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Chapter 102

It was late at night, but the huge fan base of his account quickly tapped in and viewed the live broadcast, and the chat log suddenly flew all over the sky.

[Yi? What happened? I’m surprised that the anchor didn’t broadcast live today, and that it was changed to a late-night session. My word! I’m going to call people over.]

[I’m coming, I’m coming!! Anchor, do you love me?! Needless to say, I love you!]

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, I just got ready to catch up with the live broadcasts of the anchor. What kind of food should you cook today? Late night poisoning!?]

Just as a group of fans were screaming for a live broadcast, a man’s voice, much hoarser than usual, was heard on the screen. “I’m sorry, everyone, I didn’t broadcast live during the day today. I just remembered, suddenly there was a dish I wanted to show you, so I came.”

[What happened to the anchor voice? Why do you seem so tired?]

[Yes, the anchor is never late, but his voice is still so nice.]

[It’s so late, if the anchor is tired, go to rest, we are not in a hurry.]

“Today, I’ll make you an orphan dish.”

[Orphan dish??]

[This name is so strange…]

[How come I’ve never heard of this name? It’s hard to ask people in the middle of the night.]

The hands on the screen were still so slender and good-looking, like being carefully crafted by craftsmen. The man had a slightly deep voice. “First of all, we need some raw materials. This dish was created by myself when I was a child, and the raw materials are based on my childhood.”

“First of all, we need a big bowl.”

A large sea bowl was brought into the shot, and the hands picked up a particularly small potato from the side, peeled it, and threw it in.

“Potatoes, cabbage, onions, ginger, all left unpeeled. I really can’t find any hard steamed bread, so we will just use normal steamed bread instead. Put all these in, add a spoonful of salt, and finally, we pour boiled water.”

The boiling water was poured in, and the strange food inside lay quietly. There was a moment of silence in the barrage.

[Is this… dark cuisine? Anchor, are you making this because you’re afraid we won’t be able to sleep at night watching the food?]

[I just want to say; Chinese cabbage will be fine. Even if other dishes are soaked in boiling water, they would still be raw!]

[The style of broadcasting tonight is so weird, and I always felt that the Anchor’s mood is unstable. He is talking with his deep vibrato as usual, but it feels different this time.]

The hands on the screen found a book to press on the large bowl, and the man in front of the camera sat down. “Now, wait for five minutes.”

[Even if you wait 50 minutes, it won’t be softened!]

[Anchor, have you been drinking? That’s a pretty heavy intoxication.]

“I drank a little wine, but not much, just a little…” The magnetic voice said again.


The ‘I Love Voice’ girl from before, since her last private message with the Anchor ended with him actually texting her back, had become a true fan, eagerly watching the live broadcasts of the Anchor every day. As usual, she was prepared to watch today’s broadcast, but then it didn’t happen for the first time. There was also no news on the Anchor’s Weibo saying anything about missing today’s broadcast. She was worried that something had happened to the Anchor, and she couldn’t sleep when she turned over and over at night.

As soon as Wei Mingyan started broadcasting live, she immediately received the notification, so she quickly got up and started watching.

The voice of the Anchor sounded so haggard.

He doesn’t seem to be in good spirits.

What is ‘orphan food’?

The anchor won’t really plan to wait for 5 minutes to eat this bowl of who-knows-what, is he?…

Just when ‘I Love Voice’ thought about things, the camera panned up to reveal a handsome man’s face.

Handsome! Explosion! From! Heaven!!

When looking into those eyes, which were slightly melancholic, ‘I Love Voice’s head went blank, and only those four words kept echoing.

Is this, is this the Anchor?

Is the anchor so handsome?!

[Ah, ah, ah!!!]

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[Are you the Anchor? Anchor! You are so handsome!!]

Looking at all the comments on the screen, Wei Mingyan lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the big bowl in front of him.

“It should be about time.”

From the perspective of ‘I Love Voice’, she can clearly see the Anchor’s long eyelashes.

Can a boy’s eyelashes be that long!?

The book was taken off the bowl, and hot air spewed out. The strange food lay still in its original posture, as if covered with the words ‘unpalatable’. 

“Before, because everything I made was eaten with my girlfriend, I never showed my face.” The handsome man in the shot said further that he was hungry as he fetched a pair of chopsticks from nowhere and stuck it in a potato.

[Wait, anchor, don’t!!]

[Can raw potatoes be eaten? It’s not food poisoning, right?]

[I don’t know if you can eat it, but I know it’s definitely not as good as cooked food.]

[How pink is the Anchor’s cheeks? How much wine did he drink?]

“Me?” Wei Mingyan took a bite of the raw potato and chewed it without changing his expression. “I only drank about 4 or 5 bottles, I’m just a bit tipsy.”

“I made this dish myself when I was 5, ah no, 6 years old.”

[??? The Anchor is amazing, he can cook at the age of 6, although he made it… emmmm.]

“When I was 6 years old, I was always taken good care of by my Dad. Later, when he had some work to do in another city for 3 days, he left me at home to take care of my Mom.”

“My Mom didn’t like me since I can remember.” Wei Mingyan laughed mockingly, with his eyes hanging down, looking at the big bowl in front of him.

