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Chapter 1557: The Second Chance

When the voice fell, Wang Peng and Dong Bin moved at the same time and took out the pistols that were strapped onto their arms. The moment the gunshots rang, they flew to the side and hid.

The electromagnetically accelerated projectiles left large bullet holes on the marble walls and the expensive carpet.

Due to such huge kinetic energy, forget being hit in the body, even being grazed by the bullet would be lethal.

The old man suddenly laughed. He did not hide. He slightly raised his cane and nodded towards Wang Peng, who was hiding behind the furniture.

Wang Peng, who was panting, suddenly felt a sensation in his chest. His pupils suddenly contracted, and a trace of pain appeared between his eyebrows.

“In order to make this duel fairer, I turned off your implants… Although you may not live without it, take it as a punishment for disturbing a dying old man.”

After lowering the cane in his hand, the old man smiled faintly.


With the help of his cane, the old man walked towards the backyard on trembling steps.

Wang Peng said quietly, “… You won’t get away.”

Wang Peng released his left arm and pressed desperately on his chest.

As a hint of air poured into his lungs, he was able to clear his mind for a moment.

The victory was determined in the shortest time.

“Come out for a real man’s duel.” Dong Bin, who had already got out of his hiding place, walked out of the marble sculpture and stared at Wang Peng’s hiding place. He said, “Your time is running out.”

At the moment when the voice fell, a metal ball suddenly rolled out from Wang Peng’s hiding place.

Seeing the metal ball, Dong Bin just smiled faintly.

“EMP? That thing works on ordinary robots, but for us awakened people, it can only be regarded as a joke at best.”

The effects of electromagnetic pulse weapons on microelectronic devices were limited. Even if there was no anti-magnetic device, even if they were directly exposed to the electromagnetic pulse weapon, the chips implanted in their brains would not be affected at all.

The hum of electricity, like a mosquito, rang. Several light bulbs in the living room went out instantly.

Seeing that the light had dimmed in an instant, Dong Bin’s pupils suddenly shrank. There was a bad feeling in his heart.

However, just as he was about to react, a gunshot sounded.

A tearing pain came from his chest as a huge force of kinetic energy slammed him against the wall behind him.


The blood stained the carpet. Dong Bin tried to block the big bullet hole in his chest with his left hand. However, within two seconds, his pupils became dilated.

He failed to understand what was the meaning of evolution, and why he existed…

Walking out of the shadows, Wang Peng did not look at the corpse on the ground. He endured the feeling of suffocation as he continued to chase Lawrence towards the backyard.

He walked quickly across a path and came to a small wooden house. He then slammed open the locked wooden door with his shoulder.

Sawdust flew everywhere.

The door panel collapsed.

Wang Peng, who slammed open the door, raised his gun and looked around. When he saw the old man sitting on a chair with a neural interface device, his pupils shrank instantly, and he quickly stepped forward and put his index finger on the old man’s neck.

The remaining static electricity told him that the old man chose to end his life.

“Damn it…”

A sense of frustration swept through Wang Peng’s body. Although death could be regarded as a punishment for this guy, such a punishment was undoubtedly too light.

And that Dong Bin…

He’s the culprit in the massacre.

Unable to support his body anymore, Wang Peng dropped his pistol, leaned his back against the wall, and pressed his chest with both hands, trying to restore his almost suffocated mind to a trace of soberness.

He then ran to the door smoothly, flipped over the courtyard wall, and fell into the middle of the road.

The street lamp shone on him.

He had no extra energy to call for help, but fortunately, the movement on the road was seen by the servants of a family.

One of them called the police. Shortly after, a police car and an ambulance arrived. After a simple first aid service, he was taken to the San Francisco hospital.

After going through his address book, the police in San Francisco contacted Xing Bian, and Xing Bian found Lu Zhou.

What happened next was that the two of them took a space flight and headed to the hospital in San Francisco together…

San Francisco Hospital.

It was not only Xing Bian who came to the hospital with Lu Zhou, but also the embassy staff.

The North American Alliance issued a diplomatic protest to the fact that a Pan-Asian secret agent performed tasks in their own territory.

After all, carrying a weapon into the house of a private citizen was a serious criminal case. If this were left unchecked, what would happen in the future?

However, so far, the Pan-Asian Cooperation did not seem to take the North American Alliance’s protests seriously.

When Lu Zhou first arrived at the hospital, he could see the helpless and aggrieved look on the face of the Chief of the San Francisco Police Department.

“All his organs are failings. Although we have replaced his lungs with a new set… it’s hopeless.”

Standing next to the hospital bed, the doctor with the holographic medical record in his hands had no expression on his face.

In the past two days, the entire San Francisco city was like hell. People were sent to the hospital in vehicles and sent out in caskets. Families without money were forced to choose euthanasia for their relatives who had become vegetative…

By now, he was basically numb to the matter of death.

Hearing what the doctor said, the expression on Lu Zhou’s face did not change.

He asked solemnly, “What if we replace all the failing organs?”

“Including the brain?” The doctor glanced at him. He looked at him like he was a fool and continued, “Maybe the technology of Pan-Asian Cooperation will be a bit more advanced, but as far as I know, there is no hospital in the world that can perform head-replacement surgery… If you want to keep your friend, you can buy a customized robot.”

The doctor felt that he was completely reasonable. After all, the crisis of the ALPHA virus seemed to have been solved by the Pan-Asian Cooperation…

Lu Zhou remained silent.

The doctor didn’t say another word. He turned around and left the ward.

Feeling a little depressed, Xing Bian sniffed and sighed deeply.

“I’m going for a smoke.”

It was his idea to involve Wang Peng in this matter, so he felt sorry for the person next to him.

After speaking, he turned around and left, gently closing the door behind him.

The ward was quiet.

Looking at his old friend who was lying on the bed with the ventilator attached to him, Lu Zhou was silent for a while. He then said to himself, “In the past, I thought that the separation was just a blink of an eye, and it would eventually be smoothed out by the years, but I have discovered during this period of time that my understanding of emotions is still a bit too simple.

“How should I put it… It is indeed a painful thing to watch my friends leave one by one.

“It seems that immortality is indeed a bottle of poison. Maybe I did make the wrong choice…”

Suddenly, Lu Zhou smiled and shook his head.

“Sorry, this sounds weird… Xiao Ai, can you please help me turn off the surveillance in the ward?”

The monitor in the corner of the ceiling flashed a red light. Although there was no answer, Lu Zhou knew that his Xiao Ai was listening.

After thinking about the future for a few minutes, Lu Zhou, who had already made a decision in his heart, took out a red test tube from his pocket.

“Fortunately, with regard to evolutions, I still have a second chance to choose.”

Reaching out his hand to take off the ventilator on his face, Lu Zhou poured the liquid in the test tube into it.

“Get a good night’s sleep.”

Standing up from the chair, Lu Zhou put the ventilator back on him. He then put the empty test tube back into his pocket.

Looking at his friend who was lying on the bed, he smiled and said softly, “When you wake up tomorrow, everything will be fine.”

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