory brothers had organized the photos before posting . They posted out a photo with the date marked in red characters .

[Because too much time has passed, this picture is in accordance with the date I posted in my circle of friends . No objection accepted]

More and more people poured in, wanting to see what the legendary rich second generation, who wasn’t filial to his mother, is like in his daily life .

When they hadn’t come in to show who Mingyan was, the ‘rich second generation Wei Mingyan’ was posed as a person who drives a sports BMW, drinks champagne and red wine, and wears clothes that were too expensive, his face ever so cocky and arrogant .

All these were based on the story made up by the girl earlier . But by the time they clicked in, the crowd looked at the photo of the guy wearing a plain undershirt, smiling with a simple face, and holding a skewer to gnaw on . They all fell silent .

Is this man really a legendary rich second generation?

Which of his surrounding dormitory roommates does not look richer than him?

If not for that smile showing the perfect teeth on his young and handsome face, they really thought it was a different person .

Wei Mingyan, a freshman, was still a guy who was poor but loved his part-time jobs in everyone’s eyes .

He was always shuttling in various jobs, wearing cheap clothes with torn edges and sneakers that he was still unwilling to replace until today, living life like an old farmer .

To be honest, although everyone has been in the same dormitory for so many years, no one really asked about Wei Mingyan’s family . He basically didn’t look like someone with money . When their roommate looked like this, they thought he must have difficulties at home . Otherwise, why would he even work part-time jobs? He can’t even eat rice . Wasn’t asking about his family just peeling at his scars?

Certainly, no one would do this kind of tasteless thing!

So, if it weren’t for this big incident, and Wei Mingyan’s name and photos were spread all over the world, they wouldn’t have known that their brother had actually gotten into this mess .

The brothers made up their minds and came forward with the intention of helping Wei Mingyan get rid of these unruly rumors .

[Come on . Let’s look at the second picture . This is when we were in military training, and he was eating . ]

The photo uploaded this time was of Wei Mingyan sitting upright and putting a steamed bun into his mouth . He was in his military fatigues, and in the background were the rest of the cadets who were also eating, though their faces were censored .  

[Although Mingyan never mentioned how rich his family is, in fact he never shows it at all, it usually can be seen that his family upbringing is very good . See, compare him with Old Three from our dormitory sitting next to him . Look at his arching back and scarfing down food, and look at Mingyan’s elegant and unhurried appearance . ]

[When you see him like this, can you imagine him being cocky and arrogant?]

People in the forum looked at this picture from all sides and had to honestly admit that they really couldn’t imagine it .

The young man in the picture was slightly looking up, laughing while chewing a steamed bun . Although it was a funny expression, his back was straight and his sitting posting impeccable . Coupled with his good facial features, although it was just him eating steamed bread in the canteen, Wei Mingyan appeared so regal it made people feel like he was eating in a high-end restaurant .

Compared with the people around him, it wasn’t only his sitting posture, but also his skin color .

One was tanned black and reddish, as if he had just returned from the field at noon, while he was as white as jade . From the picture, even the pores on his face were smooth and flat, and not the slightest trace could be seen .

There was no point comparing him to the others!


“I said just publish it! Why do you need to use me as a foil! Now, everyone knows that Mingyan isn’t a loser, it’s me instead . ”

Old Third complained, but his hands quickly grabbed the computer and quickly sent a photo of Wei Mingyan with other roommates .

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In the photo, the young man obviously had a hole in his clothes, and he seemed to lack sleep . He was working hard . Someone behind him was pointing at the hole with a quirky look on his face, looking like he was gloating .

[This was taken during the annual cleaning of our dormitory . Mingyan’s clothes, which were torn, is a 20-yuan shirt from the market . If you put it on a normal person, it would certainly be thrown away already . But Mingyan? He sewed it back together and kept wearing it . ]

[Those of you who say he is extravagant, ask yourselves… If you were wearing this, would you be like Mingyan, completely unconcerned about wearing rags?]

[He usually works part-time when he has any extra time, and he is also very good-natured . Because he wakes up early every day, he would bring us breakfast, even though he is so thrifty when buying food for himself . Everyone in school knows what kind of person he is . We are men, and we don’t like taking pictures very much . These photos were collected from our extended circle of friends .

You can ask the people who know Mingyan in school . He spent so many years in school, but he never said he was a rich second generation . ]

Looking at the photo of the man who was indeed plainly dressed, some believed it, while others still muttered in disbelief .

