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77 Territory

「Territory meeting~!」(Mitsuha)

With my declaration, everyone gathered in the dining hall with serious faces.

This meeting will be held by all members who work in the Yamano Viscountcy, military officers, technical adviser Randy-san, and others that are involved in 『Yamano Viscountcy』.

I don’t really like being too strict, so I joke around a little bit, everyone understood me very well.

This is an important meeting to control the future of Yamano Viscountcy, so what I said or what I didn’t say, will directly affect the lives of the people.

The words from the people themselves are going to move the territorial government.

Everyone tensed up as sweats came out from their hands because they understand the honor and fear from this, including me.

However, not to let it out, I divided the place with a calm face.

「Well, let’s hear the report from when I was out」(Mitsuha)

The flow goes smoothly as the order of reporting and required items are already a routine.

First of all, from the most important one, security situation. The reporter is Major Willem, commander of the army.

「Well, the moral is high if I may say so. The training is doing well. Everyone has been serious since the arrival of the aforementioned foreign ship. There are soldiers filled with hope in the active duty, as well as some people who are currently not active also joined the training too.」(Willem)

Sven and his team, the military officers also nod in agreement.

The biggest challenge for the army is the development of new guns.

It won’t start even if we discuss it in this place, and because it is a super important secret matter, I will let it pass.

「Next, finance!」(Mitsuha)


Miriam-san is in charge of the finance.

「The conventional practice on agriculture is working almost as usual, however this is reasonable since the result will come out in the next harvest period. New work is favorable and there are no complaints from the farmers.

There are no changes in forestry.

Regarding the sales of the game board, although the demand in the royal capital has been considerably settled down, the demand in other areas has not been fulfilled at all, so for the time being, the sales will be considered to not fall. However …」(Miriam)

「Imitation, right?」(Mitsuha)

「Yes, it’s, the imitation. Some could appear in the market soon.」(Miriam)

I also thought that it was about to come.

「Ignore the imitation manufacturer.

I will say to the nobles, 『The game board that is not from Yamano territory is a fake. Because it’s a cheap thing for poor people to buy, it is an embarrassment for having it.』 Miriam-san please spread a rumor among the commoner using people, 『There may be another tournament. At that time, you can not participate with fake game boards.』

Until the end, it will be『maybe』 and absolutely don’t say『there is 』, okay?」(Mitsuha)


(Absolutely. Don’t do it. Okay!)

Others were drawing back a little.

「Also, along with all of that, please ask for advices around here and there with worry, 『While granted as a lord, Princess Shrine Maiden-sama who has chosen a small baron to save the people in the territory is doing her best to come up plans for them. To sell imitations of the specialty product of Yamano territory is kind of…. .

Will those people who are making, selling, buying and using them be okay? Like… divine punishment or something else.』」(Mitsuha)

…… It’s not a lie. Indeed, it was true. However.

(((Uwaaaaa…!))) (Everyone)

Everyone was backing out.

After that, the report of the fishing village is in excellent condition, the state of construction of the new fishing boat, and confirmation of the former crew members and captive ships condition that are moored on the floating pier, Finally, the territory meeting is over.

After disbanding the members of the meeting, with only the core members, we began discussing on important matters.

Having finished my investigation, I reported to everyone. The development of new guns, trends in neighborhood, the initial conditions of new industries not yet released to the public, and many other reports.

「After a while, I will go on a long travel with the royalties. For months, maybe a longer journey. In the meantime, everyone will be able to manage the territory alone, research and development can also proceed. Please be ready.」 (Mitsuha)

The room fall completely silent.

Well, for these members, it should be not so surprising, as it was already foreshadowed. However, I think I still need to clearly announce it.

So I decided to put some follow up.

「No, you can still always contact me with the communicator even while I’m traveling! If something happens, I’ll be back soon!」 (Mitsuha)

Yup, the story in the capital city has been completely transmitted to the territory, and my 『transfer』 has also been transmitted in various ways. So, I explained it based on the setting that 『If it’s not a faraway home country and relatively close, takes more or less one round trip once, the burden on the body will be small』.

If it’s not done so, my degree of freedom will be too narrow and it will be inconvenience for me.

In any case, because it’s Princess Shrine Maiden-sama special ability, so I have to use it, right?

The faces of everyone who was strained have finally loosened.

However, Colette-chan’s state is what needs to be worried about.

It is not strange that she is the one who is most upset about this, but somehow she remains calm from the beginning for some reason, and there is no presence of dismayed at all. What on earth is she thinking about……?

「Well then, if the schedule has been decided, please tell me early. I have to contact my father and mother, and also packing some stuffs too.」 (Colette)

Aah, she is going to follow me with full spirit, huh, I see…… .

Well, it will be lonely to be left alone in the manor without me, and since she will be the brain to support the Yamano Viscountcy in the future, it will be a good study to sightseeing many countries. So it may be a good thing.

Besides, I will not be lonely too.

Okay, let’s go with this!

The next day, I visit the royal capital again, while doing a territory inspection along the way.

What? Which inspection? No matter what inspection, nobody cares if they don’t see it. They will probably think it’s somewhere else.

After that, I immediately head towards stagecoach’s main office in the capital city. I mean, this place feels like some sort of a dispatch center for cars.

The reason why I went there was that the coachmen served as merchants at a young age and traveled to various countries, and among them some were messengers to each country as nobles and state bearers. In many cases, people who have been actively carrying them around have often chosen to work as an old employee after retirement.

In other words, that’s how it is.

「Hmm, then, the road width is quite wide, is it?」 (Mitsuha)

「Yes, there are also large horse carriages, such as six and eight horse carriages, and every time a carriage comes, it is troublesome for people to walk away from the road to avoid getting in the way or passing each other. Well, there are places to help avoiding this, but the main roads aren’t so narrow. There’s also the army movement too……」 (Coachman)

Fumufumu, I see….

The roads in my territory are not so wide for carriages except for the ones I made, but are the major roads that connecting the countries really that wide……?

If so, could I go there?

「Ano, How about the night time traffic? is it……」 (Mitsuha)

Okay, as a result of collecting enough information, I decided that I could go!

After this, I still need to check the documents and fill in the details, huh?


Might as well, redoing this chapter again by using everyone’s suggestions.

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