“She had never worked a day in her life. Every day, she took my Dad’s money to play mahjong. If she lost, she would ask for more. If she won, she would continue to play mahjong. That time, my Dad went out for 3 days, and for all of those three days, she didn’t give me anything. She was afraid that I would run out to play, so she locked me at home and ran off to play mahjong with others.

At that time, my family was poor. We were so poor we didn’t even have a phone or anything. My Dad wasn’t there, and my Mom didn’t come back for 3 days. On the first day, I finished eating the snacks my Dad bought. On the second day, I didn’t have any food, so I was starving all day. On the third day, I could no longer stand the hunger, so I fumbled around and made this. At that time, I didn’t think about naming it. Now, the name of ‘orphan food’ is really suitable.”

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He didn’t make a sad expression, so he spoke in a calm voice while eating raw potatoes. There were more and more people in the live broadcast room now, and the comment barrage almost exploded.

[What kind of a mother is she?! F*ck, I really want to kill her!]

[This kind of person is not worthy to be a mother, and my liver hurts in the middle of the night now! It hurts me to death!]     

 (TNote: Liver hurts = being very angry and stressed is believed to cause liver damage.)

[Hugging the Anchor. Anchor don’t cry, toughen up!]

[Poor Anchor, pat pat Anchor. Don’t be sad, that kind of person doesn’t deserve to be a mother at all!]

[Don’t eat it Anchor. It hurts to watch you eat this!]

‘I Love Voice’ was also one of the distressed people. She regarded Wei Mingyan as her own idol. When the idol was in pain, how can she not be in pain as well?

No wonder the last time she mentioned his mother, the Anchor’s mood suddenly dropped.

She typed quickly on the keyboard with both hands. [Anchor don’t feel bad, that kind of mother, don’t even bother!]

Wei Mingyan couldn’t see the barrage. He kept his eyes down, and the audience could only see the shadow of his long eyelashes.

They thought he must have been crying.

Being treated like this by your own biological mother, even after such a long time, will certainly be uncomfortable.

“In fact, I’ve been covering up quite well. No one knows that I would be so upset about my childhood, but today, I really… can’t help it.”

Wei Mingyan raised his head, and his eyes were really red. He picked up the beer on one side and took a few gulps. When he put down the beer bottle, his cheeks were red.

“Since I was a child, I have been struggling with a problem, whether I was her own or not. When my dad came home that day, he saw me eating this, and he was so angry that an honest man like him turned the whole table upside down, and then he went out looking for her. But in the end, he wouldn’t even lay a finger on my Mom.”

“Then, the next day, because my Dad didn’t give her money to play mahjong, she ran to the red-light district to sell herself, and she really did it.”

“At that time, she was less than 30. After that, she ran away with a 50-year-old rich man. This incident was very big. At that time, almost all children of the same age laughed at me and said that my mother ran away. Your mother didn’t want you…”

[Anchor …]

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[This mother is really… It’s hard to say…]

“Oh, then one day, I went to school and saw her. She was beside a boy as big as me. I ran to call her Mom, but she just pushed me to the ground. Then I sat there and watched her get in a car and drove away.”

“She left our father and son for so many years. Now that I have grown up, my Dad has lost his job, and now he managed to start a business. But then, she still refuses to let us go!”

“First, she told us that she left us because she was ill. Now she had changed her story. Divorcing my Dad was because of domestic violence?!!”

“You have been married for so many years, but My Dad didn’t lay a finger on you!!!”

“Arrogant and domineering! Dandy! Unfilial to mother!”

‘I Love Voice’ listened to the anchor speak. Her heart was sour, and she suddenly felt a little familiar with these words. Why are these words so familiar?

“I’m not going to talk about the first two. Just the one, about me not being filial to my mother?? Is someone like her worthy of my filial piety?”

[It’s really familiar. I seem to have just seen it, but where?]

[Isn’t it the latest news? The one who accused her ex-husband of domestic violence causing infertility!]

[The anchor is her son???]

[F*ck, that woman is actually the anchor’s mother!!]

“I don’t want to see that woman’s face now. So, I’ll just tell you what actually happened through the live broadcast.”

“Ding Luxin, I know what you want to do. Let’s talk about your so-called ‘Da beat you until you were infertile’ incident. That time just happened to be when my Dad saw me hungry for 3 days and went to the mahjong place to pull you back home. The injury appraisal presented to the court was also around those days. You want everyone to think that my Dad locked you in the house. Why didn’t you say that you went to the red-light district to sell yourself, and later got beaten by someone’s wife?”

“It was my Dad who brought you back from the police station! You were beaten to death, and later slept in the hospital. I don’t know if you still have a record in the police station?”

“Buy hot search entry, turn the traffic, witness, evidence, all false! I tell you Ding Luxin! I, Wei Mingyan, announce that I will sever the mother-child relationship with you now. If I have a choice, I will be a dog or a cat! But rest assured, I will never be your son!!!”

The last sentence, which could be called hysterical, stunned the fans. After his outburst, they all could just watch as the man who had been venting with red eyes the whole while just now, slowly became quiet as his eyes started to droop. He then laid his head in his arms on the table as he closed his eyes.

It was quite a shocking moment for everyone, but the Anchor looks good while sleeping too!!

The case of infertility caused by an ex-husband’s beatings has once again taken a sharp turn.

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