“No, Wei Mingyan’s family is so rich . Even if he doesn’t show off arrogantly, he couldn’t have lived like this . He still wears clothes when they are torn and will sew them back together? What age is it? He doesn’t have enough to eat? He is a rich second generation with a chain of hotels in his family . He lived so miserably that he can’t bear to spend 20 yuan?! I don’t believe this . ”

“I don’t really believe it either . I think these people want to whitewash him . The results have been overblown, right? The picture is definitely either a recently taken photo, or was photoshopped . ”



[Whatever it is, he is really good-looking, and so handsome in camouflage, and really white . I really want to ask him how he maintains it . His skin looks much better than a girl’s . ]

[Hey, isn’t that off topic? Even if he looks good, it has nothing to do with this matter!]

[A bunch of floozies who actually like such a man that has nothing but good looks, are all women so shallow?]

The man’s comments quickly drew the wrath of many girls .

[Who are you calling a floozy?! You’re just jealous of Wei Mingyan’s good looks and his family’s money!]

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[Tsk, I’m jealous of such a person? What is there to be jealous of when he isn’t even filial to his own mother!] Although this was said, the sourness in the words almost broke through the screen .

[Who is right and who is wrong in this matter isn’t clear yet . what makes you say that he isn’t filial? Besides, the other party is in a prestigious university . What about you? I dare you to say, what school are you from?]

As if that wasn’t enough, he quickly typed out another line to disgust the girls who were attracted to beauty, because no one knew him on the Internet . [It’s good to be rich . You want to talk about prestigious universities? I wonder how much money his father spent for that? He probably donated a whole building for his son . Well, who told his father to be rich…]

As soon as he said this, some people knew that this man had never paid attention to Wei Mingyan before . He was a person who could do live broadcast lectures . Why would he have to spend money to go to college?

Sure enough, soon Wei Mingyan’s group of brothers directly threw out a picture .

It was Wei Mingyan’s transcript .  

The achievement was ceaselessly high .

They also added a special nifty sentence, [Mingyan is in second place, first place is his girlfriend . ]

Look, stupid! Their brother isn’t only a rich man with excellent grades, but also handsome, and even his girlfriend is as good as him .

Simply outstanding!

As soon as this picture came out, another large number of people were spurned inside the post .

No matter what era, the word prodigy was extremely attractive . Especially Wei Mingyan, who also looked very handsome .

After thinking about it, Old Third added, [Mingyan works part-time almost every time he could, and even then, his grades could be this high . The man who said my brother bribed the school, may I ask how much you scored in the college entrance exam?]

He actually said this in a somewhat ambiguous way . Wei Mingyan’s grades were good now, but when he first entered the school, his low scores drifted by . But because most of the people around him were like this, no one noticed .

He wondered if it was because the guy spent a lot of time with Xuan Lele, a good achiever, and this kid seems to have taken some kind of tonic . He had such a sudden enlightenment and rising grades, which made his brothers in the dormitory envious . They can’t wait to find a girl with good grades to have a relationship with and improve their grades .

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Of course, these couldn’t be said . Their goal is to highlight Mingyan’s good parts and pretend that the disadvantages don’t exist .

The majority of people in the forum have now completely believed their words . After all, transcripts weren’t easy to fake .

The man was silent for a while, and then sprang up again with a gloomy thought . [Talking about part-time jobs, frugality and good grades . He is a rich second generation, why does he need to do part-time work? Isn’t this trying to gain sympathy points? You group of fools were really deceived .

If it is really as you say, Wei Mingyan is a rich second generation and works part-time . Every month, in addition to the money given by his family, plus the money he earns himself, that would be a lot of money . But he lives so simply every day, then where did all this money go?

But don’t give me that bullshit about saving up! Please look at the reality of the situation before you lie, don’t always find some praise-grabbing words and put it on your master!]

[How can you say that?]

[Yes, Wei Mingyan is so rich . Why does he still dress like that every day? Pretending to be poor? Who would be so bored as to do that?]

[I can’t figure it out either, but I believe the Anchor won’t lie to us . He really is a good person . ]

When there were many discussions on the Internet, several people in the dormitory were embarrassed .

They, too, didn’t know what happened with the money Mingyan earned .


Just as they were thinking of calling and asking about it, an ID named ‘Qingqing-Grasslands’ appeared .

[I’m sorry to reveal Wei Mingyan’s private matters here, but I want to tell you that he didn’t mean to pretend to be poor . I overheard during a donation that Wei Mingyan has been continuously donating to an orphanage, while wearing cheap clothes and eating cheap goods .

If there are those who don’t believe, feel free to ask for proof . But I will say this to the person above who is biting at everything, you can keep being unkind, but don’t ignore the kindness of others .  

Some people really prefer suffering themselves to keep doing good deeds . ]

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